Equinix Japan Co., Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. launches storage service that enables highly reliable data linkage with public cloud using Equinix IBX data center

Equinix Japan K.K.
Hitachi launches storage service that utilizes Equinix’s IBX data center to enable highly reliable data linkage with public clouds Realize seamless data utilization and accelerate corporate digital transformation
Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX, Japan’s representative director Kathryn Arnel, hereinafter Equinix), a global provider of interconnection and data center services, today announced today that Hitachi, Ltd.
(Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara) (Hitachi, Ltd.) announced that it has adopted Equinix for its new service, Storage Volume Provision Service on Equinix IBX, which will be launched from January 31.
In recent years, the interest and needs of enterprises for using public clouds are rapidly increasing. Hitachi will provide Hitachi’s storage services to its partner Equinix’s International Business Exchange (TM) (IBX (R)) data center (IBX data center) and Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (TM) (ECX Fabric) services. By combining them, we have realized this service that enables us to build a hybrid cloud at an appropriate cost while ensuring the reliability and availability of data retained by the company. By using this service, customers can build a highly reliable private cloud environment that is connected to the public cloud at high speed and closed. In addition, multiple clouds can be used separately without moving data between clouds, and the latest cloud services can be flexibly used according to the purpose.
And it can be used at low cost.
With the provision of this service, Equinix and Hitachi will enable a cost-effective environment to flexibly and seamlessly utilize corporate data held by customers, improve data value, and promote digital transformation on a global scale. You.
The Hitachi Group currently uses numerous Equinix IBX data centers worldwide. Hitachi is planning to roll out this service globally by utilizing Equinix’s global bases in the future.
Main points of presentation
・ Customers can build a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure in a simple process in a short period of time by using this service consisting of Hitachi’s storage service, Equinix’s cloud-based data center service and interconnection service. It enables flexible and efficient use of the latest AI services on public cloud and tools such as SaaS / PaaS. -ECX Fabric used as a connection method to the public cloud in this service is a software-defined interconnection service. Available in 38 metropolitan areas, this connectivity service allows any company to connect their distributed infrastructure with over 1,800 other companies on Platform Equinix on demand. Connections include the world’s largest cloud and network service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and VMware vCloud Air.
-Platform Equinix, the platform on which this service is provided, is connected to EBX’s global IBX data center and interconnection services such as ECX Fabric, metro connect (connection between metropolitan data centers), and cross connect (data center premises connection). A global digital platform composed of representative services. It is used by approximately 10,000 customers worldwide, including more than 1,800 networks and more than 2,900 cloud and IT providers, and encompasses a rich business ecosystem.
A global data center provider, Equinix offers consistent, high-quality services in more than 200 IBX data centers in 53 markets in 25 countries. In Japan, we operate 11 data centers in Tokyo and 2 data centers in Osaka.
・ This service will be offered at the IBX data center in Tokyo. Equinix’s approximately 10,000 global customers will be able to use this service within their data centers and from IBX data centers around the world through the interconnection service provided by Equinix.
Mr. Takayuki Tsushima, General Manager of IT Services Division, Product Services & Solutions Division, Hitachi, Ltd.
“We are very pleased to announce that we are launching“ Storage Volume Providing Service on Equinix IBX ”using Equinix IBX Data Center. Equinix offers close proximity to a large number of clouds, rich connectivity, and stability -Combining our high-quality data center services with our storage services will be a powerful driving force for customers to utilize public cloud and strengthen their business.We will continue to roll out this service globally utilizing Equinix’s global scale And we hope to accelerate the development of various new businesses by utilizing the rich ecosystem of Platform Equinix. ” Equinix-Asia Pacific President-Jeremy Deutsche
“We sincerely welcome the launch of Hitachi’s“ Storage Volume Provision Service on Equinix IBX. ”In response to the market trend of building a flexible and agile digital infrastructure, customers need to utilize the cloud at the digital edge. Hitachi’s service is an innovative service that combines the simple use of the cloud that accurately reflects the needs of the market with the desire of customers to ensure the reliability and robustness of highly confidential data. Equinix, together with Hitachi, will continue to contribute to the use of cloud services for Japanese customers and the acceleration of digital transformation, such as improving operational efficiency and creating new businesses. ”
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https://www.equinix.co.jp/resources/data-sheets/equinix-cloud-exchange/ About registered trademarks
・ Equinix and IBX are registered trademarks of Equinix, Inc. ・ International Business Exchange, Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric and ECX Fabric are trademarks of Equinix, Inc.
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Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) is the world’s most interconnected data center, providing connectivity to key businesses and organizations worldwide and their customers, employees and partners. As a global platform for digital business that connects more than 50 cities on five continents, it helps businesses and organizations connect with people and things everywhere and create a digitalized future. . https://www.equinix.co.jp/
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