Non profit organization Shine on Kids Valverde, Gérant Thomas, and 2018 Beppu autographed jerseys will be ex hibited at a charity auction!

Non profit organization Shine on Kids
Valverde, Gelant Thomas and Beppu autographed 2018 jerseys will be exhibited at the Charity Auction!
Shine on Kids, a certified NPO that supports children with cancer and serious illness (Kimbari Forsythe, 3-3-6 Nihonbashi Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 7th floor, Wakamatsu Building ja /) is auctioned at Yahoo! Auction Charity Auction operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation with the cooperation of professional cyclist Fumiyuki Beppu (NIPPO / Delco One Provence from 2020 season) and Trek Japan Will be held for 7 days from January 27 (Mon) to February 2 (Sun), 2020.
Beppu players specially obtained for charity and in 2018, a number of gleaming fans. Valuable items such as Alejandro Valverde (Alkansell) and Gelant Thomas (Mayjo Jones) with autographed jerseys and Fumiyuki Beppu with autographed 2018 jerseys will be exhibited.
* We apologize to all the parties concerned that the offer was delayed in 2018, but was delayed.
[Exhibition period] January 27, 2020 (Mon) 12:00-February 2 (Sun) 22:00 (planned)
[Yahoo! Page】
* There is no special page. When the auction starts, you can view it by searching for “shine on! Charity auction” from the link above. [Image 1d23199-44-442660-0.jpg
Alejandro Valverde’s autographed alkan shell (Santini genuine replica) jersey [Image 2d23199-44-572016-1.jpg
Gelant Thomas signed autographed Maillot Jones (Genuine Lecoq Sportif replica) jersey
[Image 3d23199-44-571637-2.jpg
Fukuyuki Beppu signed autographed 2018 jersey
[Image 4d23199-44-253174-3.jpg
Fumiyuki Beppu (as of 2018)
* Shine on everything except the commission etc. in the winning bid! The funds will be used for the Kids’ Beads of College Program. * The schedule may be changed due to various circumstances.
* Exhibited products may be subject to content changes or product additions. About Beads of College
Beads of College is a program that uses colorful glass beads to record the process of surviving the treatment with courage.
Fumiyuki Beppu has been supporting this program since 2012 as an ambassador for Team Beads of College.
Beads of Courage (R) = Beads of Courage (R) was invented by Jean Balushi, a nurse in the US Pediatric Oncology Department.
For example, children receive the beads determined for each treatment or treatment, such as black beads when blood is collected, or beads on the face when hair begins to fall out, while receiving explanations from medical staff, and the children connect themselves. By connecting colorful beads, children with childhood cancer and severe illness will be able to work positively even in a fighting illness.
It is thought that it is not only easy to talk about spicy experiences on its own, but also recognized as “a proof of courage”, which has the effect of reducing stress and enhancing self-consciousness.
Shine On as a program that leads to “heart care” at 20 child hospitals and pediatric wards in Japan! Kids have introduced it with a full donation. It is necessary to continue raising funds for stable operation. We look forward to your support.
[Image 5d23199-44-173184-4.jpg
About Shine On Kids, a Certified Nonprofit Organization
Established in July 2006. The founder’s son, Tyler, died short of life after two years of struggling with leukemia. This is the 14th anniversary of this year’s activity, which started with the courage of Tyler and his desire to make use of their own experience, which did not stop smiling even in a hard fighting illness.
Children who treat childhood cancers and serious illnesses face anxiety and great stress from prolonged hospital treatment. Although the level of medical care in Japan is one of the most advanced in the world, we believe that there are many issues left in terms of patient and family support. In order to keep children smiling during long hospital stays, we have introduced a unique “care for the mind” program at 20 hospitals and Beads of College at 3 hospitals and a facility dog ​​program at 3 hospitals. Since 2017, we have been holding a workshop “Camp College” for survivors of childhood cancer.

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