Perfect for adults to enjoy! From a specialty store in Fukuoka, where fluffy soft ice cream is popular, a chic soft ice cream with a solid black color appears!

Odakyu Department Store Co., Ltd.
Perfect for adults to enjoy! From a specialty store in Fukuoka, where fluffy soft ice cream is popular, a chic soft ice cream with a solid black color appears!
Featured products of Odakyu Department Store “Chocolat x Chocolat” ………………………………………………………………………

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At the Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku store, the festival “Chocolat x Chocolat” will be held on January 25 (Saturday) at the main building 11th floor exhibition hall, where chocolates from Japan and abroad will come together. Many people are looking forward to sweets that can be enjoyed on the spot, such as soft-serve ice cream. This year, 9 shops will have an eat-in menu.
注目 Of particular interest is the black soft ice cream that comes from the popular soft serve café “Daimyo Softcream” in Fukuoka. While the gorgeous dessert that shines in photos is preferred, its chic chic visuals will catch your eye! ? Perfect for adults to enjoy.
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Black chocolate soft
▲ “Daimyo Softcream” Black Chocolate Soft 600 yen (1/25-2/3) What kind of store is “Daimyo Softcream”?
カ フ ェ Daimyo Softcream, a cafe specializing in soft serve in Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, based on the concept of a “soft ice cream store that can be eaten by one adult”, will appear for the first time in our shop “Chocolat x Chocolat”. Daimyo soft ice cream made with the highest quality Italian soft ice cream maker has a high air content, so it has a smooth mouthfeel. Thickening the aperture creates a fluffy, muffled and unique shape.
生 The base fresh cream milk software uses freshly squeezed milk from Kyushu, so you can enjoy the original sweetness of milk.
What kind of soft ice cream is “black soft”?
“Black Chocolate Soft” (600 yen), which has a solid color and impact, uses a lot of dark chocolate to enhance the taste of the chocolate, while finishing it as a milky soft that retains the richness of milk, a characteristic of Daimyo soft cream. Was. It is an original all-black soft cream that incorporates bamboo charcoal, which is rich in natural minerals in both soft serve and corn.
限定 Since it is sold only from January 25 (Sat) to February 3 (Mon), if you are interested, please enjoy it as soon as possible!
Various other soft ice creams have appeared!
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Fresh strawberry and fresh cream milk
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“Fresh strawberry and fresh cream milk” (600 yen), with a large strawberry on fresh cream milk soft, and “Corne soft” (600 yen, limited to 30 each day) with fresh cream milk soft sandwiched in corne bread. We sell four types of soft serve ice cream.
い か Why don’t you taste rich new sense software that you have never tasted? [Reference] There is more! Featured product of “chocolat x chocolate” ・ A new sense of chocolate produced by Japanese chocolatiers using “bush food” eaten by Australian indigenous people
・ It seems like you want to put it on toast … ? Fried egg chocolate with realistic texture comes from a chocolate brand from the UK!
Odakyu Department Store Chocolat x Chocolat Overview
Period: Saturday, January 25-Friday, February 14
Venue: Shinjuku Store Main Building 11F Exhibition Hall
URL: -Points of “Chocolat x Chocolat”-
・ The attention chocolate which was particular about the material comes up! ・ Chocolate that can enjoy the impact of appearance!
・ A variety of eat-in menus to be enjoyed at the venue!
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