85% of managers Launched a unique branding design service that starts at 30,000 yen, reflecting the feelings of experienced people

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Bear Branding Co., Ltd.
[85% of executives] Launched a unique branding design service starting at 30,000 yen, reflecting the feelings of experienced people -Making branding essential in a commoditized world more familiar- …………………………………………………………………………
Bear Branding Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo / Bear Branding), a branding and design company with the slogan “BE MORE UNIQUE”, said, “100 people who have been requested and in charge of branding outside ( (About 85% of them are executives). January 2020: Providing unique branding and design services based on the results of the survey and analysis, as well as community-based and
subscription-type services aimed at revitalizing Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, where Bear Branding is based I will report it since it started. [Image 1

Background of new service launch
Bear Branding has been working on the mission of making the essential branding in the world of commoditization (homogeneous) more familiar. In the future, it is necessary to solve and show the mission more concretely in light of the fact that many markets, such as food and drink and beauty, which are close to our daily life, will be in a more difficult situation. Thought it was high.
Demand for branding, such as corporate branding and store branding, has been increasing in various forms in recent years, but the reality is difficult to see, and for small and medium-sized businesses and sole proprietors, things that are still difficult to use and bare branding are difficult to use. I’m thinking.
In order to revitalize the situation and Setagaya-ku, Tokyo where Bear Branding is based, 100 people (about 85% of executives) who have ever requested or been in charge of branding to outsiders We conducted a questionnaire survey based on the results of the survey, and based on the results, provided branding with high necessity in a more convenient and easy-to-use form.
“I understand that branding is necessary, but what is branding in the first place?”, “I’m thinking about this now, but what about branding?” It is such a branding design service that can be started.
We will continue to reflect customer feedback in our services and aim to make branding more familiar.
[Image 2

Investigation report
Questionnaire survey on branding
For 100 customers who have experienced branding (approximately 80% of them are managers), we surveyed what they asked a branding company and how much they spent on branding. Was.
-Survey outline-
・ Survey method: Internet survey (web questionnaire survey)
・ Survey period: June 2019
・ Target person: Person who has ever requested / charged “Branding” to outside ・ Monitor: 100 (approx. 85% are executives)
[Image 3

Q: What did you ask the branding company you ordered?
The most requested item was “survey and analysis (49.5%)”. It is thought that this is the order of the set for the second place “Proposal of concept (46.6%)”.
From the third place onwards, the results were “WEB design (40.8%)”, “Graphic design (28.2%)” and “Naming (24.3%)” which are also essential for branding. (Multiple answers allowed)
[Image 4

Q: How much did you spend on branding?
The largest number was “less than 1 million yen (67%)”. Considering the general market, this is not a comprehensive request for branding and design, such as concept design, web design, etc., from research and analysis, but for a one-off production. Following the most common cases, “ less than 3 million yen (16.5%) ” and “ less than 5 million yen (9.7%) ”, it is considered that the branding was requested comprehensively. It is thought that about 30% of all branding is done.
[Image 5

* You can also check the survey details from this page
→ https: //bear-branding.co.jp/branding/
New Branding Design Service
[Service Overview]
Based on the above surveys and analysis, Bear Branding has created a unique and unique form based on the desire to make the essential branding in the world of commoditization (homogeneous) more
accessible. , [Basic Course], [Trial Course], [Customized Course], and three branding services will be newly provided from January 2020. [BASIC COURSE]
This branding basic course is packed with the thoughts of “100 people who have been commissioned and assigned to outside brands (of which about 85% are managers).” It is the minimum content required for branding, so it is recommended for those who are wondering if branding will be done in the future, those who want to create a branding base within a limited budget, and those who do rebranding .
-Course contents-
Market Research / Analysis / Concept Design / Naming / Graphic Design (Logo) / Web Design
¥ 1,000,000 (+ TAX)
[Image 6

-Tokyo / Setagaya limited service-
Subscription of branding proposals and directions, such as “What is branding in the first place?” “I want to consult about what to do with branding. I want a proposal.” To activate Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, where Bear Branding is based. This is a course conducted in the form of a fixed monthly fee.
-Course contents-
Proposal and direction of branding
¥ 30,000 (monthly + TAX)
* This course is for companies and stores operating in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, and is a one-year annual contract.
* Up to two workshops per month will be held within 2 hours. * Products etc. will be charged separately
[Image 7

Bear Branding provides comprehensive branding from market research and analysis to brand concept design, naming, graphic design and web design. It is a branding service that can be customized according to the required content.
-Course contents-
You can use any combination of the following items.
Market research / analysis / concept design / naming / graphic design / web design / package design / video production / photography / uniform design / editing / writing / design design / promotion -Price-
¥ 100,000 ~ (+ TAX)
[Image 8d38140-17-731070-6.jpg
* Click here for specific services on branding design
→ https: //bear-branding.co.jp/branding/
About Bear Branding Co., Ltd.
Based on Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Bear Branding aims to create a world where everyone can live meaningfully, and specializes in niche branding that designs unique brands for companies and people with a strong commitment to craftsmanship. Company. Our mission is to make branding that is indispensable in the world of commoditization (homogeneous) more familiar.
[Image 9d38140-17-799723-8.jpg
K-DESIGN AWARD 2019 WINNER Winner (K-DESIGN AWARD: http://kdesignaward.com) This is an international design competition sponsored by the Korean design portal “DESIGNSORI”. Accepting entries from all over the world, judging from “aesthetics”, “rare value” and “practicalness” based on judging criteria, judges from each country will select the best design in the year and award the award To do. In fiscal 2019, 2,229 entries were submitted from 30 countries around the world, and four were awarded from Japan.
[Image 10d38140-17-793332-9.jpg
2017.10 Established Uche, a specialized unit for branding design 2018.01 Group exhibition “AFT2020-2020 from a branding perspective, later Japan exhibition-” will be held in VR
2018.08 Incorporated for business expansion (renamed to Bear Branding Co., Ltd.) 2018.12 Group exhibition “AFT 2020-2020 from a branding perspective, later Japan exhibition-” will be held in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo
2019.07 K-DESIGN AWARD 2019 WINNER Winner
2019.09 Dark live event “ Mienai Live ” to be held in Shibuya, Tokyo 2020.01 Renewed logo for new era
Brand Manager Certification Association
WORK: Branding design
TIME: 10: 00-18: 00 on weekdays * Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (other holidays are sent via ZINE)
ADDRESS: 〒157-00652-2-33-29 Kasoshiya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo VERTE DE MEURU 2F TEL : 03-4285-9630
WEB: https://bear-branding.co.jp

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