Video BOTANIST on the 5th Anniversary Goes Beyond Botanical First: Diversity x Plants =?

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[Video] BOTANIST on the 5th Anniversary Goes Beyond Botanical First: Diversity x Plants =?
Everything and various people. Aiming for a “living together” society ………………………………………………………………………
Botanical lifestyle brand [BOTANIST], developed by I-ne Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka), celebrated its fifth anniversary on January 23, 2020. BOTANIST, which has been recognized as a pioneer of “botanical” since 2015, will perform various actions including the distribution of four videos under the theme of “living together” throughout the next year. The video will feature a variety of botanical lifestyles, exploring hints that will help you live better in this era.
Botanical lifestyle brand “BOTANIST” celebrates its 5th anniversary Launch of four story videos and products with the theme of “living together” by 2020
Announcing a brand manifest that sets goals for the SDGs and working on biomass conversion of containers
[Video 2:]

The first video
“There was something interesting about the world turning over. 』 Featuring YOKO’s way of life, SUNPEDAL (Sun Pedal), a woman who works as a vegan lunch and caterer. Her dishes, which use the natural colors of plants that subvert conventional concepts, have a strong following both at home and abroad. Some people ate the dish and say, “I’ve been inspired to stop buying retort food for some reason.” What attracts people? What is the “Vegan” way of life, which is still small in Japan?
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Performer profile
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SUNPEDAL / YOKO / Vegan food creator & caterer
SUNPEDAL provides vegan catering services, events, and confectionery sales. Fusion vegan, a completely original recipe that combines traditional seasonings with stateless herbs and spices based on your own travel and experience, without using any sugar, processed sweeteners, or chemical seasonings. I am cooking.
We provide customized catering services, such as handwriting menus with original logos, with the aim of providing menus tailored to customers who are taking such as shooting locations for fashion magazines, shooting advertisements related to beauty, new exhibitions, foreign companies, etc.
BOTANIST [5th Anniversary] Brand Campaign

What “live together” do you choose?
[Image 8

BOTANIST will launch a brand campaign in 2020. Featuring a variety of botanical lifestyles to live together, we will pursue tips for a more affluent life in this era. What kind of “live together” do you choose from now on?
▼ Click here for BOTANIST brand campaign
▼ Click here for BOTANIST vegan products
# Living together_BOTANIST
For a Sustainable Future by BOTANIST
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BOTANIST lives with plants, so there are things you can do.
It is to deeply respect the benefits of plants and to study and study the power and beauty of plants more widely. And to support a sustainable global environment through the conservation of plants, so that both plants and humans can coexist richly.
There may not be much we can do right now.
But BOTANIST decided to work on what they could do step by step. [Image 10

BOTANIST supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
First, we will work toward the following three SDGs goals.
15. 【Life on land】 Let’s protect the richness of land
-Adoption of FSC certified paper
Replace all paper materials used in promotional materials produced after 2020 with environmentally friendly paper materials such as FSC-certified paper, and by 2030, use everything in attention seals, set boxes, and packaging We will promote the replacement of paper materials.
Active support for tree planting
BOTANIST has donated to the Orangutan Forest Restoration Project in Indonesia since July 2017. We will continue our activities to “live with plants” by supporting the earth to become richer.
13. [Climate Action] Take concrete measures against climate change -Use of biomass containers
By 2025, use biomass containers at 40% or more of the standard line * By 2030, use all eco-friendly plastic materials in all product containers, set boxes, promotional materials, and packing materials We promote the replacement with paper materials within a reasonable range. We have already begun to use eco-friendly materials for some product labels and set boxes, but all new lines released after 2020 will use biomass PET-containing containers.
* Excluding miscellaneous goods
12. [Responsible consumption, production] Responsibility to use Responsibility to use
-Sales of products in dedicated reuse containers on the recycling-type shopping platform “LOOP”
BOTANIST will participate as a partner company in Teracycle’s recycling shopping platform “Loop” adopted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. From around the fall of 2020, we plan to sell some series products, such as shampoos and treatments, in exclusive reuse containers only within the Loop shopping platform.
BOTANIST = Botanist Botanical lifestyle is the integration of the bounty of plants into life and lifestyle.
Botanical lifestyle brand [BOTANIST] was born, thinking that living in harmony with plants and living with plants in a modern and fast-moving world full of things will lead to essential richness.
We support the “forest preservation organization more trees” as an environmental measure.
I-ne Co., Ltd.
I-ne Co., Ltd. is a beauty tech company that operates the botanical lifestyle brand “BOTANIST” and the beauty appliance brand “SALONIA”.
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