The lifestyle brand “Foo Tokyo” can be purchased in New York, and it will start handling from July 1 at “Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo”, a hot topic warehouse in Japan where Japan gathers

Co.jpg”>]poration N. jpg “] xt Branders The lifestyle brand “Foo Tokyo” can be purchased in New York, and it will start handling from July 1 at “Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo”, a hot topic warehouse in Japan where Japan gathers Started permanent sales in the sales space produced by Beautify tokyo, an online select shop specializing in beauty. The same online store will start handling from July 4 ………………………………………………………………………………………… Next Branders Co., Ltd., which develops the lifestyle brand “Foo Tokyo”, is a community platform facility “Brooklyn Beauty Fashion Labo” located in Brooklyn, USA, which is partially produced by the online select shop “beautify tokyo” operated by Innove Inc. The fixed sales will be decided in the store space of BBFL below. This is the first permanent sales of overseas stores. The sale products are the night cosmetics series “Foo Night Care”, which are on sale from March 7, 2019, and will be released on BBFL from July 1 in local time. We are also planning to sell beautify tokyo online store on July 4th. [Image 1:] beautify tokyo is a beauty specialty online store from Tokyo. It is a select shop that focuses on really good things, focusing on Made in Japan, Organic, Science, Anti-Aging, Inner Beauty and Lifestyle, for adult women who have used up all kinds of cosmetics. (URL: With our commitment to product development unique to Made in Japan products common to all the products selected by beautify tokyo, and “really good things” where the voice and face of the producer are visible, our “Foo” “Night Care” is a product specializing in night skin care that is not available in conventional products, and it is made-in containing natural ingredients such as plants familiar to Japanese people (Somei Yoshino, pomegranate, aloe) As it is Japan cosmetics, we got sympathy with our efforts and decided to handle it this time. We will continue to create peace of mind through various initiatives going forward. [Image 2:]
About BROOKLYN BEAUTY FASHION LABO [Image 3:] It is a community platform facility that delivers a ‘sustainable’ lifestyle through ‘Beauty’ and ‘Fashion’ in the quiet, high-end residential area Park Slope in Brooklyn, New York. The facility has a product store, a café, a beauty salon and a gallery, and works from approximately 40 artists including artists from Brooklyn, Japan, and various brands from Japan and the United States, and approximately 20 brands. It is a curated space where you can meet items. In September 2018, it opened its second store in Shin-Kiba, Tokyo, and gained popularity. Address: 300 7th street Brooklyn, New York 11215 Opening hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (no regular holidays) Phone number: (347) 987-3217 URL: About Foo Night Care [Image 4:] [Image 5:] ・ Foo Tokyo night rich lotion <skin lotionSeventeen amino acids * 1 and three major moisturizing ingredients * 2 for the skin are lavishly blended. After washing your skin, you will feel comfortable and refreshed. However, it is an all-season compatible lotion that gives moisture firmly. ・ Foo Tokyo night milk lotion <latexMoisturizing milk that contains natural vegetable oil * 3 to soften skin. It conforms to the skin and leads to a plump and shiny skin. ・ Foo Tokyo Night Serum <Beauty SolutionSpecial serum that contains the carefully selected beauty ingredients in luxury. Contains three types of ceramide * 4 to enhance strong and beautiful skin. Firmly penetrates the stratum corneum and makes the skin moist and plump. ・ Foo Tokyo night cream <night creamEmollient ingredients such as natural vegetable oil * 5 formulated in an exquisite balance, prepare the texture of the skin and make it hard to lose moisture. It contains 3 kinds of peptide * 6 that leads to a supple and supple skin, and leads to healthy skin. ・ Foo Tokyo Bath Oil Price: 2,980 yen (excluding tax) / 30 mL Bath oil that contains Rosehip oil (Caninabara fruit oil), which has excellent cosmetic effects on the skin, and pure oil such as Comonuka and Argan. By applying a thin oil veil to the surface of the skin, it protects the skin from the sudden dryness after bathing and maintains a moist, sticky and firmness. Drop a few drops in the tub and enjoy a nice bath time. ※ 1 Taurine, lysine HCl, glutamic acid, glycine, aspartic acid, leucine, histidine HCl, serine, valine, threonine, alanine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, arginine, proline, tyrosine, histidine (skin conditioning component) ※ 2 collagen (hydrolyzed collagen, water soluble collagen, succinoyl atelocollagen), hyaluronic acid (hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium acetyl hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate), ceramide (ceramide NG) ※ 3 olive fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, macadamia nut fatty acid phytosteryl (emollient ingredient) ※ 4 Ceramide NP, Ceramide NG, Ceramide AP (moisturizing ingredient) ※ 5 sunflower seed oil, squalane, shea butter, macadamia nut fatty acid phytosteryl, argania spinosa kernel oil (emollient ingredient) ※ 6 Acetyl hexapeptide-8, diacetic acid dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide, soy peptide (harm skin component) About Foo Tokyo In a state where it is always connected with someone surrounded by a large amount of information, the moment where you can rest from the heart has decreased. If you can not rest, you feel depressed, and you may not feel well. It is because we have less time to rest from the bottom of our heart, so we want to improve our quality by enhancing our quality. That's why Foo was born. When people relax, they breathe slowly and gently. As you spit out the bad things in your body. It is not a sigh but a symbol of peace. Foo is a brand born for that moment. We will deliver the peace that will light up tomorrow to the tired body and mind due to busy work and relationships. [Image 6:]
Company information Company name: Next Branders Co., Ltd. (established: December 2017) Representative: Masaaki Kuwahara Location: 〒 150-0002 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-chome 6-6 Brand site: Instagram:

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