“Professional chocolate sapo”, a business trip chef, supports children’s handmade Valentine!

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“Professional chocolate sapo”, a business trip chef, supports children’s handmade Valentine!
“ No time to make handmade ” “ No skill ” “ Anxiety about hygiene ” Responding to parents who worry every year
For the home chef’s subscribe service “Sharedine”, a “Professional Choco Sapo” campaign is held for Valentine’s Day 2020, where sweets instructors and chefs who have worked in pastry shops have been making sweets together. From January 24 to February 14, a professional chef will travel to your kitchen to cook Valentine’s sweets tailored to the needs of each family.
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Valentine of child “parent who suffers from handmade”
Even if parents and children want to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a seasonal event, parents have various problems. I was worried about exchanging handmade sweets, pressure on me, and I was using handmade kits but couldn’t do it well. Recently, there has been a growing number of voices saying, “Handmade chocolates should not be brought in for hygiene reasons. We promised to replace them after the park leaves.
Although children are interested in cooking and want to value their desire to make sweets, there are few people who are suffering from the dilemma of being unable to fulfill it due to time constraints and lack of their own skills Isn’t it?
Sharedyne proposes a new dining experience “Professional Choco Sapo” plan to respond to the concerns of parents. A sweets instructor and a chef who has worked in a confectionery store cook sweets in the kitchen at home to suit Valentine’s use. It is a participatory plan that children and parents can make together.
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-“Professional chocolate sapo” plan overview-
Period: January 24, 2020-February 14, 2020
Price: 3,000 yen (tax included, transportation expenses included) Contents: A Chef Dine chef will visit your home and make two or three Valentine sweets in two hours. It is a plan that you can make together while helping children.
Special page URL: https://sharedine.me/shokuiku-media/valentinesweets/ * This is a “trial plan limited to those who post SNS”.
-3 plans that you can choose with your favorite chef-
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-1- Recommended for organics!
Former nursery nutritionist
Yo-san’s “Eggs, Dairy Products, and Sugar-Free Valentine Sweets Plan” (Https://sharedine.me/plans/614)
Easy and delicious chocolate cookies without sugar & dairy
Chocolate mousse without sugar & dairy
Enjoy the encounter with colors Icing cupcakes (decoration without sugar is also possible)
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-2-Let’s aim for a cute patissier!
Administrative dietitian with experience in winning a French confectionery contest
Shiho’s “Berry’s Lovely Plan”
Strawberry chocolate cookies
Berry berry choramose to eat in a cup
Lovely cupcakes with heart
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-3-Recommended for children over elementary school age!
Cooking class teacher
Satoka’s “Plan to convey feelings with chocolate”
Chocolate chunk muffins
Message drawn with a chocolate pen you make yourself (chocolate messages can be prepared on cookies or on plates)
-How to enjoy “Professional Choco Sapo”-
“The child wants to give his friend his friend a cute cupcake. Tell me (and me) a Valentine-like topping.”
“I was not good at cooking and making sweets, and last year I was full of drawing my dad’s face with a chocolate pen on bread with my child. This year I want to prepare a chocolate cake with a professional and surprise my dad! ”
“My child loves icing cookies. I yearn to watch how to make it on youtube repeatedly, so when I made it together on Christmas, I made a huge failure and was crying. Valentine wants to revenge with the help of a professional ”
“I want to make my own chocolate candy for my first love partner. I want to support my child’s first candy making instead of me who has no candy making experience.”
-Commentary by Sharedyne, Yuki Ide-
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“A lot of voices from parents and parents said,” It’s very difficult for children to prepare for Valentine’s Day “and we are planning this plan. Three chefs who are good at making sweets that this chef can leave with confidence. The usual service is to offer about 12 items in 3 hours, but this time it is a hands-on experience-based plan.Please take this opportunity to cook in the kitchen with your professional at home I hope you enjoy a whole new dining experience.
-Outline of “Sharedyne” service-
Home chef subscription service.
Personalize home cooking, from baby food to lifestyle-related diseases. A qualified food expert, such as a dietitian or cook, can offer menus, buy ingredients, and cook in three hours.
URL: https: //sharedine.me/
Usage fee: 13,600 yen twice a month (excluding tax) + food costs Facebook: @ corp.sharedine
Twitter: @SharedineO
instagram: @sharedine_official
★ Media publication results
“ Asahi Shimbun, ” December 30, 2019 “ Every day you can’t afford to do your best without working hard alone ”
TBS “ N-STAR ” December 9, 2019 “ Flat-rate service @ Outbreak ” TBS “Good rack! ”December 9, 2019“ New common sense of “business trip service” coming to home ”
TV Tokyo “Dawn of Gaia” November 5, 2019 “One month from the consumption tax hike … A way to survive the” large tax increase era “!”
NHK “ Asaichi ” October 3, 2019 “ Featured Sharing Service ” Nippon Television “ Zoom In! Saturday ” September 28, 2019 “ Featured! Food Subs Special Feature ”
TV Tokyo “ Yojigoji Days ” August 15, 2019 “ Amazing latest home delivery service Professional chef cooked by chefs ”
TV Tokyo “ World Business Satellite ” July 30, 2019 “ What is the hottest subscription for living? ”
“ Nikkei Shimbun Electronic Edition ” April 22, 2019 “ Working Mom 3.0 ” Special Feature (1) “ Table, Can I Keep It Like This? ” “Health and Welfare” April 2019 Issue [Special Feature] How to Make Use of Life and Work “The way of thinking and working has changed! It was a positive experience for me”
“ VERY ” April 2019 issue “ Even in the era when women work, we will enrich our daily dining table and convey home cooking to children and create a “ table one generation ahead! ”
“ Sankei Shimbun ” January 1, 2019 “ Professional cooks cook on business trips and eat fish at home ”
“Weekly Toyo Keizai” July 14, 2018 Issue [Special Feature] “Business tips are here! Amazing venture 100” Sharing “and solving familiar problems”

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