Start offering new customer experience type promotion services “Toko” and “Toko”

C.jpg”>]oss Marketing Co., Ltd. Start offering new customer experience type promotion services “Toko” and “Toko” Realize low-cost experience-based promotion that leads to attracting customers and obtaining trials ………………………………………………………………………………………… D & M Co., Ltd. (.jpgOur company pays for issues such as “I want you to try new products and services”, “I want to collect data efficiently”, and “I want to gather people who can cooperate in a difficult demonstration experiment etc.” We provide highly effective promotional services and marketing solutions. Among them, many of the following requests were heard from marketing and business personnel. “I would like to increase the number of trial customers and increase the number of prospective customers in opening new stores.” “I would like to do a must-buy campaign to increase sales of new products” “I want to use the app and use the data obtained for analysis for tourism and regional development” “We want to recruit participants of experience type event and get experience value evaluation by new scheme” Therefore, we have started offering experience-based promotion services for new customers, “Here we try it here” and task-commit test marketing “Todola”.
■ New customer experience type promotion service “Toko” It is a matching service that connects consumers who want to cooperate with companies that need cooperation, including campaigns and events. Presenting tasks, rewards, and required time on the app, and recruiting participants. Users can see the tasks taking place near their location and they can feel free to join. The answers and photos uploaded by the participants can be viewed in real time from the management screen. [Image 1:] · Large-scale trial campaign can be implemented at low cost for many trial users ・ We can acquire location information in real time and attract customers near you ・ Easy screening (select target person) and acquisition of ex-post evaluation (conduct about 10 questions) ・ We can read data which user uploaded in real time [Image 2:] [Image 3:]
■ New customer task commitment type test marketing “Kotora” It is a service that recruits people who can participate in tasks requested by customers, and provides answers to evaluation surveys related to tasks. When recruiting task participants, we will select the one that meets the conditions from our panel network and present the task content. It is possible to reach large-scale, long-term, low-appearing target audiences rather than regular sampling and test marketing. In addition, by obtaining permission from collaborators in advance, it is possible to recruit collaborators in high-stakes proof experiments. ・ It is possible to secure a target person with a low occurrence rate that matches the task participation condition ・ It is possible to secure the participants who have committed after understanding the task in advance -It is possible to follow up the task participants [Image 4:] Going forward, as a customer’s “marketing partner”, we will actively promote various services and proposals to meet the increasingly complex needs and market environment.
◆ About D & M Inc. Company Name: D & M Inc. Head office location: 3-20-2 Nishi Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1424 Representative: Masahiro Sugimura Established: April 1, 2015 Holding company: Cross Marketing Group, Inc. (TSE part 3675) URL: D & M Co., Ltd. In charge: Satoshi Tanaka TEL: 03-6859-2296 e-mail:

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