Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd. Order suit brand “STORY & THE STUDY” (Women’s) proposes a ceremony suit for spring graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony New round collar jacket added

Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd.
Order suit brand “STORY & THE STUDY” (Women’s) Proposal of ceremony suits for spring graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony New round collar jacket added
-The milestones in life are one of a kind. Wearable and ON / OFF style possible-URL:
Spring graduation ceremony and entrance ceremony for personal order suit brand “STORY & THE STUDY” of Sanyo Shokai Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Masayuki Nakayama; hereinafter Sanyo Shokai) For the season, we will propose an order suit as a first place to wear on an important day with your family. A new round collar jacket has been added to the women’s jacket as a ceremony style, with a wide variety of materials available. Orders will begin on February 5. In addition to being able to create your own clothes with a comfortable fit and a silhouette that makes your body look beautiful, we also propose styling in various ON / OFF scenes by adding items and combining different materials.
[Image 1d9154-331-677254-0.jpg
[Image 2d9154-331-926625-1.jpg
(Photo: Ceremony style example of order suit)
■ Features
ー A new round collar jacket has been added, and a variety of materials that match the ceremony scene are available.
In January, even during the winter sale lineup, many customers will preview the ceremony suit in anticipation of spring, and the need for jacket styles that can be worn for ceremonies from January to February will increase, so this brand is In addition to the four jacket styles for the business scene so far, a round color pattern with a soft atmosphere has been newly added as a ceremony style. Assuming the ceremony scene, the material is navy with silk blend and shiny It is widely deployed mainly in stretch materials with washable functions. [Image 3d9154-331-819478-2.jpg
(Photo: Round color to be newly added)
-Additional orders are possible with abundant items. Enjoy styling outside the ceremony too ー
There are many variations of jackets and bottoms, so by adding items with the same material or combining with other materials, you can expand the range of wearing and enjoy the style that suits your individual preference. By registering the customer’s size information, you can order from EC after the second focus.
ー By applying 3D analysis to the fitter technology, a comfortable fit and silhouette according to the body shape are realized ー
In addition to measuring by a professional fitter, a unique 3D Fitting Analyzer (3D analysis tool) is used. This makes it possible to analyze the characteristics of the customer’s body shape and posture in three dimensions, and to provide a comfortable fit that cannot be achieved with simple measurement methods. You can make your own clothes according to your individual body type and preference, and you can spend your favorite style on the day of Halle, a milestone in life. * Delivery is possible in a minimum of 3 weeks from order.
[Image 4d9154-331-669602-3.jpg
(Measuring image)
■ STORY & THE STUDY ceremony style
-Styling example-
[Image 5d9154-331-925921-4.jpg
Change the bottom and add playfulness to your suit. Recommended for everyday use depending on the arrangement.
-Tailored JK + tight skirt-Reference price: ¥ 99,000 + tax (up and down in the picture)
[Image 6d9154-331-725215-5.jpg
Just change the dress into wide cropped pants for a light setup. A casual style by combining sneakers.
-Round collar JK + wide cropped pants -Reference price: ¥ 79,000 + tax (up and down in the photo)
[Image 7d9154-331-706062-6.jpg
At first, you can order pants separately, and you can order additional jackets later. Combination with different materials.
-V color JK + wide cropped pants -Reference price: ¥ 93,000 + tax (up and down setup in the photo)
■ Women’s Product Overview
Existing lineup: Jacket 4 styles / ¥ 33,000 ~, Bottoms 5 styles (3 types of pants, 2 types of skirts) / ¥ 16,000 ~, One piece 3 styles / ¥ 28,000 ~
* Available in 10 sizes from 32 to 50
* Regarding correction of each item
Jacket bust, waist, dress length, sleeve length 12 points correction and lining etc customizable
Pants 6 places / Dress 6 places / Skirt 4 places
[Image 8d9154-331-223633-7.jpg
(Photo: Double JK added in December 2019) Men’s-like double jacket has been added to the previous jacket style (tailored / single, double and no color) from December 2019.
[Image 9d9154-331-974958-8.jpg
Store: GINZA TIMELESS 8 (Ginza Timeless Eight)
Address: GINZA TIMELESS 8 6-8F, 8-8-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number 03-5537-6136
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (irregular holidays)

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