SKIYAKI “bitfan” releases “members only sale” function that allows goods to be sold only to paid members

“Bitfan” Releases “Member Limited Sales” Function That Can Sell Goods Only For Paid Members
New member benefits can now be provided, including sales of
members-only goods popular with fans
SKIYAKI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takuya Miyase; hereinafter “SKIYAKI”) is a member of the fan media “bitfan” EC function that can sell products exclusively to paid members. ”Feature has been released. As a result, the “bitfan” owner will be able to offer new membership benefits to fans who have registered as paid members, such as selling limited goods, pre-sale ahead of general release, and selling products at a reasonable price Is now possible.

“Limited Membership Sales (hereinafter“ Function ”)”, which can sell products only to paid members, has been used by many clients on the fan media platform “bitfan Pro” that operates over 597 services. A popular feature. This function has been newly added to the open fan media “bitfan” so that more owners can use it. Any member who has already established a paid fan club on “bitfan” can start selling products exclusively for paid members.
Limited sales using this function, such as the sale of goods that have not been released to the public, limited-color products, and autographed goods, are one of the member benefits that are popular among fans. With this function, you can also pre-sell goods to members only prior to general release. In addition, it is possible to encourage new members to join the fan club by setting a lower price than usual for members only.
SKIYAKI will continue to develop and improve functions to provide more convenient and easy-to-use services for both owners and fans. Please check the following URL for details and specific usage of this function.
■ “bitfan” new function release announcement
[Overview of Omni-Channel Platform “bitfan”]
“Bitfan” is a new way to increase the heat of fans by linking all channels used by fans, such as fan media (fan clubs), EC, electronic tickets, events, and SNS, and utilizing the action history of fans as big data. It is a service developed by SKIYAKI that creates new value. URL:
[Company profile of SKIYAKI Corporation]
Company name: SKIYAKI Corporation
Location: 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Humax Shibuya Building 3F Representative: Takuya Miyase, Representative Director
Capital: 554 million yen (as of January 31, 2019)
Business: Platform business, live production business, travel / tour business, O2O fan platform business, sports marketing business URL:
SKIYAKI has developed and provided an omni-channel platform with more than 3.03 million members (as of the end of December 2019), centered on the service “bitfan” that utilizes the heat of fans as data, and is a new pioneer in the “FanTech” field. We will continue to provide value. “FanTech” is a new concept that means “Fan × Technology”.

For more information about this release(Japanese):

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