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Working style reform platform “TeamSpirit”, Tokyo “etc. for the first time telework”, targeted for telework introduction promotion maintenance subsidy

T.jpg”>]am spirit How to work reform platform “T. jpg”] amSpirit, Tokyo’s efforts such as “First time telework”, targeted for telework introduction promotion maintenance subsidy When introducing “TeamSpirit”, subsidies of up to 1.1 million yen can be received- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Team Spirit Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koji Shimajima, hereinafter, Team Spirit) is the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation and the Tokyo Work Foundation (the Tokyo Work Foundation) In “Telework (Telework introduction promotion maintenance subsidy)”, we will notify that we have been eligible for a subsidy as one of the useful services for the introduction of telework. About “the first telework (telework introduction promotion maintenance subsidy)” “The first telework (telework introduction promotion and maintenance subsidy)” is for the Tokyo Work Foundation to trial telework for the small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, etc. in Tokyo who received consulting for telework introduction implemented by Tokyo. It is a system to subsidize the environmental construction costs of the project and the system maintenance costs. ○ Support target company ・ 2 or more workers and 999 or less always working in Tokyo, and continuously employed for 6 months or more ・ There is no provision on telework in the employment rules ・ Participating in the “2020 TDM Promotion Project” (link to external site) implemented by Tokyo, etc. ○ subsidized expenses ・ Construction of telework environment: 1. Purchase costs for equipment, etc., system construction costs, related software usage fees, selected from “telework introduction plan” created by Tokyo. 2, mobile terminal maintenance costs ・ Telework system maintenance to work rule: 1. Consignment costs to specialists required to set rules on telework in the employment rules ○ The amount of subsidy ceiling A company with 300 to 999 employees: ¥ 1.100 million A company with 100-299 employees 700,000 yen A company with less than 100 employees: 400,000 yen Each includes a system maintenance fee of 100,000 yen. The details are here: www.shigotozaidan.or.jp/koyo-kankyo/joseikin/telework.html Introduction of grant target “TeamSpirit” [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/21273/68/resize/d21273-68-592582-0.png] “TeamSpirit” is a cloud service that unifies work systems used daily by employees, such as attendance management, work management, man-hour management, expense reimbursement, electronic discussion, internal SNS, and calendar. It is a mechanism that activity information about people who work from leaving to work will naturally gather by having multiple functions moving in collaboration, and it is important that employees should work by visualizing the way of working by analyzing collected data Activities and enable effective time management that leads to improved productivity. As it is mobile compatible and the system can be used anywhere, it is the best service for teleworking etc. Details are here: www.telework-plan.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/tool?tol_id=6 Why ‘TeamSpirit’ is good for teleworking ○ In-house system during teleworking If you have an Internet environment, you can use your PC or smartphone to match your location information from anywhere, even from outside the office. In addition, it is possible to stamp on and off several times on the same day. ○ Real-time labor management 36 With the ability to send alerts to supervisors and individuals via e-mail etc. for employees who are likely to be in conflict with the 36 agreement or employees who have exceeded the set overtime hours, the work status of employees who are teleworking is also real-time You can check and contribute to maintaining compliance. In addition, on the dashboard screen of “TeamSpirit”, it is possible to check information such as attendance information, man-hour information, expense reimbursement comprehensively or for each item by team, department or department. By intuitively grasping what the company’s current way of working is, and responding quickly to issues, you can expect expectations for improved productivity and awareness of work styles. ○ Remote communication The in-house SNS function enables remote real-time communication. You can also enter simple comments such as work schedule and work place of the day when you stamp, and company-wide and team-time information sharing is possible. ○ Grasp of work content Since the work content is visualized by the man-hour management function that can centrally record activities from departure to work, it is possible to easily confirm the content of work of team members working at remote locations. Team Spirit’s “First Time Telework” will trigger more companies to conduct telework through “TeamSpirit”, which will lead to improved productivity and securement of diverse human resources. I will support the reform of working style. [About Team Spirit, Inc.] Team Spirit, Inc. is a B2B SaaS company offering TeamSpirit, a way of working reform platform. Based on our mission of “making everyone a creator,” we aim to create a strong team by drawing out the professional power of each and every person in the world that will bring about change. -Team Spirit, TeamSpirit is a registered trademark of Team Spirit, Inc. ・ All other product names are the product names, trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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