GOOD JOB Co., Ltd. Masakazu Seike, who played an active role in Seibu Lions and others, has been appointed as the director of the GOOD JOB Women’s Rigid Baseball Club, the first company-managed women’s rigid baseball club in Kanagawa Prefecture!

GOOD JOB Co., Ltd.
“Masawa Seike” who played an active part in Seibu Lions and others is appointed as the director of the women’s rigid baseball club “GOOD / JOB women’s rigid baseball club”, the first company run in Kanagawa prefecture!
As the women’s baseball world including Seibu Lions Ladies has been booming these days, the GOOD JOB Women’s Rigid Baseball Club is newly established as the first corporate team in Kanagawa Prefecture. GOOD JOB Co., Ltd. started the activities of the men’s hardball baseball club in 2018, aiming to establish itself as a new form in the shrinking business baseball world, becoming an adult with a two-sword style of “ business ” and “ sports ” From now on, we have been working to create an environment where you can keep pursuing your dreams with whatever you like. In the same manner as the Men’s Baseball Club, we will start activities from April this year to support the playing environment and dreams of female baseball players from 2020.
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Director Seike and GOOD / JOB representative Taki
The GOOD / JOB Women’s Rigid Baseball Club started the Women’s Rigid Baseball Club from the 2020 season. Because of the small number of players, we decided to create an environment not only for boys but also for women players.
In order to establish a better coaching environment, we decided to ask Masakazu Seike, who has experience in professional baseball in Japan and Korea, to establish a better coaching environment.
-Director Seike’s profile-
Birthplace: Fukuoka
Calendar: Yanagawa Commercial High School-Hanshin Tigers-Seibu Lions Zoo Yakult Swallows
Since 1993, he has been a leader at Seibu, Rakuten, LG Twins (Korea), SK Wyverns (Korea), etc. In the Seibu era, he won the league and contributed to Japan’s best
-Comment from Mr. Seike-
This is Masakazu Seike, the first female rigid baseball team (corporate team) in Kanagawa Prefecture to oversee the GOOD / JOB women’s rigid baseball team.
We will use our leadership skills cultivated in the professional world to contribute to the development of women’s baseball.
We aim to be the best in Japan by creating the best team full of smiles. -Team overview-
Team name: GOOD / JOB Women’s Rigid Baseball Club
Director: Masakazu Seike
Location of activity: Kanagawa Prefecture, Chofu City, Tokyo Major players: Moemi Yoshii (Women’s World Cup representative), Mayu Miyama (Saitama Astria), Momoka Okada
* We are also recruiting club students
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Uniform image
-Player time schedule-
Weekdays 8: 30-11: 00 Practice → Go home once and prepare for work, move → 13:00-Work
(3 days a week practice, others at partner facilities etc.)
Saturday and Sunday Venus League match, OP match, holiday, etc. [GOOD JOB Co., Ltd.]
The location: 6-22-43, Kumizawa, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Representative: Yusuke Taki
Established: February 2005
Business: Athlete / team management, various events, baseball class Planning, production, editing and production of comics and dramas (DREAMERS, etc.)
Various agency operations

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