Tohoku Co., Ltd. SDGs Future City Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Aiming at solving traffic issues and sustainable tourism “Sanriku Omotenashi Rent-A-Car” started business on January 25 with all EVs. Provide eco-friendly and sustainable transportation.

Tohoku Co., Ltd.
SDGs Future City Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture Aiming at solving traffic issues and sustainable tourism Sanriku Hospitality Rent-a-car began operating on January 25 with all EVs. Provide eco-friendly and sustainable transportation.
Tohoku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture; Representative: Kaori Asama) aims to continuously revitalize Rikuzentakata City through an increase in the exchange population of Rikuzentakata City, and rent a car in Rikuzentakata City on January 25, 2020 Start a business.
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-The purpose of opening a rental car business in Rikuzentakata- By providing rental vehicles to tourists and businessmen visiting Rikuzentakata City to solve secondary transportation problems and local residents’ transportation problems, they will increase the freedom of movement, plan a tour around the city, and change the type of vehicle to an electric vehicle ( (EV) and want to develop an environment-friendly car rental business. In the event of a disaster, the aim is to use an electric vehicle as an emergency power source to open the electric vehicle to cities and evacuation sites, thereby helping to secure power sources and help BCP.
-SDGs Future City Rikuzentakata-
The promotion of “town development that does not require the word“ normalization ”as a basic philosophy of the comprehensive plan for town development has been adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, aiming at the realization of a sustainable society where no one is left behind. (Development Goals), and submitted proposal documents on “SDGs Future City” and “Local Government SDGs Model Project” in order to promote efforts to achieve the SDGs. On January 1, the prefecture was selected for the first time in the prefecture as “SDGs Future City”.
-Transportation issues of Rikuzentakata sightseeing-
The traffic network in Rikuzentakata City, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, was also severely damaged. Tourists who visit Rikuzentakata City have limited travel options without resorting to public transport. I can’t go where I wanted to go. Rikuzentakata City has bus routes around JR Rikuzentakata Station, but it cannot be said that a substantial transportation system has been constructed. There are no car rental companies near the station, so there are few tourists visiting Rikuzentakata City from the Tokyo metropolitan area by bus, etc., and it is inevitable that it will be a pass-type sightseeing by private car.
-All models start with EV (Electric Vehicle)-
We will start a rental car business only with environmentally friendly EVs (electric vehicles) suitable for Rikuzentakata City, which promotes SDGs. We believe that this is an era where environmentally friendly and human-friendly mobility will increase due to the continuing technological innovation. In addition to answering customer needs, we will challenge new mobility without losing the challenge spirit.
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-Sanriku Hospitality Rental Car name and logo
We consider the rental car counter to be the first point of travel for tourists to get off in Rikuzentakata and go there. The name “Sanriku Hospitality Rent-A-Car” is not just for renting a car, but also for maximizing “hospitality” so that customers can enjoy Sanriku sightseeing.
The three colors of the logo represent the rich nature of Sanriku. Sanriku Blue expresses the “sea” of Sanriku and the “sky” connected to the horizon. Sanriku Green expresses rich “blessings of nature” not just the sea. Sanriku yellow that expresses the “sun” that can receive power rising from the horizon. The shape of the letters has been summarized with a logo design that expresses “Sanriku” where you can feel the kindness and nostalgia of the “people” you can meet there. [Image 3

-Sanriku Hospitality Rental Car Open Commemorative Test Drive Event- To commemorate the opening, we will hold a free test drive of EV cars. * You can test drive around Abbase Takada.
Date and time: Saturday, January 25, 1980, 9:30 am-noon
Venue: Sanriku Hospitality Rental Car Store Parking Space
[About the store]
■ Sanriku hospitality rental car (※ 1/25 to be released) Street address
沖 029-2205 Offshore of Takadacho, Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture 111 (KC16-6) Contact information
TEL: 0120267218 (* Scheduled to open on 1/25)
[Operating company]
■ Tohoku Corporation
Business description
・ New business planning, branding production, product development ・ Marketing / Data science business
・ Creative ・ Video production, design business
・ Planning, production and operation of event / sales promotion ・ Car rental and leasing business
・ Restaurant management
Date of establishment
March 11, 2019
Representative Director
Kaori Asama

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