Morinaga Milk Products Co., Ltd. “Moisturizing ceramide” to be released nationwide from February 10 (Monday)

Morinaga Milk Products Co., Ltd.
“Moisturizing Ceramide to Feel Real” Newly Released Nationwide from February 10 (Mon)
Care for your skin from inside with ceramide and collagen
Morinaga Milk Industries Co., Ltd. will launch a new home delivery product “Guide to Feel Uruoi @ Ceramide” containing “glucosylceramide” and “collagen” from February 10 (Monday) nationwide.
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The home delivery market has been receiving increasing attention as health consciousness increases, the population ages, and the number of double-income households increases. Morinaga Milk Delivery Co., Ltd. sells more than 100 types of products, including high-value-added milk and yogurt containing “Bifidobacterium BB536”, “Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria (R)”, “Lactoferrin”, etc. We are.
In recent years, the concept of “inner beauty” that has become more beautiful from the inside of the body by adjusting the eating habits and lifestyle rhythm has attracted attention, and the market scale has been expanding.
In this context, our skin is exposed to all kinds of stimuli throughout the year, such as pollen and ultraviolet rays in spring and summer, and drying in autumn and winter. Care from the inside as well as from the outside is important.
“Moisturizing Ceramide” is a perfect drink for skin care that contains 1,800 mg of glucosylceramide derived from rice and 1,000 mg of collagen. With a small capacity of 125ml per bottle, it is easy to continue drinking and finished with a refreshing peach flavor for a refreshing drink.
By all means, please drink “ceramics that you feel moisturized” continuously and use it for daily skin care.
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1. The perfect drink to care for the skin exposed to all kinds of irritation throughout the year.
2. Contains 1,800 mg of glucosylceramide derived from rice and 1,000 mg of collagen.
The small volume of 3.1 bottles makes it easy to keep drinking, and you can enjoy a refreshing peach flavor.
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2. Product Summary
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