Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd. New CM for “Drunken Umesh” completed. Momoko Fukuchi appointed as the 5th generation new character.

Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd.
Completed a new CM for “Drunk Umesh” with Momoko Fukuchi as the 5th-generation new character-Starting on-air nationwide from January 24 (Fri) 2020-
Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Habikino-shi, Osaka; President: Shigehiro Kindo) is an actress, Fukuchi, who is currently paying attention to the 5th generation new image character of “Umesh, which is not intoxicated”, which is the No. 1 sales * for 9 consecutive years. A new commercial was completed using Momoko.
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(*) Nikkei POS Vision May 2011-December 2019 Sales share of alcoholic carbonated beverage trend
Two new commercials completed this time. One is to enjoy a “mesh that doesn’t get drunk” by hanging a hammock in the yard while the sunlight is flowing down comfortably. I’m paying attention to the original song sung by Fukuchi and the smiling exchange with his dog. The other is a story that asks “Why” to the “Umesh that doesn’t get drunk” in the room, and it’s fun to watch the CM to see why we are doing such a thing. Both commercials use the micro-powder manufacturing technology, which incorporates the ingredients of plum seeds, to promote the taste of plum wine even though it is non-alcoholic.
The new commercials “Hammock” and “Inquiring Woman” will be aired nationwide at the same time from Friday, January 24, 2020.
■ New CM video URL
“Hammock” version: The Woman Who Asks Questions:
■ Shooting episode
“Hammock” version
The day before the shooting was in Tokyo, which was a heavy rain, but on the day it was a pleasant sunny day and it was a great day for shooting. Momoko Fukuchi, who will be the first nationwide commercial. The refreshing innocence melted into the green of the garden after the rain. Co-starring is Bichon Frize’s (dog breed) Vanilla. Mr. Fukuchi seems to have a dog himself, and vanilla, who was gently hugged during the shooting, is likely to fall asleep because of its comfort. This time, Mr. Fukuchi also sang a commercial song. Also note the clear and warm singing voice of Mr. Fukuchi who practiced until the day before. The Woman Who Asks Questions
In a natural and cute room inspired by Fukuchi-san, Fukuchi-san strengthens her speech with a steep expression. The dog (Vanilla) looks up anxiously. The reason is … (The hints are located near Vanilla.) This acting, asking why, was complicated by the director’s order, and was shot in different ways and expressions. Mr. Fukuchi responded firmly to the order and smoothly made OK takes. The director was convinced of Mr. Fukuchi’s acting ability, who asked questions with straight eyes.
■ Comment from Momoko Fukuchi
・ About the content of CM
In the “Questioning Woman” version, the simple question of when one knows the innocent Umesh, “Why not get intoxicated?” Is expressed in the CM. Since it was actually a shooting while drinking, I wanted to tell you the best possible. The “Hammock” version was shot nicely thanks to the good weather. Please look forward to that CM too! ・ About CM appearance decision
The cute song flowing in the CM was very impressive, and when I heard about the appearance, it was very happy and full of energy. This time, I am trying new songs. This is perfect for the insulative Umesh! The song is my first challenge, but I want to do my best to convey the appeal to everyone!
・ About “Umesh which does not get drunk”
I think the natural sweetness and refreshing aftertaste without using any additives is one of the appeals of many people including me. I think it is a product that makes you feel like an adult but
non-alcoholic, and you will want to drink at any time. I felt that it was loved regardless of age or gender because of its good health.
■ Momoko Fukuchi’s profile
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Momoko Fukuchi
《Momoko Fukuchi Profile》
Born October 26, 1997. In 2016, made a full-fledged actress debut in the drama “Sneak Investigation Idol and Criminal Dance” (TV Tokyo). In 2018, she appeared on TBS “You have a home to return” and “Cheer ☆ Dan”. In 2019, she made her first appearance in the movie “Amanogawa” and took her first lead. Appeared in the NHK serial TV novel “Natsuzora” in the first half of 2019. Appeared on the TV Asahi series “Schoolgirl High School Waste” starting January 24, 2020. My hobbies are cooking and traveling.
■ Product Details
Product URL:

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Umesh which does not get drunk
Uses 100% of “Kanjuku Minamitakaume” from a partner farm in Wakayama Prefecture. Because of its high ripeness and preciousness, it uses special plums that are not available on the market and achieves a plum wine-like flavor by using a micropowder manufacturing method that crushes and incorporates plum seeds. In addition, it was made without using additives such as acidulants, flavors, colorings and artificial sweeteners. It is a real plum soda taste that can be enjoyed in various life scenes, such as those who are not good at drinking, but do not want to get drunk but want to enjoy the plum sensation. Plum juice 10%, contains 1430 mg of organic acid derived from plums per can (350 ml).
No.1 in cocktail-based sales for the 9th consecutive year (*) (*) Nikkei POS Vision May 2011-December 2019 Sales share of alcoholic carbonated beverage trend
[About organic acids]
Organic acids are said to have a variety of body-friendly functions, and plums are rich in organic acids such as citric acid and malic acid.
■ Company profile
Name ①: Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd.
Founded: June 1962
Capital: 28 million yen
Representative: Shigehiro Kondou, President and CEO
Business Description: Manufacturing and sales of plum wine and plum-related products
Location: 583-0841 160-1 Komagaya, Habikino-shi, Osaka
Main sales destinations: All-Japan liquor wholesalers, European and American countries, Southeast Asia and other foreign countries Homepage:
■ Product Inquiries
Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd.
TEL: 072-956-0515 (representative)

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