Sanrio Co., Ltd. Pompompurin with a stuffed Hello Kitty dressed as a panda is welcomed! New store “Sanrio Gi ft Gate Ueno” opened on 1/24 (Fri.)

Sanrio Co., Ltd.
Pompompurin welcomes you with a Hello Kitty stuffed doll dressed as a panda! New store “Sanrio Gift Gate Ueno” opened on 1/24 (Fri.) “Pompompurin” will appear from 1/25 (Sat) to 26 (Sun)
Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Shintaro Tsuji, hereinafter Sanrio) will open its 107th
directly-managed shop “Sanrio Gift Gate Ueno” in Ueno, Tokyo on January 24, 2020 (Fri.) ) Opened at 11:00.
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(C) 1976, 1996, 2020 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN Copyright: Sanrio Co., Ltd. Features
1. Following the Asakusa store opened in April last year, it is a popular Sanrio character goods shop focusing on Souvenir products for tourists in Japan and overseas.
2. At the front entrance of the store, a large “Pompompurin” (approximately 3.3m in height and 3.7m in width) has a design featuring a Hello Kitty stuffed toy that looks like a panda, creating a Ueno style.
3. A lineup of 6 characters, such as Hello Kitty and Pompompurin, dressed like pandas, available exclusively at Ueno stores.
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Main products (* Prices include tax. Products to be sold are replaced at any time.)
-Limited release: Store limited original products-
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It is a stuffed animal (about 16cm in height) and a mascot holder (about 11cm in height) of Sanrio characters dressed as pandas. There are six types of characters: Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, Kuromi, and Pochakko.
〇Stuffed animals (6 types) 2,200 yen each
〇Mascot holder (6 types in all) 1,760 yen each
-Advance release: greeting card-
We will release Ueno-themed greeting cards (2 types).
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1. This is a three-dimensional card that expresses the Ameyoko Shopping Street with a pop-up with depth. (550 yen)
2. Hello Kitty and Panda are pop-up cards that welcome you in a sitting pose. The face is shaking. (550 yen)
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(Left) 1., (Right) 2.
-New product: Sanrio Characters Ueno Panda Design Series-
(Publisher: Watanabe Corporation)
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・ Character mix design
〇T-shirt (S / M / L size) 2,090 yen each
〇 Tote bag 2,750 yen
〇Clear file (all 2 types) 440 yen each
・ For each character
(“Hello Kitty”, “Pompompurin”, “Cinnamolol”, “My Melody”, “Little Twin Stars”, “Bad Batsumaru”)
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〇Can batch (all 6 types) 385 yen each
〇Acrylic key ring (6 types) for each 748 yen

-Collaboration with famous stores Confectionery / Food- (* 8% consumption tax rate)
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1. New product: Hanahata Ranch (Scheduled to be released in early February) Sanrio Characters Raw caramel (normal temperature type) 780 yen 2. New product lactose confectionery (scheduled for release in late January) Sanrio Characters Shimomachi Baumkuchen ¥ 1,000
3. Tamagawa Foods Hello Kitty Pink Tonkotsu Ramen ¥ 390
4. Vine Tree Sanrio Characters Die-cut Baum ¥ 594 each
(Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, Cinnamolol)
5. Bourbon Hello Kitty Butter Cookie ¥ 810
6. Salt Business Center @ Hello Kitty table salt $ 248
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Hello Kitty Pink Tonkotsu Ramen 1
[Image 13

Hello Kitty Pink Tonkotsu Ramen 2
[Image 14

Sanrio Characters Die-cut Baum 1
[Image 15

Sanrio Characters Die-cut Baum 2
[Image 16

Hello Kitty table salt 1
[Image 17

Hello Kitty table salt 2

Open commemoration
[Image 18

1. Paper bag gift
A paper bag designed exclusively for stores will be presented to customers who purchase items over 1,500 yen including tax.
* One copy will be given per accounting.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
[Image 19

2. Opening event @ Pompompurin will come to play
Date: January 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun)
Time: 1.12: 00-$ 2.14-$ 3.16-
Location: Sanrio Gift Gate Ueno Store
※ We may be canceled in rainy weather.
Basic information
Store name: Sanrio Gift Gate Ueno store (Sanrio Gift Gate Ueno store) Address: 4-8-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Plaza U Building 1F [About 3 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station, about 1 minute on foot from Keisei Line Keisei Ueno Station]
Phone number 03-5816-1305
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00 [Open on Friday, January 24, 2020] Regular holiday: Irregular holidays. * Opening hours are subject to change, so please check Sanrio website.
Store area: 20 tsubo
Number of products handled: About 400 Sanrio products
Others: Duty free. Alipay / WechatPay payment
Store information site: [Image 20d37629-161-529424-14.jpg

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