[Kodansha Co., Ltd.] The cover of the with August issue is Ayase Haruka! Show a relaxed look that makes you feel “Weekend First” in Hawaii shooting!

Kod.jpg”>]nsha Co., Ltd. w.jpg “Hot topics such as Ryota Kataoka and BOYS AND MEN gather! In the new series “Sports Men”, Judo Abe Judas will decorate the first installment. Captain Nogizaka, Ayaka Sakurai appears in popular plan “Nogizaka OL”! …………………………………………………………………………………………
Haruka Ayase appears on the cover of with! We deliver the intriguing charm shown through “food”! Ayase Haruka is on the cover of this issue. This story was taken in time with the Hawaii shot of the TRAVEL PHOTOBOOK series called “Haruka Noisekai” to be released in late August. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that feels like the weekend wind. In keeping with the food, which is the theme of the photo collection, Ayase-san continues to eat with enthusiasm. The act of eating is deeply related to human’s fundamental desire, so the appearance of so-called “element” appears strongly. Even the figure eating boned meat at BBQ is a beauty full of transparency! Such an actress is not quite there. The unpainted beauty of Ayase-san is in the with August issue! We will deliver healing that makes you smile involuntarily just by looking at it. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2229/resize/d1719-2229-676023-6.jpg] Haruka Ayase who shows the beauty that is not decorated
Deliver with confidence! We will show you Ryota Katayori, “the best and the best”! The best and the best! There is nothing more than a word to describe Ryota Katayori of this issue. Anyway, it’s the best. The shooting theme this time is summer vacation. Mr. Katayori, who is dressed in LOEWE’s “Paula’s Ibiza” collaboration and decides to pose on the cool yellow back, is stylish no matter who looks at it. The photographer who was in charge of the filming also praised him for letting go, saying that “the movement is more beautiful than the model taken in a fashion magazine. I have never met an artist who has such a good pose”. Certainly, when you look at the figure that takes a pose without waste to flow according to the shutter sound, you are convinced of the word. It gives a feeling of innate nature in being photographed and attracting people. While the photographer is showing various poses during shooting, the photographer says “Please put your hand on the waist and look at the camera.” When it is ……, a prince dressed in good classic air appears there ! People who do not like this pose, I am not quite honest. In addition, I decided to put in the photos of Black & White suddenly, in order to maximize the attractiveness of Mr. Kotori. It expresses the kind of universal and classical prince image that girls always seek in their age. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2229/resize/d1719-2229-254044-1.jpg] Ryota Katayori expressing the prince’s image in monochrome photos Of course, I am getting an interview well. You may be very busy with your recent activities, or maybe you have been asking the same questions over and over again? Although it is supposed to be, the interviewer was also impressed by such a polite answer that does not make such air feel 1 mm. Please enjoy by yourself Ryota Katayou, who will send with confidence the team of with. Hottest men in Japan! ? BOYS AND MEN appeared! Summer in Nagoya is hot! It is also said that “Because it is easy to accumulate heat because the road is wide and the amount of concrete is large”, but the real reason is that there is a good BOYS AND MEN! Boymen who appeared for the first time with the magazine side. This time, she wore a costume run and showed me a glittering smile while bathing in the bright sunlight. During shooting, I wonder if each member is moving at my own pace, and suddenly I decided to pose in a group, demonstrating the goodness of teamwork unique to boymen who have been working together for many years. For example, in the scene of ringing a bell, the self-decided concept of “let’s make a picture that the vibration of the bell is transmitted to other members!” The remaining six will play the role of “looking at it with a cold look” and will firmly hold in place. When I was watching the members who moved while talking with Wai Wai constantly, I understood why the fans would be their nephew. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2229/resize/d1719-2229-958204-5.jpg] The hottest men in Japan now! BOYS AND MEN In the interview, each member is introduced to the other, and the character in the boymen is clearly visible. The BOYS AND MEN fan is, of course, a must-see content, but it is a content that you should read by anyone who has not touched BOYS AND MEN. I’m sure you will like them this summer. Collaboration of miracles is the way to the top! New series “Sports boy unknown DESTINATION” A photographer representative of Japan approaches the attractiveness of the athlete twink of attention, which is a new serialization “Sports Men Unknown DESTINATION-Reaching Point …” that began from this issue. The first installment to be commemorated is the shooting of a judoist, Abe Ichiko-san, by a photographer, Umeshiro. Mr. Abe won the World Judo Championship twice in a row, and everyone knows his ability, but in addition his sweet mask is also a target. It changes the image of a traditional Judo house with a strong image, and is popular among young women as well as Judo fans. This time, I shot it with the theme of Abe, who was refreshing and a bit sloppy. It is a project that makes you feel really happy when you look at it and you want to laugh at it instinctively. Please take a look at the magazine. [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2229/resize/d1719-2229-776280-3.jpg] New series “Sports men” first is judo house, Abe Ichifusa Nogizaka 46’s captain, Mr. Ayaka Sakurai appears in the Nogizaka OL project! Every issue, popular project “Nogizaka OL project” with many responses. Finally, the Nogizaka 46 captain, Ayaka Sakurai will appear this time to be the 11th edition! It has appeared once in the beauty plan in the last August issue, but it has become the first appearance in the fashion plan. The part 1 “S but also S size adult senior Corde” plan introduces how to make the style up technique and the adult impression for S size. Mr. Sakurai himself is a bit short at 155 cm, but when he stands in front of the camera he has an aura that doesn’t make me feel like that. Responding immediately to the voices of the photographer with “Yes!” Or “I wonder if this is better?” I felt that the captain group of the popular group was able to decide on a nice posing while thinking with it. . In Part 2, we introduce the cardigan of the best way to prevent summer coldness. Please refer to it! [Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2229/resize/d1719-2229-397148-2.jpg] “Nogizaka OL Project” Captain Nogizaka 46, Sakurai Ayaka appears [Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/1719/2229/resize/d1719-2229-411280-4.jpg] with August issue is released on June 28 [Product information] with August 2019 issue Price: 670 yen (tax included) Release date: June 28, 2019 (Fri) ※ Metropolitan area standard Publisher: Kodansha Co., Ltd.
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