“Sake to snuggle with time” HINEMOS holds a pairing dinner with French hideaway “Les Ailes des K” at Koi shikawa

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“Sake to snuggle with time” HINEMOS holds a pairing dinner with French hideaway “Les Ailes des K” at Koishikawa
1/31 (Fri) 19: 00-
Mariage of French cuisine and sake
-Six kinds of sake with winter taste-
ペ ア A pairing dinner will be held at “Les Ailes des K” near Myogadani Station, Koishikawa, Bunkyo, where you can taste HINEMOS 6 brands together with French cuisine and a Mariage with French cuisine overnight.
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▼ “Les Ailes des K / Chez Profile”
Chef: Kyohei Shibuya
After graduating from the cooking school, she went to France in 2009 after working at Apisius. He was invited to Kobayashi via Michelin star “Regis Marcon” and “Maison Decore” to serve as “Resère de Carr” chef. He works closely with producers, such as Saitama Prefecture and other vegetable farmers, and if he has time, goes to the production area to search for ingredients.
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▼ Message from chef
Everyone is Shibuya, the chef of French restaurant “Les Ailes des K”. Thank you very much for your extraordinary gift.
Now, as our first attempt, we will hold an event on the theme of “Marriage of French cuisine and sake”. Inviting Yuta Sakai, a brewer and representative of the up-and-coming sake brand “ HINEMOS, ” developed under the theme of “ close to the time ”, six unique sake types and I prepare for each brand Enjoy your cooking.
I know this is a very busy season for the new year, but I would be grateful if you could attend after adjusting the schedule. We look forward to your reservation.
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▼ Schedule, location, reservation method, etc.
Date: January 31, 2020 (Fri)
Time: 19: 00 ~ Scheduled to start
Location: Lesère Decar / 5-4-9 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku Saito Building B1F Telephone: 03-6912-1162 ※ Reservation is here
Capacity: 16 people
※ We will close the reception as soon as we become full.
Membership fee: ¥ 9,500
Restaurant HP: http://www.les-ailes.com/
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* Photos introduced in the article are provided by the restaurant. * Please note that the dishes are different from the provided dishes on the day.
▼ Introduction of HINEMOS 6 brands
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HINEMOS 6 brand list
“SHICHIJI” is at 7 PM. Sparkling sake telling the beginning of the night. Gentle sweetness and umami spread in the mouth, tightening the overall taste of carbon dioxide, and a light and dry aftertaste. Moisturizes the throat, stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, and stimulates appetite. A perfect cup for a toast.
[Image 7d44394-3-437768-4.png
SHICHIJI / Junmai Sparkling Sake
“HACHIJI” is at 8 PM. It is a liquor that meets a variety of dishes. A well-balanced fresh acidity creates a refreshing aftertaste that you can enjoy with a variety of dishes.
[Image 8d44394-3-412315-3.png
HACHIJI / Nigori Sake
“KUJI” is 9pm. It is pure rice daiginjo of gorgeous fragrance that we want to match main dish. The mouthfeel is soft and smooth sweetness and umami spread. Finally, the sour taste gives a crisp impression and matches the main meat dishes and dishes using cream.
[Image 9d44394-3-439878-2.png
KUJI / Junmai Daiginjo
“JUJI” is at 10pm. It is a dessert liquor that ends a fun meal. It has a smooth mouthfeel, rich sweetness and fresh acidity, and tastes like noble wine. We use sake as part of the water used.
[Image 10d44394-3-965035-7.png
JUJI / Desert rice wine
“REIJI” is midnight. A red liquor that signals the beginning of midnight. Despite the rich sweetness of rice, it has a fresh acidity and a light aftertaste. The red color is colored with a natural pigment called anthocyanin from rice. It is a cup of reward that gently heals tired mind and body and ends the day.
[Image 11d44394-3-914554-6.png
REIJI / Red wine
“NIJI” is at 2am. It is a pure rice sake rich in malic acid that clarifies deep nights. Dry taste with sourness and astringency that makes the mouth squeak even after drinking. It is an exhilarating cup that makes a deep night clear.
[Image 12d44394-3-883227-5.png
NIJI / Julic acid malic acid
“Make sake even simpler”
The brand “HINEMOS” was launched from that thought.
“HINEMOS” means “all day” in Japanese, and sake that snuggles up to “time” to enjoy each sake at “all day” = “all time”.
It is a new style rice wine with a simple concept, appearance and taste, yet simple to “recommend sake at the time of day” so that everyone can feel familiar with sake. As of January 2020, there are six lineups from sweet to dry. Future brands will be available for all time zones.
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■ Company profile
Rice Wine Co., Ltd.
A founder from the IT industry was fascinated by the potential of sake, and established RiceWine Co., Ltd. in August 2018 with the cooperation of Inoue Sake Brewery, which has a sake brewery in Odawara. After that, he succeeded in obtaining support that greatly exceeded the target amount with the cloud funding service Makuake. In May 2019, general sales started on our own EC site.
URL: https://ricewine.co.jp/
HINEMOS brand official website and online shop
URL: https://hinemos.tokyo/

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