JR East Startup Co., Ltd. A new sightseeing proposal spot “Sake Tourist Information Bar” using AI taste ju dgment “YUMMY SAKE” will be open from February 14 for a limited time

JR East Startup Co., Ltd.
A new sightseeing proposal spot “Sake Tourist Information Bar” using the AI ​​taste judgment “YUMMY SAKE” will be open for a limited time from February 14
Niigata Area Demonstration Experiment of the JR East Startup Program Starts in February-How Can AI Taste Judgment be Used in Niigata Prefecture, which has the largest brewery in Japan? ! ~
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JR East Startup Co., Ltd. (Location: 1-1-6-1201, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yu Shibata) has been adopted by MIRAI SAKE COMPANY Inc. (Location: Tokyo) 7-13 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuya Yamamoto) and “Sake TOURIST INFORMATION BAR” aiming to revitalize the region by using sake, a tourist resource in Niigata Prefecture, which has the largest brewery in Japan “Will be open from February 14 (Fri) for a limited time.
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JR East Startup is promoting the “JR East Startup Program”, a business creation activity in collaboration with venture companies and people with excellent business ideas. In this third year, in order to further promote open innovation, as a new field of regional cooperation, we invited a collaborative plan to utilize special zones and areas in Niigata City in anticipation of Niigata Station development. A demonstration experiment will be conducted with the cooperation of Niigata City for the two proposals in the field of “AI x tourism” that have been adopted.
Since last year, Niigata City has supported a demonstration project conducted by a private company utilizing advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data as an initiative for regional revitalization. This time, as one of the demonstration experiments at Niigata Station, we proposed a new way to enjoy sake in the Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo, the origin of culture. We will open a limited-edition tourist information center called “SAKE TOURIST INFORMATION BAR” for the sake of sake and sake breweries / restaurants for each person from February 14 (Fri). .
At the “Sake Tourist Information Bar”, you can experience taste judgment using AI. By proposing a rally-type trip near Niigata Station, which classifies into 12 types of sake flavors using a unique algorithm, and proposes a taste that suits each person for each judgment result, restaurants and liquor stores around Niigata Station We aim to revitalize the whole area by encouraging visitors to travel, dispelling tourists’ anxiety on the land for the first time, and transmitting unknown attractions that are unique to the local area. It also analyzes the number of stores visited, the number of ledgers distributed, and the number of customers sent to external stores, and through the sake recommendation service of AI taste determination, serves as a bridge between tourists and local industries, and proposes a new style of tourism. To do.
* Contents of implementation are subject to change without notice [About “SAKE TOURIST INFORMATION BAR”]
The SAKE TOURIST INFORMATION BAR, a tourist base that proposes sake products, restaurants, and liquor stores tailored to each individual by comparing tastes of 10 types of sake using AI, will be opened. At the “Sake Tour Information Bar”, the tastes are judged by AI, and the recommended sake for each taste is recommended. This time, Niigata will be the stage, so we will recommend about 80 brands of Niigata sake that match your taste and taste.
We treat sake as a tourist resource, classify it into 12 types of sake taste types using our unique algorithm, and propose a rally-type trip near Niigata Station around the Niigata Station for a taste that suits each individual for each judgment result, around Niigata Station We will promote the excursions of local restaurants and liquor stores and aim to revitalize the entire region.
Niigata sake has a strong image of “ Tanrei Dry ”, but “ Tanrei Dry ” is only one of the 12 types of AI taste judgment, and it is possible to classify the taste into 11 other types I can do it. By visualizing the taste, you can select the sake that suits your tastes, and at the same time, discover the brand of sake that suits you. Since sake brewing and human taste are diverse, you can discover and enjoy various types of sake without knowledge, so you will travel around tourist spots starting from Niigata’s sake, which had not been fully utilized as a tourist resource It will be open for a limited time as a new style tourist information center.
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Implementation period: February 14 (Fri)-March 15 (Sun) 2020 Place: JR Niigata Station premises CoCoLo Niigata Nishi + TABI BAR & CAFE / km-0 niigata lab
Implementing entity: MIRAI SAKE COMPANY CO., LTD.
Site URL: saketourist.jp
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Location: 7-13 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Yuya Yamamoto Established: September 2013
Business description: Sake select shop operation, sake event business, Bespoke sake business, sake rice production, etc.
URL: https://www.miraisake.co.jp/
[Comment from Mayor Nakahara Niigata] Expectations for this
demonstration experiment through experience with AI taste judgment Niigata boasts one of the largest breweries in Japan and is a tourist resource of Niigata. It is important to get many brands known to enhance the appeal, and we are very excited about the establishment of the Sake Tourist Information Bar. Immediately after performing AI taste judgment, it turned out to be an awaawa type (sparkling system with sweet and sour taste). How about experiencing this initiative as a new way to enjoy Japanese sake, not only for people outside the prefecture but also for Niigata?
[JR East Startup Program 2019 @ Niigata Area Demonstration Experiment Ceremony] In hope of the success of this program, we will hold a Niigata Area Demonstration Experiment Ceremony at the connecting passage on the west of Niigata Station.
We will also exhibit two demonstration experiments to be conducted this time. Please drop in.
Date: February 14, 2020 (Fri) around 10:30
Place: Niigata Station West Side Walkway (next to TABI BAR & CAFE / km-0 niigata lab)
実 証 Simultaneous demonstration experiment
[About the Niigata Travel Shuttle, a matching service for sightseeing taxis] Utilizing AI-based technology for matching tourism needs and optimizing transfer routes, we will launch a new transportation service called “Niigata Travel Shuttle” by “sharing” sightseeing taxis. By improving the convenience of on-demand advance reservations and reducing the burden per person by sharing, realizing affordable and comfortable excursions to sightseeing spots. By building a mechanism that makes it easier to discover local tourism resources, we aim to improve local tourism value and revitalize the local area. Period: From January 18, 2020 (Sat) to the end of March 2020 * Scheduled Pick-up location: Niigata Station South Exit, Niigata City accommodation, etc. Implementer: NearMe Inc.
[About JR East Startup Program]
This program seeks proposals for business services that utilize the management resources and information assets of stations, railways, and group businesses from venture companies and people with various ideas, and implements them through brush-up. It was held for the first time in fiscal 2017, and a total of 63 proposals have been adopted so far. Received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 1st Japan Open Innovation Awards 2018 hosted by the Cabinet Office. Demonstration tests have been conducted in a wide range of fields, such as the railway business and IT business, and some initiatives have been put into practical use.
JR East Startup Co., Ltd. Overview
JR East Startup Co., Ltd. is a corporate venture capital that promotes co-creation between the JR East Group and start-up companies. [Image 5d34286-71-157833-0.png
The location: 12SHINJUKU 1201 1-1-6 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yutaka Shibata, President and Representative Director Shareholder: East Japan Railway Company (100%)
Date of establishment: February 20, 2018
Investment quota: 5 billion yen
Contact: E-mail: info@jrestartup.co.jp
Homepage http://www.jrestartup.co.jp

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