Tsukada Global Holding Co., Ltd. A wedding venue surrounded by a vast sea and greenery is a pet-friendly café for a limited time! “Art Grace Ashiya Bayside Cafe” OPEN on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Tsukada Global Holding Co., Ltd.
A wedding venue surrounded by the vast ocean and greenery is a pet-friendly cafe for a limited time! “Art Grace Ashiya Bayside Cafe” OPEN on Sunday, February 9, 2020
* Open on specific days
In 2020, Art Grace Next Ashiya, a wedding hall operated by Best Bridal Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Masayuki Tsukada), which operates guest house weddings nationwide, will be in 2020. From February 9 (Sun) [* Specific Day Open], the wedding hall will be open to the general public for a limited time, and a pet-friendly café “Art Grace Ashiya Bayside Cafe” will be opened for animal lovers.
Although it is about 15 minutes from downtown Osaka and Sannomiya, it is a venue with a feeling of openness that makes you forget about it, and you can enjoy precious pets and healing and relaxing time with delicious sweets. There are also photo spots for pets that change with the season.
■ Reservation URL: https://www.bestbridal.co.jp/hyogo/artgracenext_ashiya/event/ [Image 1

Photo spots that match the season
[Image 2

Cafe time with pets
[Image 3

Exclusive patissier seasonal cake
[Image 11

Sweets for dogs are also available
“Art Grace Ashiya Bayside Cafe” Overview
[Image 5

■ Business days: February 9 (Sun), 24 (holiday and Monday), March 14 (Sat), March 26 (Sun), 2020
* Business days after May will be announced on the official website as needed.
■ Business hours: 11: 00-15: 00 (last order 14:30)
■ Location: Art Grace Next Ashiya
Address: 1010-1 Marine Town, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, 659-0035 (within Ashiya Marina District)
Access: 10 minutes by car from Hanshin Ashiya Station, 10 minutes by car from JR Ashiya Station
■ Reservation and inquiry: Phone number: 0120-803-578
※ Reception hours: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9: 00-20: 00 / Weekdays 12: 00-19: 00
■ Reservation URL: https://www.bestbridal.co.jp/hyogo/artgracenext_ashiya/event/
■ Menu : ※ The menu may be partially changed depending on the purchase situation ※ Includes consumption tax and service charge
[Cake set (with coffee / tea)]
・ Japanese strawberry and pistachio tart 1,600 yen
・ Cheese cake of Hokkaido cream cheese ¥ 1,500
・ Blend malon Mont Blanc ¥ 1,800
・ Heavy gateau chocolate of Belgian chocolate ¥ 1,500
・ Citrus citrus booster orange sauce ¥ 1,500
・ Tiramisu made of domestic matcha ¥ 1,600
・ Two types of toy poodle cakes ¥ 2,000 each
(W chocolate mousse / caramel chocolate mousse)
[Image 6

Exclusive patissier seasonal cake
[Image 7

Exclusive patissier seasonal cake
[Image 8

Exclusive patissier seasonal cake
[Image 9

Exclusive patissier seasonal cake
[Cake for dog]
Potato and yogurt cake ¥ 800
Ingredients (sweet potato, banana, yogurt, rice flour use)
[Image 10d4975-557-322408-6.jpg
Dog cake
[Image 11d4975-557-271238-4.jpg
Sweets for dogs are also available
[Image 12d4975-557-246013-12.jpg
Chef pastry chef Akaho Shin
After graduating from the Tsuji Culinary School Group II French School, worked at a patisserie in southern France and worked at a patisserie in Osaka for eight years before joining the company. Without being confined to modern desserts, he uses hints from classic sweets and other products to use seasonal fruits and ingredients to search for delicious foods every day.

ART GRACE Next ASHIYA (Art Grace Next Ashiya)
About 15 minutes from Sannomiya, Osaka, it is close to the city center, but the openness that makes you forget it is unique to Ashiya, a city where the sea breeze of Osaka Bay and the greenery of the Rokko mountains color the four seasons.
Known as one of Japan’s premier luxury residential areas, with a splendid location overlooking the sparkling sea, wide sky and overflowing greenery, the appearance of a villa shining in chalk, like a European villa, a vast green garden, a wedding with a chalk chapel A beautiful wedding stage with two banquets, two at a wedding ceremony filled with greenery and three interesting banquets.
Official website: https://www.bestbridal.co.jp/hyogo/artgracenext_ashiya/ [Image 13d4975-557-118363-13.jpg
[Image 14d4975-557-188295-15.jpg

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