“Lure Magazine Salt March 2020” Released! A lot of new product scoops | Introducing solid fishing in winter

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“Lure Magazine Salt March 2020” Released! [A lot of new product scoops | Introducing solid fishing in winter]
“Lure Magazine Salt March 2020” is now on sale! Introducing the notable 2020 newcomer with a huge increase in pages. The fastest real fishing impression! The opening series is Hiroki Yasuda’s “Away Baptism.” In the coming season, we will also introduce a hard-to-catch light offshore game.
Everyone loves the cover!
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Introducing the latest items from more than 15 manufacturers! [Image 2

Introductory Series: Away Baptism
32nd Hiroki Yasuda in Kochi Prefecture
This is a document project that follows an angler going to his first place, the away land, and using only his own power to capture the target in that land.
This time the angler is Hiroki Yasuda, the largest stock of young sea bass anglers.
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Feature: Light Offshore Recommendations
Invite you to the world of light offshore, which you want to enjoy in the coming season when fishing tends to be severe!
The targets are endless! Super light jigging that you can enjoy casually !! Masato Nagai
Fishing that can be said to be the rightmost wing of the light offshore game is Super Light Jigging, commonly known as SLJ. We will have Masato Nagai of Melonya Studio explain this high-profile style. [Image 4

Winter Hairtail “Winter Dora” Capture Method Midwinter Dragon Class Sugiyama Daigo
The seatail is often thought of as the season in summer, but it can be caught in the middle of winter as well! It’s huge! If you want to catch such a “winter dora”, rely on Daigo Sugiyama!
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If it’s a light offshore, just this is OK!
Eladicator Real Finesse Light Offshore Game Tomo Shimizu
The target and fishing method vary widely, even if it is just a word of light offshore. The tackle also needs to be aligned with it …? No, not necessarily! Tomo Shimizu will tell you.
[Image 6

An emerging game that can be enjoyed with light tackle
I want to fish squid even in winter! I want to taste! Squid metal is also recommended for such squid freaks. Masaharu Aoki introduces this fishing that you can invite and hold and catch one after another. [Image 7

List of carefully selected fishing inns where you can enjoy light offshore fishing
In order to enjoy the light offshore, you have to get on a boat! That’s why Ruamaga Salt has carefully selected the inns around the country. Get on? What is Miyoshi? There is also a commentary section to answer such questions!
[Image 8

SLJ Workshop Report
Report on the state of the SLJ class held by the casting Kashima Kamisu store! Everyone who participated in the fish fishing seemed to be very happy!
Special Feature: 2020 Latest Tackle Fastest Real Fishing Impression Anglers from each company used the new products of the year 2020 on the spot as soon as possible.
NEW EXCENCE DC SS & New Lunamis Hitoshi Suzuki in Amakusa Islands (Kumamoto) Mr. Hitoshi Suzuki has an impression of Exsense DC SS equipped with NEW DC that is set for sea bass and NEW Luna Miss that is compatible with various targets and has a rich lineup!
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NEW Morethan Cross Counter 125F & NEW Morethan Slap Hitter 120F / 120S Masaya Konuma in Futtsu / Tokyo Bay River (Chiba Prefecture) Masaya Konuma, a professional angler, gave me impressions of two new lures in the Morethan series! He / she tells with Onuman clause explosion!
[Image 10

NEW Advancement HSR-63 & NEW Glitter Head, etc. Katsumi Iebe in Tokyo Bay Katsumi Iebe, ​​of course, talked about the latest Thirty Four items! He explains mainly on the latest rods with high expectations. [Image 11

Series: Tatsuki Hirose
Introduction to Egging Starting from Zero
Vol.8 Theme: Tip Run Egging 2.
Egging serialization of popular Hiroseman! This theme is also a tip run! It will tell you the importance of a special rod
[Image 12

Mippo, I want to catch it with a gachinko !! in Miyazaki Surf This is also the last episode of the popular Miho Akimaru series. This time I went to Miyazaki prefecture. The target is a super oversized fish Onibe and cold flounder that can be aimed from the surf! Can you really decorate the ending beauty !?
[Image 13

Regular planning
[P076] Ask Masami! # 165
[P078] Ugui General GR 101st
[P080] Japan land track guide
[P086] The jigheads [59th headz]
[P087] Fishing steel gold / Our Dohean Alliance
[P088] Reader’s page “Umihiro Revolution”
[P096] Lure & tackle world’s fastest information “GPS”
[P112] Tackle hunter NEO
[P114] New Product Development Office LML
[P120] Reader present
[P076] Fishing steel / Our Dohan Alliance
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