Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation “Adult cafeteria” is limited to the aging of Funabashi Wakamatsu housing complex! Provided Aizu Yakuzen curry on the day of curry on Wednesday, January 22

Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation
“Adult dining room” is limited opening in Funabashi Wakamatsu housing complex which is aging! Provided Aizu Yakuzen curry on the day of curry on Wednesday, January 22
Exchange between 20 residents of Aizu Misato town
Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation (Head office: Aizumisato-cho, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture; President and CEO: Hideki Yumita), which develops and sells original products using the specialty products of Aizu Misato Town, Fukushima Prefecture, is an aging society in Chiba Prefecture. At the Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex in Funabashi City, a limited-time adult cafeteria that offers “Ping Pin Korollori Curry”, a medicinal curry made with Aizu-grown ginseng, will be held on January 22 (Wed) Curry Day Limitedly opened. The event was held at the meeting place of Wakamatsu 2-chome and was attended by about 20 residents.
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■ Event holding background
At the Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, where the birthrate and aging population is increasing, elderly residents can eat healthy and delicious curry, and the relationship between the region and the metropolitan area in an aging society and yourself This event was held to provide an opportunity to think about the health of people.
■ Adult cafeteria report
・ Greeting
The event started with a greeting from the opening by Mr. Shigeo Sato, Chairman of the Wakamatsu 2-chome Residents’ Association, and a presentation by Mr. Norihiro Takanashi, Senior Managing Director of the Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation, on the introduction of Aizu Misato Town.
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Norihiro Takanashi, Senior Managing Director, Misato Aizu Public Corporation [Image 3

Mr. Shigeo Sato, Chairman, Wakamatsu 2-chome Residents Association ・ Participants who are full of first carrot curry
After that, they actually ate pin-pin rolled curry, and the
participants said, “I am happy to be able to eat it all”, “A bit spicy, but the bitterness of Panax ginseng is addictive” and “I think Panax ginseng is good for health And “I want to put it in a boiled dish, so I want it to be sold in powder form.”
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・ Workshop on the theme of what you want to work on in Aizu Misato Town and housing complex
Next, a workshop was held with the participants and Aizu Misato Town officials on the theme of “What we want to do together in Aizu and the complex.” We shared opinions with Aizu Misato Town officials and finally presented ideas for each team. Ideas such as “I wish we could join together in the traditional potato party held in each other’s town” and “I would like to make a tour trip to Aizu Misato from Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex” It became a meaningful place. [Image 6

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・ Chairman Sato becomes a supporter of Misato Aizu
Finally, we appointed Shigeo Sato, the chairman of the Wakamatsu 2-chome Residents’ Association who co-hosted this event, as a supporter of Aizu Misato, and had an aspiration for the future relationship and connection with Aizu Misato. . At the appointment ceremony, Takanashi of Aizu Misato Promotion Public Corporation awarded the appointment certificate with comments on expectations for Chairman Sato.
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■ Participant comments
“Ponpon curry curry was delicious. I want you to continue the event of providing delicious healthy food in an aging complex.” (Men, early 70s)
“I would like to offer a pompoon curry curry at the place of recreation for residents. I think that food will lead to joy and bond.” (Ladies in the late 70s, female)
■ Comment from the organizer
○ Arizu Misato Promotion Public Corporation Senior Managing Director Nobuhiro Takanashi
Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation has been conducting a direct vegetable market in Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex in November every year. There is a long history of exchange between the end of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa and three generations.
Misato is a mountainous area in western Aizu. The population that had been 24,000 at the time of the merger has now decreased to 20,000. Population decline is unstoppable, and aging is a serious problem. Therefore, we created a system called supporters, promoted local PR in various places, and interacted with other areas.
As part of this, we planned an “adult dining room” and provided pompom curry curry. Participating in the Wakamatsu housing complex with the same aging problem, I was able to expand ideas for future exchange between Misato and Wakamatsu and revitalization of local governments. ○ Mr. Shigeo Sato, Chairman, Wakamatsu 2-chome Residents’ Association Aizu Misato Town and Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex have been around for about 20 years, selling vegetables and selling local sake. This time, I was looking forward to seeing medicinal curry made from Aizu’s ginseng carrot, which is very rare as a domestic product. I think that the interaction between Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation and residents of the housing complex was full of energy and fruitful. This time, I was appointed as the 8th “Supporter” in Aizu Misato-cho. Going forward, we will continue to actively cooperate and communicate with Funabashi and Aizu exchange events.
■ About the future
Based on ideas from the workshop, the Misato Aizu Promotion Public Corporation will hold an event like an adult cafeteria in the future, in addition to the direct-growth vegetable market, which has been held every year for more than 20 years in the Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex. I want to do it. In addition, at the “Aizu Misato Supporters’ Meeting” scheduled to be held in Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo in late February, we will introduce this event and hope to further excite Aizu Misato Town. [1].
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■ Reference information
○ Aging situation of Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex
The Wakamatsu 2-chome housing complex, which was born in 1969, was built during the high economic growth period when many workers were flowing into the Tokyo metropolitan area, and 1324 rental homes were occupied. It became a medium-sized complex. On the other hand, many residents are aging, and 78% of residents are said to be over 60 years old. [2] Many elderly people have problems such as going down the stairs and shopping at supermarkets as well as their physical strength, and shopping at supermarkets in the housing complex is finally over. You.
○ Connection between Aizu Misato Town and Wakamatsu 2-chome Complex Aizumi Misato Promotion Public Corporation has been operating a direct-grown vegetable market every year in the Wakamatsu housing complex for more than 20 years. The connection began when a certain high school in Chiba Prefecture visited a producer in Aizu Hongocho [3] before the merger to experience farming. The experience there was very popular, and the consultation of the PTA officer who heard the rumors started a farming market in Narashinodai housing complex in Chiba prefecture. Taking advantage of this, the vegetable market has been held in the Wakamatsu housing complex as well.
○ About the carrot industry in Aizu
Aizu has been producing Panax ginseng for more than 400 years as one of the three major localities of Panax ginseng. Panax ginseng was a major industry in Aizu mainly for exporting to South Korea and Taiwan, but the production population is decreasing due to the sluggish export prices and aging of producers. In the last few years, new farmers have been increasing due to some producers’ efforts, and they are gradually recovering. The Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation has commercialized a pin-pin rolled curry as a new product using Aizu panax to excite such local industries.
■ Aizumi Misato Promotion Public Corporation 株式会社 Company Profile President: Hideki Yumita (Deputy Mayor of Aizu Misato Town)
Location: 4224-2 Toko, Aizumisato, Onuma-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, 969-6112 TEL: 0242-57-1175 FAX: 0242-57-1176
Official website:
Mail order shop (Butsu Mei of Aizu):
[1] A mechanism set up in 2019 by Misato Aizu, who is facing the problem of population decline and aging, to promote local PR in various places and interact with other areas. A person related to Aizu is appointed and plays a role in transmitting information on exchange events.
[2] Funabashi City Population by town and age, see as of October 1, 1980 [3] Aizu Misato-cho was established in 2005 by the merger of Aizutakada-cho, Aizu-Hongo-cho and Shintsuru-mura, Onuma-gun.

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