“journey for beauty Vol.1 Yumezuki” held. LYPO-C POUR LA BEAUTE, Lypo-C Lipo Capsule Vitamin C SPIC beauty & cosmetic event.

“journey for beauty Vol.1 Yumezuki” held. LYPO-C POUR LA BEAUTE, Lypo-C [Lipo Capsule] Vitamin C SPIC beauty & cosmetic event. We will actively hold events with influencers who support our philosophy and products.
On January 25, 2020 (Saturday), SPIC Co., Ltd. (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, representative Takayuki Shibata) will organize and hold an event “journey for beauty” focusing on beauty and cosmetics. The concept is “What you don’t know is a smartphone. What you know when you travel.”

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The first event was held by KADOKAWA (November 7, 2019), the author of “Kyokawa’s Face, What’s Good! Collaboration with Yumezuki was realized.
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The venue is MONKEY CAFE D.K.Y. (Saraku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). For fans who have applied from SNS, the event will be conducted by lottery with a capacity of 50 people.
概要 Outline of “journey for beauty Vol.1 with Yumezuki”
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◇ Yumezuki’s Profile
Hair and makeup artist. He has a reputation for natural but
full-fledged makeup, and is often nominated by influencers and idols. “# Yumezuki Makeup,” which posts a cosmetic introduction and makeup process, is also very popular. Makeup lessons are filled in a matter of tens of seconds, and have received enormous support from women in their teens and 20s.
Twitter: @_ dreaMoon__
Instagram: @dreamoon_hm
-Below, organizer information-
◇ C-Connection
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Lypo-C will invite fans to the theme of Creative, Culture and Community, and will hold C-Connection in various places. In addition, we are looking for colleagues and collaborators who can communicate healthcare & beauty with C-Connection.
* If you would like to receive future information, please apply from the following form.
https://reg18.smp.ne.jp/regist/is?SMPFORM=mioe-seodl-6dc7b7e73ba852002dd9fdf28d21e524 ◇ Lipo C Pura Beaute VC Tri-Capsule Essence
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SPIC Co., Ltd. develops and sells a high-concentration vitamin C medical supplement, Lypo-C [lipocapsule], using the technology of vitamin C, spending five months every month, finally appearing as cosmetics.
It is a combination of both water-soluble vitamin C derivatives and oil-soluble vitamin C derivatives. At the same time, it is a serum that was originally developed using medical technology as a hint. Vitamin C derivative mist, which is kept pure and fresh, spreads over the stratum corneum, keeping the skin full of firmness and clarity, giving skin whitening and moisture.
It is unusual for a serum, and its use by spraying is very particular in order to use it as a skin supplement that replenishes the essence function in any scene, indoors and outdoors, with or without base makeup. One.
◇ Lipo C Pura Beaute Serum Foundation
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The serum foundation, which enhances the skin’s immunity, is formulated with seven herbs, is gentle on sensitive skin, leads to beautiful skin every time it is applied, and realizes a translucent semi-matte skin. After using it, I was particular about the feeling that “skin grew up”.
During interviews with monitors under development, this product was very popular with its light texture and “skin breathing” feeling. It has been developed with the hope that it will be used as a foundation that produces a sense of transparency that does not bother dullness in the coming cold season.
◇ Lipo C Pura Beaute Protect Foundation
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To protect inner skin exposed to all kinds of external stress such as ultraviolet rays, air pollution, PM2.5, blue light, etc. every day (SPF50 + / PA ++++), to bring out inner beauty as skin care to prepare the original skin Developed for the purpose.
The point is to produce exquisite glossy skin (a feeling of raw skin) while realizing high protection while being low irritation. We aimed for products that play six roles, such as foundation, concealer, makeup base, serum, sunscreen, and face powder.
◆ LYPO-C POUR LA BEAUTE Official Website
About poLypo-C [Lipo Capsule] Vitamin C]
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Japan’s first liposome-type vitamin C supplement manufactured by a patent. A liquid type that is difficult to manufacture has been realized, and has been deployed at more than 800 bases, including medical
institutions, hair salons and beauty salons. Lipocapsule vitamin C originally uses liposomes to retain water-soluble and free-flowing vitamin C in the body. Liposomes are a long-established technology used as a drug delivery system (DDS) to deliver the contents to a desired location in the body. The liposomes of lipocapsule vitamin C have a uniform size of 100 nm.
The small but stable size of 100 nm uniformity was praised by the world as “100 nm Miracle” at an international conference held in April 2018.
◆ LYPO-C [Lipo Capsule] Vitamin C Official Site
◆ Lypo-C SNS Official Account
・ Twitter
We are actively involved in projects that make the most of the features of Twitter, a messaging SNS.
・ Instagram official account
We deliver visual-centric content unique to Instagram. I would like to update the SNS channel so that you can see at a glance what kind of people you support.
・ Facebook official account
In particular, Facebook, which has many business users, will distribute plans that can be enjoyed by seniors especially among messaging SNS.

[Image 9d16172-26-728600-9.png
SPIC’s mission statement is “Create health in the future.”
In recent years, in particular, focusing on the “new health” brought by vitamin C, overseas supplements, import and sales as the only authorized distributor of lipospheric vitamin C, domestic vitamin C supplements by unique nanotechnology (liposome) processing,
lipocapsules A company that manufactures and sells vitamin C, conducts research on infusion therapy (such as high-concentration vitamin C infusion), and promotes awareness and dissemination activities, and provides Gate & Switch to those involved in the healthcare field.

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