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  • 【Press release】 【Announcement of the Japanese ABC Association Magazine Sales Division】 “Halmek” of Senior Women’s Magazine No. 1 * topped 215,000 copies! Ranked third in all women’s magazines and sixth in all magazines!

【Press release】 【Announcement of the Japanese ABC Association Magazine Sales Division】 “Halmek” of Senior Women’s Magazine No. 1 * topped 215,000 copies! Ranked third in all women’s magazines and sixth in all magazines!

H.jpg”>]lmek Corporation [Announcement of the Japanese ABC Association Magazine Sales Division] Senior Women’s Magazine No. jpg “………………………………………………………………………………………… Women’s magazine “Halmek” from the 50s published by Halmek Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & Representative Director Takao Miyazawa) In terms of magazine sales, the average monthly sales of 215,503 were recorded. As a result, “Harmek” has advanced to sixth in all magazines (133) and to third in all women’s magazines. It has grown 39,531 copies in just half a year since the last announcement, and this increase is second in all magazines. In the senior women’s magazine division, sales and number of sales divisions have been the first since last time. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/34765/9/resize/d34765-9-249591-9.jpg]
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/34765/9/resize/d34765-9-414365-3.png] Number of senior women’s magazine sales (announced by the ABC Association of Japan)
■ What is “Harmek” of the women’s magazine first place ※ from 50s ※ Launched in 1996 as a lively lifestyle support magazine “Ikiiki” from the 50s. From the May 2016 issue, which marked the 20th anniversary, the magazine name has been renewed to “Halmek”. We provide information that is truly valuable for women from the 50s to live positively and brightly. A wide range of information such as health, cooking, fashion, money and interviews with celebrities. (Magazine.halmek.co.jp) In 2018, the official website “Halmek WEB” is also open. Every day we send out content that supports healthy, beautiful and active second life. (Halmek.co.jp) ※ Japan ABC Association Issued Company Report (July-December 2018) Number of senior women’s magazine sales
■ Why is “Harumek” supported 1. Make a magazine from the reader’s point of view The magazine “Halmek” has a thorough editorial policy of “making the magazine side of readers.” All editors receive about 2,000 postcards, and readers receive round-table discussions and questionnaires using the monitor organization “Hartomo” for themes they wish to dig into. I study daily what the reader is really interested in, and use it for making a magazine. We can do all this research because we have a deep trust with our readers. 2. Events linked with magazines We are also focusing on businesses other than magazines. We hold an original event about 200 times a year, in which our staff members conduct everything from planning to operation. We also frequently hold lectures inviting instructors to have a popular series in the magazine “Halmek” such as the hot topic “Kikuchi Gymnastics”. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/34765/9/resize/d34765-9-916725-7.jpg] “Flower walk” of the ever-popular event
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/34765/9/resize/d34765-9-257240-6.jpg] “Kikuchi gymnastics” lecture by Dr. Kazuko Kikuchi, serialized in the magazine “Halmek” 3. Mail order that evolves with customers Halmek’s mail order deals with a wide range of products such as fashion, cosmetics, food, healthcare and daily life. About 70% of them are private brand products. Through monitoring surveys and group interviews with customers, We are uniquely developing products that women in their 50s and older are really looking for. Also, develop products in collaboration with popular celebrities in the magazine “Halmek”, introduce products related to the feature content of the magazine “Halmek”, and cooperate with the magazine “Halmek” I support a better life.
■ Company Profile Business Name: Halmek Co., Ltd. Representative: President Takao Miyazawa Head office location: No. 1-4, 1-chome, Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0825 Established: July 24, 2012 Description of business: Publishing and mail order Site: halmek.co.jp/corp

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