Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition-OVA-Drama Pat 1 Exhibition Nagoya!

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Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary Commemorative
Exhibition-OVA-Drama Pat 1 Exhibition Nagoya!
Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary Commemorative
Exhibition-OVA-Drama Pat 1 Exhibition Nagoya held at Nagoya PARCO ………………………………………………………………………
Future from the first OVA to the movie version! The very popular exhibition was held in Osaka in the summer of 19, and in Tokyo this winter, in Nagoya!
Nagoya PARCO (February 7 to 2020, February 7 (Friday, Monday)) with some changes to the contents of the “Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary Exhibition-30th HEADGEAR EXHIBITION-” held in Osaka and Tokyo ).
In commemoration of Patlabor’s 30th anniversary of Mobile Police, the 30th anniversary commemoration exhibition following the Osaka ATC last August.
An exhibition focusing on the first theatrical animation “ Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie ” from 1988 OVA to 1989 was held at Osaka Nanko ATC last summer, and this winter at Yurakucho Marui and Ikebukuro Marui, and many fans We had you arrive.
(The Ikebukuro Marui exhibition is being held until February 2 (Sun)) This time, the popular 30th anniversary exhibition is being held in Nagoya! At the Nagoya exhibition, we plan to arrange some of the exhibition contents from the Osaka and Tokyo exhibitions.
I hope that both visitors who have attended the Osaka and Tokyo exhibitions as well as those who did not can provide content that can be enjoyed by both.

■ Introduction of main exhibits
・ OVA (EARLY DAYS) pre-production period, OVA period material display We will display materials and jacket illustrations during the production process.
・ Exhibits of original drawings and art from “Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie” We will display materials, original drawings, backgrounds
(duplicates), art boards (duplicates), etc. during the production process.
・ Illustration display by Akemi Takada
OVA (EARLY DAYS) period, “Patlabor Theatrical Version” period, TV series airing period (until around 1990) jacket illustration, illustrations published in magazines, etc. We will display original illustrations such as cover illustrations and illustrations drawn in. ・ HEADGEAR Akemi Takada’s 30th anniversary commemorative exhibition Original work of the new main visual
The original main visual of the 30th anniversary exhibition of HEADGEAR Akemi Takada will be unveiled at the Nagoya exhibition. ・ 1/1 molded object
Work monkey-mon.job-sculptor Eiji Kawabata’s three-dimensional objects (revolver cannon, full-size uniform, headgear, cockpit, diorama, etc.) will be exhibited.
■ Events during the exhibition
ト ー ク On Saturday, February 15, a talk event will be held at a nearby facility with the voice actors appearing in this work.
* Talk events will not be held at Nagoya Parco
※ Details will be announced in the second release
■ Summary
[Exhibition Name] Mobile Police Patlabor 30th Anniversary
Commemorative [OVA-Drama Pato 1] Exhibition
[Venue] Nagoya PARCO (South Building 7F, Event Space)
[Period] A total of 12 days from February 7 (Fri) to February 24 (2020) (February 19 will be closed on February 19)
[Time] From 11:00 to 21:00
※ Last entry is 30 minutes before closing (product sales are based on store opening hours)
※ Depending on the mixed situation in the venue, entry may be restricted * Business hours on the last day are until 18:00
[Organizer] HEADGEAR Inc./ Jenco Inc.
[Cooperation] Nagoya PARCO, MOGURA ENTERTAINMENT, Inc., G’s Days Shuffle, Working Monkey-mon.job-, Tenprint Character Art Co., Ltd., Shochiku Co., Ltd., Shogakukan Co., Ltd., Tohoku Shinsha Co., Ltd., Bandai Group companies
[Price] 800 yen (* The product sales area is free)
[Ticket purchase method] Sold at the event venue (same day ticket only) Details will be announced on the second release around January 28, including exhibitions, goods, and ticket sales methods.

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