Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Spring in full blossom viewing buffet

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Spring in full blossom viewing buffet
The image of “Ohanami Bento”, served under the cherry blossoms in full bloom, can be enjoyed without worrying about the weather
At Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay (located at 1-16-2, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo), chef’s live kitchen is designed to serve as a “cherry blossom lunch” served under the cherry blossoms in full bloom. We have prepared “Spring in full blossom viewing buffet”.
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In this season, where pink is beautiful and beautiful throughout Japan, we have a menu with the image of “Ohanami Bento”, which you can enjoy under the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The bun-style appetizer decorated with colorful vegetable puree, fresh salad heavily served like chirashi sushi, and quiche and pasta with plenty of spring vegetables are delicious and vivid colors for the eyes I will prepare it. As a live performance menu unique to Chef’s Live Kitchen, chef finishes with hot plate in front of you, “ Hot hot cheese duck galbi ”, freshly roasted savory beef on bamboo shoots, “ Ribrose grilled ” provided by time service We recommend freshly made steaks and young chicken galantines with foie gras. In addition, you must also eat the standard roast beef, sushi held by artisans, and freshly fried tempura.
Enjoy a variety of about 50 different menus based on the concept of “healthy beauty fresh”, and enjoy your time with friends who can’t care.
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[Period] February 28 (Fri)-April 23 (Thu) 2020
[Place] Chef’s Live Kitchen / 3F
[Inquiry / Reservation] Tel: 03-5404-2246 (Direct)
[Price] * Tax and service charge excluding 13% * Last order is 15 minutes before the end time
Lunch buffet (11: 00-14: 30) weekdays Adults ¥ 3,725 Children ¥ 1,991 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Adults ¥ 4,201 Children ¥ 2,251 Dinner Buffet (17: 30-22: 00) Weekdays Adults ¥ 5,430 Children ¥ 2,857 / Weekends and Holidays Adults ¥ 5,986 Children ¥ 3,117
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[Menu content of cherry blossom viewing buffet in spring]
* Lunch and dinner menus are not available for lunch and dinner. * Ingredients and production areas may change depending on the stock status. [First dish]
・ Pie wrapped soup of spring vegetables and potatoes with plenty of collagen [Live corner]
・ Lunch: Crisp Chicken
・ Dinner: Hot Cheese Dakgalbi,
Roast beef (fond baud sauce, Japanese sauce, refall, kizami wasabi, 4 kinds of salt)
・ Seafood tomato barley, quinoa, couscous salad leaflet style ・ Pork cold shabu shabu with seaweed noodles
・ A lot of spring vegetables salad Nisoise style
・ Spring cabbage and steamed chicken salad Nyokumum dressing ・ “Drinking vegetables”
・ Green peas flan and new onion mousse
・ Ehime Prefecture “Haruka” with duck breast smoked petit leaf ・ Boiled bonito with seasonal vegetables
・ Herb cream cheese wrapped in crepe
・ Shiratama dango and colorful puree with meat miso
-Marinated ham, cheese and olives
[Hot dishes]
・ A quiche full of spring
・ Gnocchi with spinach and colorful potato gratin
・ Seafood mousse cherry butter sauce
・ Swara poiret marinated with salt koji
・ Roasted pork belly with orange honey
・ Steamed veal cream with mustard flavor
・ Tuna, cherry snapper, engawa, salmon, squid, shrimp (Lunch is only for tuna, salmon, squid)
[Tempura (dinner only)]
・ Shrimp, fried, long, bamboo shoots, rape
[Rice, noodles, etc.]
・ Cheese case pasta pasta and garlic flavor of spring vegetables (lunch only) ・ Boiled beef and cooked rice with bamboo shoots (dinner only) [Soup (lunch only)]
・ Soup to eat plenty of vegetables
[Curry (only for lunch / daily)]
・ Cow beef curry / Thai style green curry / soup curry
Ice cream: vanilla / chocolate / strawberry sorbet / matcha
Verine: Strawberry Panna Cotta / Strawberry Mousse / Strawberry Custard Shoe ice
Gateau: Crafty / Claim Dange / Souffle Fromage / Apple Tart
[Time service * Weekdays only]
・ Lunch: Freshly baked steak of ribulose
・ Dinner: Galantine of chicken with foie gras
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