Seiko Watch Corporation Seiko Watch opens Europe’s first “Grand Seiko Boutique” in Place Vend ド ー ム me, Paris

Seiko Watch Corporation
Seiko Watch opens Europe’s first Grand Seiko boutique in Place Vend ド ー ム me, Paris
In March, Seiko Watch Corporation (Chairman and CEO: Shinji Hattori, head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) launched its first Grand Seiko boutique in Europe, “Grand Seiko Boutique,” ​​one of the most exclusive areas in Paris, France. We will open at Place Vend ド ー ム me.
Evend ド ー ム me Square is known as a shopping area for luxury brands and well-established hotels, and is home to many famous jewelery stores in Japan. “Grand Seiko Boutique” is located on the west side of Place Vend2me, and covers 193 square meters on two floors. The interior has a tranquil beauty of Japanese aesthetics and culture, and expresses the brand’s theme, “THE NATURE OF TIME.” This new store boasts the world’s largest and the largest selection of products outside of Japan, and the Grand Seiko, which continues to challenge the essence of watches with the skills and aesthetics of Japanese artisans, has sufficient knowledge in its unique worldview You can choose with professional staff with.
グ ラ ン ド Grand Seiko will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2020. In a analogy to the second hand of a watch, it is time to finish one complete lap and start a new one. In this memorable year, we have a wide lineup of Grand Seiko and anniversary models, and we will welcome customers coming to Paris and Place Vend ド ー ム me in search of quality products from all over the world.
-Grand Seiko-
セ イ Grand Seiko has been pursuing and realizing the essence of wristwatches such as accuracy, beauty, and visibility at a high level since its birth in 1960, and has made continuous progress.
Full-scale global expansion started in 2010, the highest level of performance that can only be achieved in one of the few true manufactures in the world, delicate and polite manufacturing unique to Japan by craftsmen, simple and sophisticated reflecting Japanese aesthetic sense The designed design has gained a high reputation worldwide as a luxury watch made in Japan.
春 In the spring of 2017, the Grand Seiko logo was placed at 12 o’clock on the dial (dial), along with the expansion of the design area and the renewal of brand colors.
■ Grand Seiko Boutique Paris
■ Vendome
■ Overview
Location: 7, Place Vendome, 75001 Paris France
Business hours: Monday-Saturday 10: 30-19: 00 (closed on Sundays) Area: Sales floor area: 193 square meters
Inquiries from general customers when publishing on paper
Seiko Watch Corporation Customer Consultation Office
0120-061-012 (toll free)
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