Sansho Co., Ltd. General sales begin! Intestinal Udon is finally at hand!

Sansho Co., Ltd.
[General sales start! ] Intestinal Udon is finally at hand!
Are you interested in intestinal activity?
[General sales start! ] Breakfast “Guts”! At a busy time in the morning, just boil water in a small pot and boil the frozen udon for 3 minutes. Boiled water can be used as stock. The recipe to add a little is endless.
Intestinal Udon, 2/1 (Sat.) General sales start!
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From December 20th to January 20th, “Makuake” ‘s crowdfunding was looking for support, but our “Gutaku Udon” will be available for general sale on February 1st (Sat) I will.
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79 people have supported us!
This project was broadcasted on December 25 by FM Kagawa!
It will be published in magazines by Kagawa Keizai Report.
Product introduction
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Product content
Product Name: Intestine Udon
Release date: Saturday, February 1, 2020
Contents: 50g x 24 meals (6 meals x 4 packs)
Shelf life: 2 months frozen
Product price: 6,000 yen (including shipping and tax)
Order destination:
Phone: 0120-45-2860
FAX: 0120-318-340
問 い 合 わ せ Contact:
[Reception hours] 9: 00-17: 30 (Open all year round)
About “Kou Udon”
Are you interested in “intestinal activity” for those who are not refreshing every day? If you are already “intestinal”, have you realized it?
Review it in your daily diet.
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It is our company, the master, that solves your worries from “food”. [Our Mission] Spread the delicious Japanese noodle culture to the world Propose a fun lifestyle with noodles.
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* We do not use chemical seasonings or synthetic preservatives. Our motto is to deliver smiles and happiness together with delicious products to our customers.
As a result of repeated scientific considerations at our lab, we decided to use the three ingredients as keywords to provide a clue to the solution.
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There was a big wall to knead a natural material containing many of these into udon and make it delicious.
Naturally, udon is boiled.
If udon is boiled, if it is salty, it will fall out into boiling water about 80%. Dietary fiber is relatively hard to remove, but unsaturated fatty acids can easily escape into boiling water.
Is there a point to knead the ingredients that come out when boiled? In order to solve this, I wanted to make a product that can be eaten with boiling water.
However, the udon is originally kneaded in strong salt water to boil it quickly. However, boiled water that has lost most of its salt is salty and cannot be eaten. Conversely, if it is kneaded with thin salt water, it will boil slowly and have adverse effects such as rough noodle skin.
Through trial and error, we found conditions that make it easy to boil even with thin salt water, and created products that can be eaten delicious with boiling water.
In addition, we conducted in-house monitors, including Fujitsu’s representative. Do you occasionally have sample noodles left after finishing? It was popular enough to receive an inquiry.
How to eat udon
It is worthwhile to continue “intestinal activity” every day. As one of the easiest breakfast items to eat, we also focused on convenience. As it becomes soup and cereal, one item is worth two items.
As kelp is kneaded as a water-soluble dietary fiber, very delicious broth comes out just by boiling.
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If you boil 3 minutes of 50g of frozen udon (one meal) in 300ml of hot water for 3 minutes, the boiling water will be exactly one bowl. ※ As udon sucks hot water, the broth after boiling will be less than 300ml. The salt is slightly reduced so that you can do a little addition, so you can enjoy it without getting tired every morning.
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▲ Green grated radish and dashi
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▲ Refreshing with dried plums and large leaves
Add a little soy sauce or commercial soup to make udon soup. Please try “Ginger”, “Miso”, “Sesame”, “Kimchi no Moto”, “Curry powder”. Surprisingly, “ketchup” also goes well. (If you add ketchup, be sure to add about 2 tbsp. If you don’t, ketchup will lose to kelp.) Of course, you can enjoy it “as is”.
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Sansho Co., Ltd.
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Contact: Soda, Oba

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