Nishikawa Corporation Masahiro Tanaka holds an exchange event at Higashimiyagino Elementary School in Sendai City!

Nishikawa Corporation
Masahiro Tanaka holds an exchange event at Higashimiyagino Elementary School in Sendai City!
In support of Tanaka’s support activities in the affected areas, four players from Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles cooperate and Nishikawa cooperates. The children also participated with a smile, such as catching balls with the players and eating lunch with them.
On January 24 (Fri.) today, including professional baseball player Masahiro Tanaka (New York Yankees), Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles player Katsuhiro Norimoto, Hiroki Matsui, Wataru Karashima, Yoshinao Kamata, An exchange event was held at Higashi Miyagino Elementary School in the affected area in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. A similar event has been held at an elementary school in Sendai City since 2017, and this year, as usual, will be realized by calling Tanaka. We are planning to continue this kind of exchange event, in which the circle spread from the thought of Tanaka.

[Image 1

Group photo of the event
[Image 2

Masahiro Tanaka playing catch ball with children
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Masahiro Tanaka eating lunch with children
The event was held for 188 elementary school students from the 1st to 6th grades, and children participated in the game with players by catching balls and eating lunch together. After the event, the players presented the event original T-shirts to the children.
[Image 4

[State of the event]
In the catch ball with the players, a game with luxurious products was played, and the winning team was given a pin badge by the players, and the children smiled and cheers.
In the question time to the players, the child asked, “What if you had a friend break or quarrel in the team?” And Tanaka said, “Because it is a close team, there is no friend break, but to the friends It’s important to have the compassion of the person and to think with the other party’s feelings. ”
A representative child said, “I was able to get the energy and power from everyone. Through today’s experience, I felt my desire to realize my dreams and hopes again. Well, we will do our best too. Please do your best too. ”
[Impression of Tanaka after the event]
We will continue to actively hold events to convey the joy and wonder of baseball, and hope that it will be an opportunity to give children energy and smiles.

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