WMH An expanding industry-seeking job hunter must-see! February 13th, 2020 2020 Edition / Job Hunting Skill Up Seminar iDA lecturer for fashion human resources

Must-see for job seekers looking for an expanding industry! February 13th, 2020 [2020 Edition / Job Hunting Skill Up Seminar] iDA lecturer for fashion human resources
A lot of must-see content such as “The fashion and cosmetics industry, which is expanding globally, is the aim of Japan.”
“IDA College,” a staffing company specializing in the fashion and cosmetics industry at iDA (IDA, President and CEO Shinsuke Kafuku), will give a lecture on February 13, 2020 (Thursday), hosted by Senken Shimbun. At the event booth to hold the “2020 Edition / Job Hunting Skill Improvement Seminar”. (Free participation, advance entry is required.) The fashion industry, which is expanding all over the world but has no image of career development and lifestyle. It is a course that can be told only how to build a strategic career, because it is the largest number of brands in the industry.
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■ Event summary
The date and time: Thursday, February 13, 2020 from 10:00 to 16:30 Place: Hikarie, Shibuya Hikarie Hall A
Organizer: Senken Shimbun Click here to apply: http://u0u0.net/dlv2 Overview: Job hunting event “Senken job festival” 21′-22 ‘TOKYO To develop and revitalize the fashion industry, organize students and schools with an interest in fashion and help them to acquire excellent human resources for your company. Take on
■ Seminar contents /
[Industry research and preparation before employment] About the fashion industry (market size, industry characteristics), etc. Below is a partial introduction
-The fashion industry is “expanding” worldwide-
The fashion market is said to be shrinking in Japan, but is expanding globally, and is expected to continue growing at an average annual rate of 3.6% by 2025 (7.6% in real terms and nominal terms). There is also * 1. By strategically building a career with an overseas high brand, we may be able to play an active role as a human resource with high market value. In addition, the fashion industry is changing not only to clothes and cosmetics, but also to general products that are closely related to lifestyles, and the definition of the industry is expanding.
* 1… Documents, June 2018 Lifestyle Products Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
■ Lecturer introduction
Akane Nakane
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Became a trainer at headquarters after working as a beauty member of Nippon L’Oreal Co., Ltd. “Shu Uemura”. After working at a beauty school instructor and a trainer at L’Occitane Japon Co., Ltd., he joined iDA in 2013 as a coordinator. In charge of the operation of “iDACollege” from 2017. In addition to being in charge of management, he is also a lecturer for trend seminars and industry seminars in courses held by iDA, and is also involved in a variety of tasks such as planning employment events.
In addition, the following courses will be held.
[About luxury brands] The appeal of luxury brands that are expanding globally, the required personality, etc.
[How to write an attractive entry sheet] Self-analysis before creating an entry sheet, what you can do while attending school to promote job hunting.

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