Ku Motomasu Nihonbashi store Valentine’s Day limited edition of new pineapple cake “Mini pineapple custard confectionery” released

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[Guo Motomasu Nihonbashi store] Valentine’s Day limited edition of new pineapple cake “mini pineapple custard confectionery” released The popular “Custard” pineapple custard confectionery can be used as a Kuan with a “Heart” stamp!
Speaking of Taiwanese sweets, is it only pineapple cake?
A long-established confectionery store in Taiwan “ Guo Yuan Yi ”, which landed in Japan in September 2019, has revolutionized pineapple cakes, combining traditional crust with sweet and salty Chinese custard and pineapple jam with pulp. And “Mini Pineapple Custard Confectionery”. The stylish mini-size design that can be eaten by a single bite is perfect as a Valentine gift.
The 27 layers of fabric are light and crispy. The confectionery craftsmen of Guo Yuan Ye are handmade and finished using the Western confectionery method while following the traditional techniques of Taiwan.
[Image 1d52242-4-519947-0.jpg
For the custard of the bean paste, use flour “ Le Gato ” for high-grade Western confectionery manufactured by Showa Sangyo, salt from the Pyrenees of France, on duck eggs salted in red soil of Yilan (Elan) in eastern Taiwan, Features smoothness and good mouthfeel. The pineapple was cooked with No. 17 pineapple from Tainan Guanmyo District, southern Taiwan, to make the pulp feel better.
This mini pineapple custard confectionery is jointly developed with popular Taiwanese actor Lidian Vaughan. Otori Kodake, also known as a pineapple lover, relied on the memories of traveling in Europe to create an exquisite balance of salty, sweet, sour, and umami. “It’s a Chinese confectionery, but it goes well with coffee and works great with whiskey.”
[Image 2d52242-4-144855-2.jpg
For Valentine’s Day in Japan, the confectionery stamp has been changed from “Custard” to “Heart”, and the red heart stamp has been filled with Valentine’s wishes. Let’s convey your feelings with a package designed by Taiwanese designer team “Two Pieces August”.
[Image 3d52242-4-917350-1.png
Product Name: Mini Pineapple Custard Confectionery (Valentine Limited Edition) Scheduled release date: February 1, 2020 (limited quantity)
Available at COREDO Muromachi Terrace 2F @ Guo Motomasu Nihonbashi Store, Yokohama World Porters @ Limited Time Shop.
The regular version will also be sold on Amazon and Rakuten Ichiba https://www.rakuten.co.jp/kuoyuanye/
https://www.amazon.co.jp/stores/page/ABCC1E65-3814-46A3-B194-BBB93F4DAE5A Price (excluding tax): ¥ 1,150 (5 pieces)
Guo Motomasu World Porters Limited Time Shop
Guo Yuan Yi, a candy shop from Taiwan for over 150 years, will open a limited-time store in Yokohama, which has the largest Chinatown in East Asia, following Nihonbashi in September 2019. The venue is located on the first floor of Yokohama World Porters (a eating and drinking space in Hawaiian Town) and runs from January 17 to February 16.
Address: 2-2-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Yokohama World Porters (1st floor Hawaiian Town special event space)
Business hours: AM10: 30 ~ PM9: 00
Guo Yuan profit Nihonbashi store
Founded in 1867, it is the first overseas shop of Guo Yuan Yi, a long-established Taiwanese confectionery shop in Taipei with a history of more than 150 years. We have been introducing various products in the Nihonbashi area, the center of Japan’s economic trade since 400 years ago. In addition to standard products such as Taiwanese-style Rakugan and pineapple sweets, we also handle modern products in collaboration with designers.
Address: 3-2-1 Nihombashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo COREDO Muromachi Terrace 2F Essential Life Nihonbashi
Business hours: AM 10: 00 ~ PM 9:00
Official site: https://www.facebook.com/kuoyuanye.nihonbashi/ Operating company: Godetsu Shoji LLC (info@kizuki.online)
August each (package design)
Established in 2005 in Taipei. They share not only the design but also the “experience” and “philosophy” of life. In 2006, she collaborated with Spiral in Japan to move from graphic design to product design. He has collaborated with Taiwanese governments, ELLE and HERM. * 2S, and has held exhibitions in the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Due to its excellent design, it was selected as one of the top new designers in 2011 by IDA’s One Hundred Designers and the Taiwan Magazine “Tenka”. Rhydian Vaughan
Taiwan and half UK. Actor Lidian Vaughn has been baptized not only in Asian cultures but also in cultures around the world during his studies abroad. In particular, at the East 15 Acting School in London, England, I learned a lot of technical guidance, refined my acting, and learned a lot. Hogaku, which has an elegant atmosphere, is a hot topic among actors.
In 2019, the movie “ Cyber ​​Mission ” was also released in Japan with Japanese singer, talent Tomoshihisa Yamashita, and former member of Korean male idol group SUPERJUNIOR Han Gung.

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