Hofu Co., Ltd. omoiire, a site where you can create your own original gifts with your name and message, starts selling a gift set with the brand rice “Iza Hatsujin” from Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture, which supports every challenge.

Hofu Co., Ltd.
Omoiire, a site where you can create your own original gifts with your name and message, starts selling a gift set with the brand rice “Iza Hatsujin” from Marumori-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, to support any challenge.
-Gifts with thoughts for those who take on new stages such as “test” and “entrepreneurship”-
Hofu Co., Ltd. (Banfu) [Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinji Inuyo] and GM7 Co., Ltd., a local trading company in
Marumori-cho, Miyagi Prefecture [Headquarters: Marumori, Miyagi Prefecture] Town, CEO: Ryota Saito] is an original gift site, omoiire operated by Banff, and is collaborating with GM7’s Marumori-cho, Miyagi Prefecture brand rice “Iza Hatsujin” on January 24, 2020. Sold from (Fri). A gift set has been added to the lineup to support those who take on challenges, such as taking an examination or starting a business, along with items such as bottles and basins. By editing design templates on the web, you can easily enter names and messages for bottles and basins.
[Image 1d20293-91-962764-17.jpg
| Overview of brand rice “Iza first team”
[Image 2d20293-91-111704-5.jpg
“Iza-Hatsujin” is Koshihikari from Marumori in Miyagi Prefecture that has passed strict standards.
◆ Cultivated by the rich water and greenery of Marumori Town
◆ Carefully selected those that passed the criteria for good taste
◆ Sweet and umami strong and sticky texture with reliable technology Sales company: GM7 Inc.
Based in Marumori Town, Miyazaki Prefecture, this company supports local resources and brands.
|-Support for a new step-Background of the addition of the “Iza First Team” gift set
[Image 3d20293-91-702673-12.jpg
The production area of ​​Marumori-cho, Miyagi Prefecture is the first place of warlord Date Masamune. Marumori’s rice may have been the source of the power of Masamune who won the first battle. “Iza Hatsujin” was created while thinking about such a long time ago. On the other hand, omoiire wants the world to color various scenes of life with one original gift. A new life that will begin, such as taking exams, starting a business, and joining a company.
If you can present an original gift engraved with your message and your name and “Iza Hatsujin” as a set, it will be a special gift to support a new step in your life. From such thoughts, we have a lineup of collaboration products with “Iza first team”.
| “Iza first team” gift set
[Image 4d20293-91-265769-15.jpg
▼ Iza first team × bottle set
【set content】
・ Is first team 1 pack (450g)
・ One slim stainless steel bottle (270ml)
4,680 yen (excluding tax)
For the coming exam season.

[Image 5d20293-91-992625-13.jpg
▼ Izajinjin × Masu Set
【set content】
・ Is first team 1 pack (450g)
・ 1 gomasu 1 piece
3,280 yen (excluding tax)
For those who challenge on a new stage.
* It is also possible to attach a cold sake glass (optional 450 yen) https://omoiire.jp/product/12411/

[Image 6d20293-91-407907-16.jpg
▼ Iza first team × Sail set
【set content】
・ Is first team 1 pack (450g)
・ Single hook
8,300 yen (excluding tax)
Hope for business prosperity.

For bottles, basins and sail hangers, you can edit the design template on the Web and customize it easily, so you can create a gift that matches the recipient.
| About omoiire
[Image 7d20293-91-617832-4.png
[Image 8d20293-91-540710-11.jpg
Everyone wants to create original things and create a culture of giving gifts. omoiire started with that feeling. Now that people’s values ​​are diversifying, what is needed is a product that is closer to the individual.
omoiire is a gift site that not only puts a name on the product but also selects and creates a design that suits the tastes of the other party, so that you can add “feelings” to the gift.
| Management company Hofu
[Image 9d20293-91-972119-0.jpg
Ban Fu is a comprehensive printing company that handles printed materials not only on paper but also on a wide variety of media. We respond to every customer’s needs in various ways and help color our daily lives.
At stores, front advisors who put the customer first put the customer’s “want to make” into shape.
In sales, we provide full support in response to customer requests and issues. In addition, the print mail-order website “Banfu Online Shop” is available to customers nationwide because of its low price and 24-hour telephone / chat correspondence.

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