Chalion Co., Ltd. “Beauty Navi” (Biha Navi) Dental ancestor Yu is participating! “Relatives are dentists. Dental care was everyday.”

Shalion Corporation
“Beautiful teeth Navi” (Biha Navi) Dental ancestor Abiru Yu
participates in the war! “Relatives are dentists. Dental care was everyday.”
■ A program that thoroughly sticks to the first “teeth” of terrestrial broadcasting will be broadcast for the first time this year! ………………………………………………………………………
The program “Beauty Navi” started at TOKYO MX last fall by Charion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Teppei Tsunoda), which offers cutting-edge dental oral care product services. This program focuses on “teeth” thoroughly, and the main moderator is Kay-n. Mr. Devi is on the turn.
Mrs. Devi’s sharp talk is even sharper in # 3, the first time this year. looking forward to!
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■ Abi Yu who grew up in a dental family “Care was normal.”
The guest this time is Abiru, who grew up in a dentist family. Abiru is a dentist family whose relatives are dentists and dental
technicians. “Dental care has been more common since childhood,” he confessed. In Sweden and other countries, the percentage of people who take care of dentists every three months exceeds 90%, while data in Japan still shows only about 2%. The studio introduces surprising techniques and knowledge that even Mr. Abiru who has been doing such care on a daily basis does not know.
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■ Super unique dentists appear!
Every time four dentists introduce trivia related to teeth, “Beautiful Navi” is sometimes written on the net as “TV just for teeth”. This time, unique dentists appear around Tokyo. When you do expensive implants, you need to be careful about stories and unusual correction goods. The studio will be surprised by the talk of the future of the dental industry and the relationship between periodontal disease and the surprise of Alzheimer’s brain.
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■ Shorten the distance between the dentist and the Japanese
Medical expenses in Japan have finally exceeded 40 trillion yen. In Sweden, an advanced oral care country, about 80% of the population visits a dentist once every three to four months to take care to prevent tooth decay. In Japan, when irreparable, the dentist finally goes to the dentist, gets sharpened, and hates the dentist. We hope that this program will help to raise the oral care literacy of Japanese people a little, and help to reduce the distance between the dentist and the Japanese even a little.
■ Company profile
Company name: Charion Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-11-9 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
BPR Place Kamiyacho 4F
Business description: Oral care product development and sales, Biguchi series development and sales, media business,
Whitening Net / Navi Management
Representative: Teppei Tsunoda
-Whitening net-
-Beauty Navi WEB-

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