Wowma! Announces “The Year of the Year, Summer Gift Trend Ranking”

.jpg”>]jpg “Wowma! Announces “The Year of the Year, Summer Gift Trend Ranking” ………………………………………………………………………………………… au Commerce & Life Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroshi Hatsukawa, hereinafter aCL) is a ranking of gift trends in the first year of summer at the Wowma! (Wauma) general shopping mall. I will announce the breaking news. This time, as a result of not only standard products of mid-day products and beverage products such as beer and juice, but also a large number of back-order products from all over Japan are ranked. “Wowma! Mid-day special feature 2019” [Image 1:] With the arrival of the first summer gift season for the new era “Rekazu”, Wowma! Offers a wide range of products from all over Japan that can be used as gifts for mid-season and various scenes. Among them, this summer, we introduce the top seven products in the trend ranking bulletin from June 11, 2019 to June 23. “Wowma! Year of the year, summer gift trend ranking” [1st place] JA Fukushima future excellent product peach M speech (Akatsuki) 2 kg 【2 nd place】 Ryo no Go Jelly Assortment (8 pieces) / Kyojurakuen [3rd place] Obohonoto old (Hine) premium grade black belt (18 bundles) [The fourth place] Outland cultivation from Higashine, Yamagata Prefecture cherry Red Shuho 1 kg L size excellent product [5th ​​place] Prima Ham (5 types such as Takumi Densetsu Ham) [Sixth] oversized eel grilled fish 200g around 2 × 2 (from Taiwan) with dressing box [7th place] JA Fue Fukie Large Shine Muscat Total of more than 1.2 kg (2 large bunches) ※ We calculate popular product than “Ochugen special feature 2019” ※ Data extraction period: June 11-20 June 2019 [Image 2:] In this ranking, 3 out of the top 7 products resulted in fruits representing various places. In addition, the fruit jelly and perfect noodles that are perfect for hot summer, and the eel that you can enjoy on the day of the pot for July soil was ranked. How is it as a summer gift that conveys a feeling of gratitude to those who have taken care of products with seasonal produce and regional produce? aCL will create new experience value as a shopping mall where customers can look forward to daily visits as a company that creates the shape of their lives.
■ Wowma! At Wowma !, we are offering “Ochugen Special 2019” that allows you to select a midsummer gift according to the customer’s various summer gift scenes, such as partners who give seasonal items from various locations in Japan to basic items for midyear gifts and budget. . URL: Period: June 11, 2019 (Tuesday) 10:00 to 20 August 2019 (Tuesday) 9: 59

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