“Snow Fishing Special March 2020” Released on January 25! New common sense of Spring Gre

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“Snow Fishing Special March 2020” Released on January 25! [New common sense of Spring Gre]
Speaking of cold glare fishing a long time ago, it was difficult to obtain fishing results unless the water temperature was drastically falling and delicately attacking deep dana. However, in recent years, whether due to warming or a warm winter, the water temperature has slowed down and it has not been possible to increase the catch if it was tied to the conventional concept. In the March issue of “Isao Fishing Special,” we dig into new common sense of such cold fishing. The latest strategies for masters, basic strategies for beginners and intermediate level players, etc.
[P022] The secret of all movements to manage Gredana
Shinya Kimura in Tsurumi, Oita Prefecture
Shinya Kimura’s emphasis on Tana’s management, though it is an all-moving device and is close to the idea of ​​a semi-moving group. We aim at zero squirrel on Tana where there is gray and aim with a delicate attack. In Tsurumi, Oita, we followed such a thorough all-moving errand.
[Image 1

[P030] Where do the boundaries between full and semi-move move? Nobuhiko Tomomatsu in Nishiizu / Tago, Shizuoka Prefecture
Nobuhiko Tomomatsu, who has won the Japan Cup consecutive victory for the first time in 16 years with 12 consecutive wins from Takechi, is said to be the most powerful angler now. Although the precise all-moving fishing method is the pillar of strength, depending on the points and conditions, I am willing to abandon my specialty style. [Image 2

[P038] seize victory by haste to floating glare and suspend at deep dana Hiroyuki Higashi in Sakaiura, Mie Prefecture
At first, the bitterness of Gure was bitter and struggled. Hiroyuki Higashi couldn’t easily see him, but first he found a floating glare and opened his eyes with an accurate attack. After that he fired with his favorite suspended deep sea fishing method. He successfully captured Sakaiura, Mie Prefecture during the low water temperature season.
[Image 3

[P043] Strong fishing method to calculate tana!
Koji Kawazoe in Offshore Fukiagehama / Kutajima, Kagoshima
In order to match the grey’s tana with all layer fishing, it is necessary to correspond with the buoyancy of the uki and the length of Harris. If the hooking is decided without pulling the burr with the device assembled in that way, that is the answer of the day. It adhered to the Kawazoe style full-layer fishing method that challenged with a simple configuration.
[Image 4

[P066] Iso lure intense fight
Naohiko Kishinobu in Oki / Nishinoshima, Shimane
Starting with the seabass with a shoulder break-in, the fishes of Hiramasa, the root fish and the heron, and finally the yellowtail of over 80 cm, Mr. Naohiko Kishi has fascinated the potential of the fishing spot called Iso with various approaches. Following the intense day of lure Iso.
[Image 5

[P072] 8 tips for offshore
In particular, in the low water temperature period, the grue capture sometimes encounters bitterness and can be a difficult situation. Here, we will ask Yoshihiro Maenishi, a master of 100 battles, to give you tips on how to win based on your experience in the Nanki area of ​​your home.
[Image 6

[P083] Fishing for low water temperature season
Basic capture manual
In the low water temperature season, focus on where to aim and how to attack, here as a basic cold fishing fishing, Makie and Sashie, and how to attack, the place where there is no tide flow and the beach Let’s divide into the patterns around the edge and the shimori. [Image 7

Other features of the month
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