Gel nail brand GRANJE (Grange) pre-sold a gorgeous new color with Isetan mirror makeup & cosmetics

Mon.jpg”>]e Corporation Gel nail brand GRANJE (Grange) makes a gorgeous new color. Jpg “Pre-sold at Isetan Miller Makeup & Cosmetics stores from July 6, 2019. Regular sales are from August 8th. ………………………………………………………………………………………… The gel nail brand GRANJE (Grange) is pre-sold at Isetan Miller Makeup & Cosmetics stores with gorgeous new colors of gold and silver, with random cut glitter filled as it is in the gel. [Image 1:] Since its launch in 2011, as a pioneer in domestic self-use gel nail brands, it has pioneered other new concepts such as base gels without scraping nails, fully cured top gels, pen-shaped nail curing lights, peelable base coats for gels, etc. GRANJE (Grange) who has pioneered. This new color is two gorgeous colors that bless the new era. Cosmetic grade random cut glitter was filled in the gel as it is. There is no need to prepare another brush without opening the container for parts, and there is no need to worry about the glitter splashing. Just open the polish bottle and put it on your toes, it will create a gorgeous atmosphere. It is good to paint in a single color, and it is also good to paint only on the toe in French style. Even if it is used for only one nail as an accent, it has a sufficient presence. For those who feel the need for a boost, and who are late for the start dash, as the new era has begun. Please send energy from your toes with this dazzling new color.
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GRANJE COLOR GEL POLISH 138 Ego -Product Name: Grange Color Gel Polish 138 Igo ・ Contents: 5 ml ・ Country of production: Japan ・ Price: ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax)
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GRANJE COLOR GEL POLISH 139 Hive ・ Product name: Grange color gel polish 139 hive ・ Contents: 5 ml ・ Country of production: Japan ・ Price: ¥ 3,000 (excluding tax)
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GRANJE GEL POLISH SET ・ Product name: Grange gel polish set ·set content: ・ Base gel polish ・ Top gel polish ・ Nail cure light 2 ・ Gel remover ・ Nail file ・ Wood stick ・ Price: ¥ 14,000 (excluding tax) From July 6, 2019, advanced sales will be implemented at the following Isetan mirror makeup and cosmetics stores. Regular sales start from August 8, 2019. ・ LUMINE Shinjuku Store ・ Celeo Hachioji store ・ LUMINE Yokohama store ・ LUMINE Kitasenju store ・ LaLaport TOKYO-BAY store -Kinshicho Termina 2 store ・ Atre Oimachi store ・ LUMINE Ogikubo store People of all ages and nationalities will feel better when their nails become beautiful. We are committed to quality and beauty and aim to be a brand that will energize you from nails. GRANJE (Grange) official site:

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