Mirworks Co., Ltd. “Meiji The Chocolate” x Latin Restaurant TORO TOKYO “Chocolate Sweets Fair”!

Mealworks Inc.
“Meiji the Chocolate” x Latino Restaurant TORO TOKYO “Chocolate Sweets Fair”! Limited time sale from January 25 (Sat) to March 15 (Sun) 2020 in accordance with the Valentine season
“TORO TOKYO” (Tokyo) is the first store in Japan of the owner and chef Richard Sandoval, the “Father of Mexican food” in the United States, serving traditional Latin cuisine from Mexico, Brazil and Peru. Ginza 6-2 Tokyo Ginza Corridor Street) is a limited-time chocolate sweets fair that collaborated with the Meiji Co., Ltd. Meiji The Chocolate series from January 25 (Sat) to March 15 (Sun), 2020. Will be held. Central and South America, known for its cocoa production, has traditionally incorporated chocolate into its cuisine as an ingredient that adds complexity and depth to dishes, not only in sweetness but also in its aroma and bitterness. Therefore, TORO TOKYO sells four kinds of chocolate sweets that are perfect for meals during the Valentine season.
Please enjoy collaboration with the “Meiji The Chocolate” series tailored to the taste of each sweet.
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Rare cheesecake of raw chocolate and beets x “Meiji The Chocolate Elegant Bitter”
Since 2018, Meiji Co., Ltd.’s seminar (& chocolate tasting, lunch buffet) has been held at TORO TOKYO, and this is the second
collaboration menu fair following last year. On January 29, 2020, a Hello Chocolate Lesson “Rediscover the Charm of Cacao!“ Cacao & Chocolate Enjoyed by Cooking ”-Mexico- will be held.
TORO TOKYO will continue to communicate Latin American culture to Japanese people through Latin cuisine.
[Menu Overview] * All prices exclude tax
Fondant chocolate with ice cream x Meiji The Chocolate Sunny Milk ¥ 880 A luxurious combination of warm sweets perfect for winter, with ganache melting out of the dough and cold ice cream.
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Fondant Chocolate with Ice Cream × Meiji The Chocolate Sunny Milk Rare cheesecake of raw chocolate and beets × Meiji The Chocolate Elegant Bitter ¥ 800
A combination of smooth raw chocolate that melts in your mouth and a gorgeous beetroot cheesecake. Perfect compatibility with rich beet sauce.
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Terrine chocolate with berry and herb salad × Meiji The Chocolate Comfort Bitter 800 yen
An adult dish with rich and bitter terrine chocolate, berries, selfie and dill, and a marriage with wine and alcohol.
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Terrine chocolate with berry and herb salad × Meiji The Chocolate Comfort Bitter Brioche Brulee x Meiji The Chocolate Velvet Milk ¥ 800
Sweets baked in a brioche with plenty of butter mixed with chocolate brulee dough. Coriander and pepper sugar as accents.
[Image 4

Brioche Brulee x Meiji The Chocolate Velvet Milk
Meiji Co., Ltd. Hello Chocolate Lesson Special Edition
Rediscover the charm of cacao! “Cacao & Chocolate Enjoyed by Cooking”-Mexico- The Mexican edition of “Cacao & Chocolate Enjoyed by Cooking”, where you can enjoy cooking utilizing cacao while experiencing the difference in taste depending on the production area from the basic knowledge of cacao. After a seminar or chocolate tasting, you can enjoy a cooking class and lunch buffet by the chef “TORO TOKYO”. Date: January 29, 2020 (Wed) 13: 00-15: 00 (Opening 12:45)
Price: 4,500 yen (tax included)
Location: TORO TOKYO
* Depending on the reservation status, the reception may be
terminated. Please note
Developed around 50 Mexican and other Latin restaurants in eight countries around the world, the first Japanese restaurant in the United States produced by owner Chef Richard Sandoval, who is known as the “Father of Mexican Cuisine” in the United States.
Sandvar’s restaurant has a unique menu, combining authentic Latin ingredients with international and creative cooking techniques to create a Latin cooking experience never before imagined and to meet new Latin cuisine. Offering to many fans.
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[Store overview]
Store name: TORO TOKYO
Opening date: December 10, 2014
Address: Ginza Corridor Street, 6-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6274-6361
business hours:
Mon-Fri 17: 00-27: 00 (LO26: 00)
Saturday 11: 00-27: 00 (LO26: 00)
Sundays and public holidays 11: 00-22: 00 (LO21: 00)
Store holiday: Irregular holiday
【Company Profile】
Company name: Mirworks Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshio Kojima, President
Head office location: 2-17-18 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: April 30, 1992
Business Activities: Mango Tree, Mango Tree Cafe, Mango Tree Kitchen, Mango Tree Deli in Japan,
運 営 Operates Khao Mangai Kitchen, Dancing Club, Toro, Tenyoshi, etc. URL: https://www.mealworks.co.jp/

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