Mortadella Bologna Consortium Genuine traditional Italian deli meat campaign “Arigat-EU” has successfully completed its second year in Japan

Mortadella Bologna Consortium
Arigat-EU, a real traditional Italian deli meat campaign, has successfully completed its second year in Japan
Arigat-EU, a real European deli meat

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Campaign “Arigat-EU, a real European deli meat” to promote Italian PDO (Geographic Indication Protection) and PGI (Geographic Indication Protection) deli meats in Japan has finished its second year. Launched in 2018, the project will include three consortiums dealing with processed pork products, including the Zampone IGP, the Cotecino IGP, the Mortadella IGP, and the Salamini Italiani Alla Cacciatra DOP, and the European Union ( EU). The three-year project “Arigat-EU” aims to expand knowledge about PDO and PGI in Japan and raise consumers’ awareness of “credibility, safety, traceability, and correct labeling”. You. Gala dinners, workshops for cooks, and restaurants using Italian deli meats from famous restaurants
We are aiming to fulfill our goals through various campaigns, events and other activities, such as making videos of Pi and PDO and PGI experience tours in Italy together with Japanese influencers and press.
In 2019, we created a video of an original recipe created by a chef at a popular Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Pizzeria Tonino’s “Salamini and Trevis, Allavia Tagaritoni of Scamorza Cheese”, Mamma Luisa’s Table “Cotecino Modena IGP Lazagna”, Cittino “Cittino” Mortadella 5 homemade focaccia from Bologna IGP and Scamorza, “pudding (ravioli) packed with Cotecino Modena IGP” by Trattoria dai Paesani and “pizza generale” from Napoli sta’ca ‘(Napolistaca). One is that. “Arigat-EU” website for these cooking methods
You can find it on
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ARIGATEU participates in Italia, Amore mio! For the first time (Akasaka Sacas, July 2019)
In July, PGI and the PDO Consortium participated in Japan’s largest Italian festival “Italia, Amore mio!” For the first time. The festival, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Italy in 2016, was organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and each edition attracted more than 50,000 customers. This is the third year, with three days (July 5-7), with cocktail parties, concerts and cooking shows, and stand activities, and Italian PDO and PGI foods gained more attention. At the stand, visitors can taste the history, tradition, authenticity, nutritional value, good health and sustainability of Italian food, cooking methods while tasting the Mortadella Bologna IGP, the Salamini Italiani Alla Cacciatra DOP and the Cotecino Modena IGP. And European high quality labe
I had the opportunity to touch on the “Arigat-EU” campaign on how to identify Also in July, we held various events mainly in PDO and PGI foods in Tokyo and Yokohama. First, at a restaurant in Yokohama called Cruise Cruise YOKOHAMA, a teacher of Italian gastronomy who has lived in Japan for over 20 years, and founder and chef of the Italian home cooking class “La mia Italia” in Tokyo, Adriana Vallone attends a culinary workshop as a lecturer. For more than 100 cooks, Vallone believes that the correct cooking method and appropriateness can be obtained through the “Arigat-EU” project, the history of PDO and PGI foods, good quality, features and nutritional value, as well as specially prepared recipes for the event. And presented a side menu. [Image 3

Workshop by Adriana Vallone
Next, two gala dinners were held. The first dinner was held at the restaurant “Cruise Cruise YOKOHAMA” and chef Ishihara provided a great menu for guests with Italian PDO and PGI foods. The second one will be held at the Piacere restaurant at the Tokyo Shangri-La Hotel, where Chef Andrea Ferrero, who aims to blend Italian and Japanese cuisine, will create a special menu using Italian deli meats. Was. Many presses, influencers and food bloggers participated in the two dinners, exploring the new potential of PDO and PGI deli meats. [Image 4

A gala dinner for an influencer press held at Tokyo Shangri-La Hotel “Arigat-EU” gathers famous influencers and explains the high quality of PDO and PGI deli meats, how to correctly identify products, how to cook, etc. Salvatore Cuomo (chef), Kazumasa Imai (chef), Nicole Fung (food blogger), Andrea Cocco Hirai (food blogger) and Francesco Bellissimo (Francesco Bellissimo) (Food bloggers) were selected, and their information on PDO and PGI deli meat was sent on their SNS, blogs, and physical stores.
In October 2019, the second Italian PDO and PGI experience took place in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Japanese press and influencers have had the opportunity to get in touch with the wonderful food culture of Emilia-Romagna and the charms of the Mortadella Bologna IGP, the Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatra DOP and the Cotecino Modena IGP. Eight journalists and influencers will visit the factory to see the process of producing deli meat slices, open the ceremony for the Mortadella Bologna PGI exclusive exhibition space at the Bologna Historical Museum, and come from a local food park FICO Eataly World Women participated in a traditional local Emilian cooking class. [Image 5

Press tour to experience Italian PDO and PGI held in Emilia-Romagna, Italy Through these activities, “Arigat-EU” has made many genuine deli meats available to Japanese restaurants, and those that do offer
limited-time menus using PGI and PDO deli meats. . Due to its success in Tokyo in the first year, there will be more than 200 stores in the Kanto region such as Yokohama, Maebashi, Saitama and Chiba from 2019. Gianluigi Ligasacchi, director of the Mortadella Bologna PGI Consortium, has successfully completed the second year of “Arigat-EU” with a high level of recognition and recognition in Japan. In the third year, 2020, Arigat-EU has a lot of content to help more consumers distinguish between real PDO and PGI. The nutritional value, quality and safety of the genuine deli meats we introduce are guaranteed on PGO and PGI labels and we will continue to work to help consumers understand them. ”
The “Arigat-EU” project, which is co-funded by the EU, carries out various activities to enjoy high-quality POD and PGI-certified deli meats. The details of these activities are posted on the official website and SNS.
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