Daicel Co., Ltd. The long-awaited new product “Soi Equol (R)” is released from the well-aging brand WELLMETHOD (R)!

Daicel Corporation
The long-awaited new product “Soi Equol (R)” is released from the well-aging brand WELLMETHOD (R)!
-Adult female base supplement containing equol, an intestinal metabolite of soy isoflavone-
Daicel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Yoshimi Ogawa) will release WELLMETHOD (R), a well-aging brand for adult women, on January 24, 2020. wellmethod.jp/) ”will release a new product“ Soi Equol (R) ”. The newly released Soy Equol (R) is a supplement that maintains the femininity of adult women, incorporating Equol, an intestinal metabolite of soy isoflavone. As one of the products of WELLMETHOD (R), a comprehensive healthcare brand specializing in women in their forties, it combines “equol”, a raw material developed in-house, and from various viewpoints, “easy to drink for adult women” It was developed with a focus on “sa”. [Image 1

Background of development
“Equol” is a food material that has been sold since October 2014 based on Daicel’s long-standing research results. Equol, a component that helps femininity, is produced in the body from metabolism by intestinal bacteria from daidzein, a type of soy isoflavone. However, it has been found that some people cannot produce “equol” depending on the kind of intestinal bacteria they have. Therefore, “equol” was developed as an intestinal metabolite preparation (* 2) by anaerobic culture (* 1), which we specialize in. This time, it will be launched on its own mail order website to expand its lineup of its own brand, WELLMETHOD (R), and contribute to the health care of adult women, the brand target.
* 1 Culture in an oxygen-free environment. The colon is also an anaerobic environment.
* 2 Useful substances after intestinal metabolism in advance for those who do not metabolize soybeans or other food ingredients in the body due to the type of intestinal bacteria and how they work, that is, those who cannot make useful ingredients. Food materials manufactured and sold as
Product Features-Only 2 grains, small and easy to drink supplement- 1. We place top priority on the ease of use of women from their forties, which are brand targets. Utilizing the opinions of existing users and our female employees that it is difficult to swallow if it is too large, and that it is difficult to pinch with your fingertips if it is too small, we have created an optimally sized (8 mm diameter) easy-to-drink tablet.
2. We thought that it would be difficult to continue every day if the daily dose was too large, so we decided to take two tablets per day. Only 2 small grains keep the quality
Product specifications
[Image 2

[Image 3

[Product name] Soy Equol (R)
[Name] Food containing fermented soybean germ extract
[Raw material name]
Fermented soybean germ extract (including soybean, domestic
production), maltitol (domestic production) / crystalline cellulose, corn protein, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, carnauba wax [Contents] 60 tablets
[Best before date] 2 years from production
[Nutrient ingredient indication (per 2 tablets 0.52g)]
Energy: 2.05kcal, protein: 0.094g, fat: 0.022g, carbohydrate: 0.37g, salt equivalent: 0.0002g
* Estimated value based on sample product analysis
[Other major ingredients] S-equol @ 10mg
[How to eat] Take 2 tablets a day with water etc.
[Country of manufacture] Japan
[Suggested retail price] 4,200 yen (tax included)
Sales Overview
[Daicel Healthcare Mail Order] Site URL https://www.daicel-shop.jp/ [Toll free number from customer 0120-541-870 (Reception hours / 9: 00 to 21:00 * Except New Year holidays)
[WELLMETHOD (R) brand site] Site URL https://wellmethod.jp/products/

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