Hitachino Nest Beer’s Kiuchi Brewery and MOON-X, former representative of Facebook Japan, collaborate for the fi rst time 初 Next-generation craft beer Craft X crystal IPA Full-scale launch

MOON-X Co., Ltd.
Hitachino Nest Beer’s Kiuchi Brewery and Facebook Japan’s former representative MOON-X collaborate for the first time 初 Next-generation craft beer Craft X Crystal IPA Full-scale launch
Available on official shops only from 1/24 (Fri.) URL:

MOON-X Co., Ltd., whose vision is to “enrich the lives of many people by using technology to provide brands that embody Japanese
manufacturing to the world using technology” : Hasegawa Susumu, MOON-X) is collaborating with Kiuchi Sake Brewery Joint Stock Company (President: Yoichi Kiuchi), a long-established brewery that has been in business for 6 years since Bunsei, and has officially launched the new brand [CRAFT X] online. Shop ( limited, will be newly released.
About MOON-X
I feel great potential in Hasegawa’s “ manufacturing ” to enrich people’s lives realized through P & G, and in “ technology ” such as digital and shopping experiences experienced on Rakuten and Facebook, and information transmission using platforms. MOON-X started from there.
Going forward, we will build 1) brands that embody Japan’s
manufacturing through continuous dialogue with consumers, 1) collaborating with manufacturers who represent Japan’s manufacturing 2) utilizing technology.
About entry into the craft beer industry
ブ ラ ン ド The first brand from MOON-X will be craft beer.
The origin of the Facebook era was the impact of the taste of craft beer in San Francisco, and many breweries and breweries throughout Japan played a major role in the local economy through Facebook’s Regional Revitalization Program.
I realized that I was doing it. Also, looking at the Japanese beer market, the craft beer market has doubled in the seven years from 2011 to 2018, but it can still be said that the market share is small compared to the United States and the growth margin is large ( Shipment base: 13% in the United States and 0.9% in Japan, according to Yano Research Institute. Against this background, we have decided to enter the craft beer industry.
As the first project, we have formed a partnership with Kiuchi Sake Brewery, a maker of “Japanese beer”, which is world-famous and is committed to making “quality-oriented” beer. ] Is now on sale for Crystal IPA. Crystal IPA is a clear, low-bitter, easy-to-drink beer that is IPA. Due to its deliciousness and ease of drinking, 400 cases of the first badge, which was sold exclusively in November last year, are sold out in less than two months. And received high praise from customers. We analyze the feedback from customers in this limited sale immediately and reflect the improvements in recipes and brewing methods at the time of this release.
Also, at the same time as the brand launch, we have a pop-up bar in Omotesando where you can taste the CRAFT X’s crystal IPA for free with a delicious pintxo for 2 days from 24th today, because you want to taste the crystal IPA. You.
Future development
3 In the three months since its establishment, JAFCO and individual investors have raised more than 1 billion yen in funding.
We are considering entering other categories that embody Japanese manufacturing. Comments from representatives
Hasegawa: I am very happy to be able to launch CRAFT X’s Crystal IPA with Kiuchi Brewery. Japaneseness
Crystal IPA was made from the desire to create a completely new IPA while preserving it. We would like you to have a wonderful time at the freshly crafted crystal IPA that is very particular about taste and design. Going forward, we will continue to regularly disseminate our efforts to spread Japanese manufacturing to the world with the power of brands and technology.
President Kiuchi: I decided to work on the new possibilities of combining IT and craft beer. Chris
Tal IPA is a “good place” beer, and we think it is the next generation of beer we can imagine. While making use of the fragrance and fruity taste of IPA, I created the recipe from scratch, imagining that it would not be too bitter and that I would not get tired of drinking a lot. It’s a beer with a feeling of “I want to give you an original taste that isn’t imitated by people,” so I’d like people who are not just craft beers, but also many others to feel free to enjoy drinking. 【Product Summary】
Product name: [CRAFT X] Crystal IPA
Alcohol content: 6%
Ingredients II: Malt and hops
Contents: 350ml
Price: 6,960 yen (12 cans)
Official Shop:
[MOON-X Corporation]
Founded: August 2019
Representative: Susumu Hasegawa Co-founder: Masashi Shioya
Business description: A business that uses technology to provide brands embodying Japanese manufacturing around the world
[Kiuchi Sake Brewery Joint Stock Company]
Founded: Bunsei 6 (1823)
President: Yoichi Kiuchi
Business Description: Manufacturing and sales of sake, beer, plum wine, wine, shochu, etc.

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