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  • [Tsukiba Milk Industry Co., Ltd.] A long-awaited new product that has become healthy and natural has been launched with the addition of “No additive, rich almond milk and no sugar”

[Tsukiba Milk Industry Co., Ltd.] A long-awaited new product that has become healthy and natural has been launched with the addition of “No additive, rich almond milk and no sugar”

T.jpg”>]ukuba Milk Industry Co., Ltd. In addition, a long-awaited new product that has become healthy and natural, “No additive, concentrated almond milk, sugar free” is launched The first domestic product “no additive” almond milk comes up! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tsukuba Milk Industry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Ishioka City, Ibaraki Pref., President, Hiroshi Umezawa), .jpg “] New product from the” Dense Almond Milk “series from July 1” Additive-free Concentrated Almond Milk without Sugar “(125 ml We will start selling). As health awareness continues, almond milk is rising in popularity because it contains abundant vitamin E, dietary fiber and minerals, as well as zero cholesterol and oleic acid. Tsukuba Milk Industry has developed this product without food additives in pursuit of being healthy and natural in the “Dense almond milk” series. By adding no ingredients, the material is more pronounced, and the original flavor of almonds has been improved. It is a product I want to recommend to women in their 30s and 50s who are conscious of health and beauty more than ever. The first domestically produced ※ 1 additive-free almond milk. Health is from safe and secure products. Food safety and security have long been sought, and there has been an increase in food allergy status. Under such circumstances, the interest in additives has also increased, and 58.5% of those who use “additive label as reference for purchase” buy “food with label such as additive-free because it looks safe and healthy.” The survey shows that 72.9% of those who are “Additive-free thick almond milk sugar-free”, which is the first domestically realized food additive-free, is just the one that closely followed the times. Make healthy drinks easy. It can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans. ※ 1 In-house investigation. As of June 2019. ※ From 2 consumer agency “consumer intention investigation (March, 2018) about 2017 food indication”. We realize “no additive” by original manufacturing method. We have received many requests for additive-free products. Formula that is particular about the “richness” characteristic of the “dense almond milk” series, thorough management for safety and security, evolved while following these, and finally “concluded, no added, concentrated almond milk sugar-free “Was completed. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/21607/3/resize/d21607-3283068-0.jpg] Additive-free dark almond milk sugar free (new product) Product features
● Almond plenty (about 12.5 grains / 1 bottle)
● No food additives
● Low carbohydrate and cholesterol 0
● Almond-derived vitamin E / oleic acid
● No use of sugar and flavor
● No milk and soy
■ Product name: Additive-free dark almond milk sugar free
■ Contents: 125 ml
■ Almond content rate: Calculated as about 10% (about 12.5 tablets) * 1g almond
■ Suggested retail price: 138 yen (excluding tax)
“Dense almond milk” website www.tsukuba-milk.co.jp/almondmilkpage2 Very popular because it is very thick! Tsukuba Milk Industry “Dense Almond Milk” Series Almond milk has a variety of products on the market, but the Tsukuba Milk Industry’s “Dense Almond Milk” series is characterized by an unprecedented concentration of about 8 to 12% almond content. (Almond content of almond milk distributed in the country is about 2 to 5% / in-house survey) [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/21607/3/resize/d21607-3-841097-1.jpg] From the left in the image front row (= 125 ml), “with slight black sugar”, “no additive” (new product). From the left in the back row (= 1000ml), “with slightly brown sugar”, “roasted fragrant roast”, “mellow plain”, “thick plain”. Features of the “Dense Almond Milk” Series Almond milk is a drink that mashes almonds and mixes them with water, so you can make them thin. However, in Tsukuba Dairy Industry, 1000ml products are about 80 to 120 tablets (almond content: about 8 to 12% ※), 125ml products are about 10 to 12.5 tablets (the same content: 8 to 10% ※) without stains I am using. ※ Calculate the number of grains with 1 g of almonds as 1 g. Formula that is particular about “density” In addition, Tsukuba Milk Industry has peeled off the almonds sorted in its own specialty plant in nuts, smashed it completely, and created a manufacturing method that does not miss the ingredients while remaining thick (refined and completely crushed). We don’t add extras, we just keep the goodness of the material. If you use Tsukuba Milk Industry “Dense almond milk”, you can take an estimated amount of vitamin E intake for almost one day with a glass. If you are aware of the daily vitamin E dose, it is recommended that you take 20 to 25 almonds, and “Dense almond milk” is one cup (250 ml) of the adult female guideline * In order to compensate, we are pursuing the concentration of ingredients. Also, milk (liquid) can be absorbed efficiently. ※ Calculated based on the α-tocopherol analytical value (investigated by Tsukuba Milk Industry) and the reference amount (adult male 6.5 mg / day, adult female 6.0 mg / day) (Japanese food intake standard 2015 version). Natural taste from “dark” You can enjoy the deliciousness of fresh almonds as well as the nutritional aspect of “Dense almond milk”. No fragrance, no milk ingredients, and the smell and appearance remain natural. It is a botanical beverage that people with milk allergies can also drink. Use
● Beverage (Latte ・ flavored coffee ・ smoothie etc)
● Cooking (pot, soup ingredients, pasta sauce, white sauce, etc.)
● Ice ・ gelato
● Chilled dessert (purin, blanc mange, sweetened tofu, etc.) ※ You can enjoy delicious as it is. “Dense almond milk” website www.tsukuba-milk.co.jp/almondmilkpage2 A recipe using almond milk is also available! What is almond milk? It is a drink with mashed almonds. Although “milk” is included in the name but dairy products are not used, even people with milk allergies can drink it. It is popular all over the world as an alternative beverage for milk and soy milk, and in the United States it has shown significant growth in the milk alternative beverage market. Raw material almond is rich in vitamin E, dietary fiber and minerals, and research has been conducted in the anti-aging and diet fields to prove its effectiveness. Almonds are often thought to be high in calories, but about 70% of the fat is oleic acid, a good oil. In addition, almond is cholesterol free and is a nice keyword for those who are conscious of health. Superiority [Comparison with milk]
● Because they do not use dairy products, those with lactose intolerance and those with milk allergies can also enjoy it.
● Those who practice vegetarianism can enjoy it because they do not use animal ingredients.
● Cholesterol zero Superiority [Comparison with soy milk]
● Even those with soy allergy can enjoy it.
● Almonds are safe because they do not have “genetically engineered crops”.

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