Ace JTB new product announcement in 2020! Enhance “Tabinaka” content to enhance the value of travel experi ence

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Ace JTB new product announcement in 2020! Enhance “Tabinaka” content to enhance the value of travel experience
“JTB Private Guide Plan” is here! !
JTB Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroyuki Takahashi) will launch new domestic package tour “Ace JTB” products in FY2020 (starting from April 2020) on Friday, January 24th. Start selling. Ace JTB will be on sale in January 1971 and celebrate its 50th anniversary in January 2020. In fiscal 2020, the 50th anniversary year, we will provide “Tabinaka” content that enhances the value of travel experiences as well as “profitable” and stress-free travel, and offers products that allow you to experience the charm of Japan. [Image 1

■ A total of 39 courses [JTB private guide plan] is now available! ! [Image 2

Guide scenery (image)
In general private guide plan, you can make a reservation at your desired time, you can enjoy sightseeing spots at your own pace, with a dedicated guide only for you, but with “Ace JTB”, you can also add “” This guide Mr. ” Because it is a guide, you can enter where you can not normally enter, you can see what you can not see, you can experience the experience of touching what you can not touch. We provide JTB-limited plans and JTB-limited original courses with guidance that pursues the theme of “where is this place” where new discoveries are made. You can spend a tailor-made trip tailored to each customer, not an experience that you can get anywhere.
-Example of plan-
★ Limited to one set a day, you can board a ship used for rituals at Myojin Pond! !
“Hotaka Shrine Okumiya Special Visit! @ Kamikochi Private Guide Plan” [Image 3

Myojin Pond (image)
Discover the charm of Kamikochi like never before! A knowledgeable guide will guide you happily along the way between Kappa Bridge and Myojin Pond,
At the turning point of Myojin Pond, you can experience the special worship of Hodaka Shrine Okumiya. After worship and prayer, we will take you to a mysterious world on an actual ship used for rituals on October 8 every year. You can enjoy the excitement experience that transcends space and time because it is a limited set of JTB only. [Setting period]: May 1-October 31
(Except October 8)
[Fare]: One set of guide fee (1-6 people) 22,000 yen,
Special admission fee: ¥ 5,500 per person
* Guide fee and special worship fee are applied as a set.
★ Feel the history and culture of the indigenous Ainu with the five senses in Uppoi (a symbolic space for ethnic symbiosis) and the surrounding forest! !
“Shiraoi Ainu Association Official Certification Guide Toruku Upopoi (Symbiotic Symbolic Space)”
[Image 4

Inside the National Symbiosis Park (image) Photo courtesy of Ainu National Cultural Foundation
“Upopoi”, which is scheduled to open on April 24, 2020, is a national center that is an important culture of our country, but also a base for the reconstruction and development of the Ainu culture that is in danger of surviving. As a JTB-limited original project, the Shiraoi Ainu Association official certification guide will explain the wisdom that coexists with nature while guiding inside the National Ainu Museum, the National Symbiosis Park, and the surrounding forests. We will teach you how to play the Ainu traditional instrument Mukkuri. [Setting Period]: April 25-October 31
(Closed: Excluding Monday, May 7, August 11, and September 23. (Open on May 4, August 10, and September 21)
[Price]: For 3 to 5 participants, per person (over high school students) 9,600 yen
In the case of 2 participants, per person (over high school students) 13,500 yen In the case of one participant, per person (over high school students) ¥ 25,400 We also offer attractive products unique to JTB even in popular Okinawa and theme park products.
New appearance!ダ イ Dive into the Yanbaru forest, a World Heritage Site! “Yanbaru Adventure Farm Zipline”
[Image 5

Zip line (image)
[Image 6

Zip line (image)
Forest play content that has just opened on January 1, 2020. Plans to enjoy the sea are popular in Okinawa, but often depend on the weather and the season, so we set the plan based on the voice of customers who want a plan to enjoy Okinawa outside the sea. The instructor will guide you through 5 different zipline courses with different heights and lengths according to your individual skills, so you can
participate with confidence. The view from the top of the forest, which you do not usually see, is thrilling but refreshing.
Experience the world of 0m above sea level with excellent
transparency! “From Naha to Nagannu Island Day Trip Bathing Plan” (with Clear Kayak Rental)
[Image 7

Clear kayak (image)
[Image 8

Clear kayak (image)
Only this plan allows you to glide on the transparent kayak over the sea of ​​the Kerama Islands, which has outstanding transparency so that you can see clearly to the sea floor. You can observe the floating feeling as if you are floating in the sea and the reefs and colorful tropical fish through the kayak!
[Journey to Tokyo Disney Resort (R)]
* Ace JTB offers the “Character Disney @ Beauty and the Beast Room” at the Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel. On April 15, 2020, you can enjoy the world view of the area with the theme of the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, which will open in Tokyo Disneyland (R) “New Fantasy Land”. * The Ace JTB Optional Plan “Breakfast Priority Seats” (limited to accommodation hotels / advance reservations required / limited seats) is available at 8 hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort (R) Official Hotel, Tokyo Disney Resort (R) and Partner Hotel Guide to the venue with priority. Avoid morning congestion and start your day stress-free. * Safe for sudden illness of children. Only in the case of family plan and baby plan, if baby (sleeping infant) is suddenly ill, cancellation is possible only once without cancellation fee until the day of accommodation (noon) (please refer to pamphlet for conditions). [SMALL WORLDS TOKYO]
Opens in Ariake in spring 2020! JTB exclusive special at “ the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park ”
The following are available as passports.
* 7DAYS Open Admission Passport
You can enter once at any time for 7 days. With one drink!
* Entrance passport with 2 figures and resident rights
Includes resident rights that can be used to create and display your own two figures
* Entrance passport with backyard tour
Reserve JTB reservation slot for backyard tour. With one drink! -Inquiries from customers-
JTB Travel Reservation Center (From Tokyo) 0570-023-489
* In addition to the above call centers, JTB stores and ACE JTB dealers nationwide handle it.

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