A new troupe Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI- is launched. Shakespeare’s “Summer Night’s Dream” will b e staged.

General Incorporated Association Reduction Japan
A new troupe [Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI-] is launched. Shakespeare’s “Summer Night’s Dream” will be staged.
The flagship performance will be staged from March 25 to Sunday, March 2020 at the Nakameguro Kinkeru Theater
Reduction Japan has launched a new group of young energies, theatrical company -NAMAIKI-. In addition, the stage performance Shakespeare “Summer Night’s Dream” will be held at the Nakameguro Kinker Theater in March 25-29 (Sun) 2020.
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This time, [Theatrical Company Birthplace -NAMAIKI-] has been newly launched, and the stage “Shakespeare ‘Summer Night’s Dream'” will be performed from March 25 (Wed) to 29 (Sun), 2020 at Nakameguro Kinkeru Theater I will.
NAMAIKI- is a theater company whose goal is to let the actors feel the energy of “live”, to communicate the world and humanity delicately, and to value each and every behavior through drama and live in “smart”. We will take the translation and adaptation for the performance, and we will invite a theater company, Taku Aoyama, to direct it. Performed by William Shakespeare, a monument to British literature [Summer Night Dream].
For the main cast, including the starring Yuki Takaoka, the
appearances of Daiki Sagawa, Yumeko Mizuki and Aoi Tsuruta, who are currently active mainly on the stage, are also decided! Mayu Yamamoto was selected as the role of the fairy pack that holds the key to the story.
◆ Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI-
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With the establishment of a theatrical company that had been a dream for many years, this time we welcomed the director, scriptwriter, and cast that I respected, and we were able to decide on a performance that was to be launched.
In performing Shakespeare’s masterpieces, I feel great pleasure and satisfaction to be able to work together to create good works. I would be grateful if you could come to the theater and hear the production of the troupe -NAMAIKI-.

◆ Outline of the performance
Stage Shakespeare “Summer Night Dream”
[Schedule] March 25 (Wed)-March 29 (Sun) 2020 All 10 performances * 3/25 (Wed.) to 3/28 (Sat.) 2st from 13:00 to 18:00, 3/29 (Sun.) 12:00 to 17:00 (Chiakiraku) 2st
※ Reception start: 1 hour before the start / Opening: 30 minutes before the start
* After the end of the performance, we will have an event with the cast. [Venue] Nakameguro Kinkeru Theater (〒153-0042 1-15-11 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo) http://kinkero-theater.com/
8-minute walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
[Performers] Yuki Takaoka, Yumeko Mizuki, Daiki Sagawa, Aoi Tsuruta, Aoi Minamoto, Megumi Minami, Ryoma Tanizawa, Yuki Toyota, Keita Konishi, Yuki Miyamoto, Miho Ichijo, Yoshi Murakami, Chinami Matsumoto, Kazuki Watanabe, Yuka Watanabe, Fukumoto Miki, Reiko Zabat, Marin Endo, Hasuno Gokami, Satoshi Ueki, Mayu Yamamoto
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“Translation and adaptation”
“ Director ” Takyu Aoyama (Gwadan)
“ Director’s Assistant ” Yoshi Murakami (Theatrical Company) “ Stage director, art ” Origuchi Taira (Soymilk Co.)
“ Acoustic ” Kazuhiro Oishi (Gwadan)
“Lighting” Park Hidenori
“ Costume ” Hasunojima Gokami (Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI-) “ Production ” Kanade Miyashita (Theatrical Company)
“Advertisement Cooperation” Two Hearts Co., Ltd.
“Flyer shooting and design” Jun Enoka
“Flyer Hair Makeup” Aya Aoyama
“ Producer ” Tetsu Ueki (Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI-) “Executive producer” Kenta Tanaka (Reduction Japan)
[Price] Advance S seat 7000 yen (with main cast bonus bromide) Advance sale 5000 yen On the day 5500 yen
[Cooperation] Gekidan-wa, General Incorporated Association, Reduction Japan, Soymilk Co., Beauty Talent Promotion, Orion’s Belt, DEARSTAGE, Orange, Proof Corporation, Anthem, Staff Up, Maimu Pro, Gekidan TEAM-ODAC, LIVEDOG, FP Advance, Center Rise, BASE HR GROUP, Geika, Roots Agency, Power of NPO Kanagawa
[Planning and sponsorship] Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI- [Production] Theatrical Company Genuine -NAMAIKI-
[Inquiry] Theatrical Company Genuine -NAMAIKI- Desk
[Theatrical company genuine -NAMAIKI- Official SNS]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WGhmWD39iHB9nQA?s=06
▼: https://www.Instagram.com/gekidann.namaiki
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Tickets can be purchased here.
◆ Ticket sales
Leading S seat lottery sales: 13:00, February 1, 2020
Selection lottery will be sold at Ticket Pay.
General sales: February 11, 2020, 13: 00-
Will be sold at Ticket Pay.
◆ Synopsis
Athens from the good old days … Easias comes to Sithias to discuss her daughter’s worries four days before the wedding of Sithias and Hippolyta. Hermia was in love with a man named Lysander while she wanted to marry her daughter Hermia and Dimitrias.
Hermia’s childhood friend Helena also appeared, making love more complicated. There is a fairy who can control love, so it’s hard! Inadvertently, the pack of the fairies makes the relationship between the four more chaotic.
Now, where are the four loves going?
◆ Company information
Company name: Reduction Japan
Location: 837-0906, 1499-6 Kuranaga, Omuta-shi, Fukuoka
Business description: Education / stage production
◆ Contact for press
Theatrical company birthplace -NAMAIKI- Desk: reduction.bit@gmail.com

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