The 3rd travel information magazine “Bay magazine” for wheelchair users-Yokohama edition-will be released on February 14!

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The 3rd travel information magazine “Bay magazine” for wheelchair users-Yokohama edition-will be released on February 14!
Full of Yokohama information that can be enjoyed in a wheelchair! Created with real wheelchair users
The latest issue is full of information on Yokohama that can be enjoyed in a wheelchair! In addition to sightseeing spots, we interviewed wheelchair users about eating, watching and experiencing. A thorough survey of the city of Yokohama with both user and medical perspectives!
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This magazine was inspired by the experience of a rehabilitation specialist, a physiotherapist.
The inability to meet one of the needs of hospitalized patients: “Where can I go in a wheelchair? I don’t know where to enjoy even if I leave the wheelchair.” I can hardly find wheelchair information even when searching for information on the Internet.
Then, a physical magazine for a wheelchair user, “ Bay magazine ”, was created by a physiotherapist in an attempt to actually make it [Image 2

The first is Hakone. Sold out in one week. Currently only electronic version PDF is sold
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The second is Tokyo. Covering Tokyo on the theme of a wheelchair date [Features of Bay magazine]
1. Created with real wheelchair users
The feature of Bay magazine is that it is specialized for wheelchair users. And make it with the wheelchair user.
The third bay magazine is about sightseeing in Yokohama by wheelchair. This time, Tsubasa-kun, 17, who lives a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, will be the protagonist.
I want to eat delicious rice in Chinatown
I want to see the night view of Yokohama
I want to shop for myself and wear stylish clothes
I want to ride a ferris wheel if I can
Yokohama for the first time in a wheelchair. I started coverage with a plan that packed all of his pleasures.
[Image 4

Chinatown, Yamashita Park, Osanbashi, Red Brick Warehouse, Cosmo World, etc. Sightseeing in major parts of Yokohama with a wheelchair. [Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

What is real barrier-free because you are a wheelchair user? Only slopes and elevators are not barrier-free. There is no barrier if there is someone to help. With a little courage to go outside, the barrier may be gone. It is an information magazine packed with such realism.
You can check the information that two wheelchair users want by watching videos There are QR codes everywhere in the book, and they are devised so that you can understand the state of the journey with videos. In particular, we also provide information on traffic lines, steps, and road conditions that are of concern to wheelchair users.
[Video 2:]

Supervised by a physiotherapist who is a professional of 3 rehabilitation [Image 10

A physiotherapist who usually works in rehabilitation at a hospital. As they travel together, they become information where professional opinions and real opinions of wheelchair users are exchanged. To create information that enables one wheelchair user to take one step. Bay magazine that uses information from the perspective of
rehabilitation specialists and the realities of wheelchair users. Please send it to someone special.
[5 things that Bay Magazine wants to convey]
1: Making albums of people who have traveled as books
2: One step in wheelchair users creates another step in wheelchair users 3: Make wheelchair users feel that there is a beautiful way
4: Communicating the invisible hard and soft barriers in the world 5: Creating an “air” in the world that anyone can help each other [Image 11d53887-1-957444-11.jpg

Product name: Bay magazine 3rd -Yokohama-
Price: 980 yen (excluding postage. End of sale as soon as the book is sold out), 780 yen (PDF electronic version)
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