“Farmed Suma” is also called a substitute for bluefin tuna. For a limited time, 16 people at Uomori offer the taste of fat on the surface

Dynac Holdings Inc.
“Farmed Suma” is also called a substitute for bluefin tuna. For a limited time, 16 people at Uomori offer the taste of fat on the surface
Suma is a fish species that is classified in the family Perciformes, Subfamily Mackerel. In Japan, bonito and tuna fishing nets are sometimes called “phantom fish” because they are occasionally used and do not go to the market and are completely consumed at the landing production area.
Dynac Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Masaaki Tanaka) develops “Uomori”, which sells Ehime Prefecture fully cultured fish “Ehime Suma” until Thursday, April 30, 2020. You. (Sold at 16 stores east and west, excluding Coredo Muromachi Terrace store, Saitama Shintoshin Cocoon City store, Nishinomiya Gardens store) [Image 1

「” Suma “is also called a phantom fish because it has only a small amount of fish landing without forming a school. In Ehime Prefecture, we succeeded in the complete cultivation of “Suma” and named it “Ehime Suma”. Nurtured under the thorough production and quality control of the Uwa Sea, which is ideal for aquaculture that is less susceptible to the storm, its deliciousness is as smooth and soft as it can be called a whole-body toro, with a delicate fat ride. The feeling is a feature.
魚 “Uomori”, a concept of a seafood bar where you can enjoy “season” fish from various parts of Japan with high freshness, is now able to sell “Ehime Suma” at 16 stores east and west. Please take this opportunity to appreciate this rare fish whose producer is limited to two companies.
[Image 2

Structure of Ehime Suma (1,499 yen excluding tax)
[Image 3

Ehime Suma Maki Sushi (excluding 999 yen tax)

[Image 4

Beautiful fish body by single fishing
[Sales Overview]
[Image 5d20835-28-135924-5.jpg
● Sale period: until Thursday, April 30, 20202020 ※ Dinner time only
● Sales store
Eastern district
Uomori Marunouchi store, Nishi Shinjuku store, Otemachi store, Nihonbashi store, Urawa store,
Ochanomizu store, Kanda east exit store, Iidabashi store, Yurakucho Denki Building store,
Yurakucho Building Store, Ikebukuro West Exit Store, Shinjuku Sanchome Store, Omiya Store
Western district
Dojima Avanza store, Honmachi Itou Building store, OBP store ※ Not sold at Coredo Muromachi Terrace, Saitama Shintoshin Cocoon City, Nishinomiya Gardens
● Brand Home Page: https://www.dynac-japan.com/shop/uomori/
[Image 6d20835-28-476311-6.jpg

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