Mystery Channel Co., Ltd. AXN Mystery is ranked No. 1 in monthly household contact rate! (December 2019)

Mystery Channel Co., Ltd.
AXN Mystery Takes First Place in Monthly Household Contact Rate Ranking! (December 2019)
AXN Mystery (Mystery Channel Co., Ltd., head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masao Takiyama), the only mystery-only channel in Japan provided by Sony Pictures Entertainment, has video research from December 1 to 31, 2019. Was ranked 1st in the household contact rate ranking * in a joint survey on mechanical pay TV contact rates conducted in Japan.
In December, AXN Mystery was broadcasting the latest British work, including a unique mystery called “White Dragon” set in Hong Kong, titled “The Latest British Mystery Special.” “ Xmas gift from Christie ” was broadcasting “ Agatha Christie ABC Murder Case ” starring John Malkovich, the classics of the past “ Miss Marple Joan Hixson Edition ”, “ Detective Poirot ” etc. . The non-stop broadcast of all 70 episodes of “Detective Poirot”, which began on December 28, has been analyzed to be of particular interest to viewers.
* Video research [Mechanical pay TV contact rate joint survey] Data collection period: December 1st to 31st, 2019 @ 5 minute contact rate Household monthly average
■ Main broadcast programs during the period
“Detective Poirot” non-stop broadcast of all 70 episodes
December 28 (Sat) 6:00 am-January 1 (Wed) 8:15 pm
[Image 1d10255-49-787056-0.jpg
“Detective Poirot” (C) ITV PLC
“Miss Marple Joan Hixson Edition”
Thursday, December 26, 8:00 p.m. start
[Image 2d10255-49-553944-1.jpg
“Miss Marple Joan Hickson Version” (C) 1987 BBC WORLDWIDE
“White Dragon”
December 14 (Sat) Evening 4: 00-
[Image 3d10255-49-894766-2.jpg
“White Dragon” (C) Two Brothers and all3media international
Agatha Christie ABC Murder Case
Sunday, December 22 8: 00-
[Image 4d10255-49-311245-3.png
“ Agatha Christie ABC Murder Case ” (C) Agatha Christie Productions 2018 -About AXN Mystery-
Sony Pictures Entertainment is Japan’s only channel dedicated to mystery. Popular hit drama “ SHERLOCK Sherlock ” from the UK, “ Criminal Foil ” which gains national popularity in the UK, royal mystery “ Sherlock Holmes Adventure ”, “ Detective Poirot ”, “ Miss Marple Joan Hixson Version ” 24-hour air of high-quality mystery dramas from around the world, including British dramas, Italy, France and Japan!
[Image 5d10255-49-130449-4.jpg
AXN mystery logo

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