Waku Work Co., Ltd. Theatrical version “SHIROBAKO” and the anime industry employment fair collaborate. Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara become event key visuals.

Waku Work Co., Ltd.
Theatrical version “SHIROBAKO” and the anime industry job fair will collaborate. Aoi Miyamori and Ema Yasuhara will be event key visuals! Noritaka Kawaguchi, CEO of Comic Wave Film, will be the keynote speaker.
Also decided to start long-term intern program writer course from April …………………………………………………………………………
On March 3 (Tue) and 3/4 (Wed), 2020, Wakuwaku Co., Ltd.
(Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; representative Hideki Nakayama), which is developing a new graduate employment support business specializing in the animation industry, “Waku Work 2021” and “Waku Work 2021 -Creative Job-” ​​will be held at Ota Ward Industrial Plaza PiO. For this event, it was decided to collaborate with theatrical version “SHIROBAKO” which will be released nationwide from February 29 (Sat).
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◆ About the anime industry employment fair “Waku Work 2021”
Wakuwaku Co., Ltd. started its business in May 2016, and for the first time in April 2017 while giving lectures for students on the theme of “ working in the animation industry ” by active people who are active in the animation industry The Waku Work 2018, a employment fair specializing in the animation industry, was held. After that, we will be holding the anime industry employment fair “Waku Work 2021” for the fourth time this year.
Waku Work 2021, which will be held on March 3 (Tuesday), is based not only on animation studios, but also on production studios, goods manufacturers, media, etc., based on the concept of “it’s okay if you can’t paint.” A total of 19 companies will exhibit, and companies and students will be matched for general and general positions.
Waku Work 2021-Creative Jobs, which will be held on March 4 (Wed.), is based on the concept of “A lot of creative jobs!” Companies will exhibit. At the event, attendees bring in their portfolios, provide opportunities for direct advice from company representatives, and lead to matching in creative positions.
◆ About collaboration with the movie version “SHIROBAKO”
Theatrical version “SHIROBAKO” and the anime industry employment fair “Waku Work 2021” and “Waku Work 2021-Creative Job”, which will be released nationwide from 2/29 (Sat.), are works that deal with the common theme of “Working in the animation industry”. Since this is an event, we will collaborate this time.
The main characters of “SHIROBAKO”, Aoi Miyazaki who works as a production progress, and Ema Yasuhara who works as an animator, recruit young people who want to get a job in the corresponding occupation, “Waku Work 2021” “Waku Work 2021- Creative Job-” I have drawn a new illustration as a key visual of.
In addition, life-size panels using this key visual will be exhibited on both days of the event, and clear files will be distributed as a novelty for participants only on the schedules of “WakuWork 2021” and “WakuWork 2021-Creative Job-“.
Key visual production:
Original picture (illustrated by) 知 Tomoyo Sawada (TOMOYO SAWADA) Color design (color design by) Inoue KATSUE INOUE
Colored (finished by) Inoue KATSUE INOUE
Special effect by shooting (Chief effect by) Chie Kato / T2studio (CHIE KATO / T2studio)
-About the movie version “SHIROBAKO”-
[Image 2

The five members of the Kamiyama High School Animation Club took a vow at a gourd shop donut to make an animation work together anytime. After graduation, each will be involved in animation production in their respective places. Aoi Miyamori, after working on “Ekusodasu!” And “Third Squadron Squadron,” gradually began to think of what he really wanted to do, gradually approaching his dream.
4 years since then. Aoi, who had been struggling with his daily work, was called by Watanabe after the morning bow, and was entrusted with a new theater animation. However, there were unexpected pitfalls in this project. Can you progress theater animations in the current company situation? Aoi feels uneasy … Cooperates with new friends, Kaede Miyai and Musani members, and starts working toward completion. Will you deliver the movie version in time? ?
Scheduled release date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
Theatrical version “SHIROBAKO” official website: http://shirobako-movie.com/ Movie version “SHIROBAKO” Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/shirobako_anime
◆ “Waku Work 2021” event additional information
-Keynote speech of “Waku Work 2021”
3/3 (Tue.) Keynote speech at the anime industry employment fair “Waku Work 2021” and speakers were decided. This time, the keynote speech will be Mr. Noritaka Kawaguchi, President and CEO of Comics Wave Film Co., Ltd., where the movie “Weather of the Child” was a huge hit last year. Mr. Kawaguchi will give a lecture on the theme of “Working in the animation industry”.
[Image 3

Comics Wave Film Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Noritaka Kawaguchi
In 1993, he joined ITOCHU Corporation at the same time he graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University School of Business Administration and was assigned to the Content Business Department. In 1998, he was seconded at the same time as the founding of the former Comics Wave, and then became a director. In 2003, transferred from ITOCHU Corporation. In 2007, MBO became independent of Comic Wave. To the present.
-Additional exhibitors and cooperating organizations-
Front Wing Co., Ltd. was added as an exhibiting company, and Japan Animation Association (Human Resource Development Committee) and Japan Animator / Director’s Association were added as cooperating
organizations on both days of “WakuWork 2021” and “WakuWork
2021-Creative Job-“. It was decided to exhibit.
◆ About attempts after April
WakuWork Co., Ltd. will launch two programs in April, the “Animation Industry Long-Term Internship Program” and the “Writer Training Course” for young people who want to find employment in the anime industry, following this anime industry job fair “Wakuwork”. You. -Long-term internship program for the animation industry-
Targeting young people who are interested in finding employment in the anime industry and who are interested, we are planning to conduct a class-based program from April to the end of December, with
instructors who are active in the animation industry. By attending lectures and submitting assignments once a week, we aim to acquire a wide range of knowledge in the anime industry and basic communication skills and business skills for working as a working adult. The instructors currently scheduled to participate are as follows. Lecturers (titles omitted)
Content Seed Representative Director Norikazu Otsuka / Studio Coloride Founder Hideo Uda / Journalist Naoshi Kazuchi / Trigger Director Kazuya Masumamoto (under coordination) / Hideki Nakayama
Representative Director and WakuWork
-Writer training course-
With journalist Naoshi Kazuchi as the main organizer, we will hold a writer course for working in the animation industry media. Students will acquire the necessary skills as a writer through bi-weekly lectures and practical assignments by Mr. Sado, who is currently working at the forefront of the media, and actually running the media. We will also invite a number of special lecturers to set different themes for each class, and convey the significance and attractiveness of working in the media in the anime industry from various angles. In implementing the above two programs, we will hold briefing sessions for each program at “Waku Work 2021” on March 3 (Tue) and “Waku Work 2021-Creative Job” on March 4 (Wed).
For additional information on event exhibitors and event details, please visit our official website (http://wakuwork.net/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/Wakuwork2021), Facebook
(https://www.facebook.com) / wakuwork2017) will be reported at any time.
[Event details]
Event name: Animation industry employment fair “Waku Work 2021” The date: Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Holding time: Scheduled from 11:00 to 18:00
Venue: Ota Ward Industrial Plaza PiO Large Exhibition Hall
(1-20-20 Minami Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035)
Arch Inc. https://archinc.jp
Asurafilm Corporation http://asurafilm.com
Anime! Anime! (Eid Co., Ltd.) http: //animeanime.jp | http://www.iid.co.jp Arbo Animation Inc. http://arvo-animation.co.jp
Arma bianca Inc. https://armabianca.com
Orange Co., Ltd. http://www.orange-cg.com
Colored Pencil Animation Japan Co., Ltd. https://www.cpaj.co.jp/ Kinema Citrus Corporation http://kinemacitrus.biz
Comics Wave Film Co., Ltd. https://www.cwfilms.jp/
Content Seed Inc. http://contents-seed.co.jp
SUNRISE BEYOND Co., Ltd. http://sunrisebeyond.co.jp/
Tsumugi Drawing Technology Laboratory Co., Ltd. https://www.tsumu-sakuga.com Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd. https://www.telecom-anime.com/ Trigger Co., Ltd. http://www.st-trigger.co.jp
Fanworks Inc. https://fanworks.co.jp/
Front Wing Co., Ltd. http://frontwing.jp/
Polygon Pictures Co., Ltd. http://www.ppi.co.jp
Ufortable Co., Ltd. http://www.ufotable.com
Leiden Film Corporation http://lidenfilms.jp
Cooperating organizations:
Japan Animators and Directors Association http://www.janica.jp/ Japan Video Association (Human Resource Development Committee) https://aja.gr.jp/
(Both exhibiting companies and cooperating groups are in alphabetical order) Capacity: Up to 1000 people
All young people who are interested in working in general and general positions in the anime industry, including students expected to graduate in March 2021, students expected to graduate in March 2020, and new graduates
Participation fee: Free
Clothes of the day: Free (Private clothes recommended)
Participation method: Please make an advance reservation from the following URL. https://wakuwork2021-1.peatix.com/
Event content:
Exhibitor briefings at exhibiting company booths
Keynote speech by Noritaka Kawaguchi, President of Comics Wave Film Animation industry long-term intern program / writer training course (explanatory session) scheduled

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