Major update on vertical RPG “Hello Hero: Epic Battle”!

Major update on vertical RPG “Hello Hero: Epic Battle”!
Implementation of new systems and major renewal of existing systems! …………………………………………………………………………
[Image 1d26967-171-825741-3.png
Fincon has made a major update to its new vertical RPG for
smartphones, “Hello Hero: Epic Battle,” which has exceeded 20 million downloads worldwide, including new content and game balance
adjustments. Enjoy the renewed Hello Hero!
▼ Download the game here!
App Store (iOS)
Google Play Store (Android)
New content / new system
■ Daily Quest Weekly Quest
[Image 2d26967-171-637322-9.png
“Daily Quest” and “Weekly Quest” will be implemented, where you can earn rewards by playing the game.
Daily quests are reset daily and weekly quests are reset weekly and you can try again.
■ Epic pass system
[Image 3d26967-171-927459-4.png
This system allows you to earn various rewards by collecting Epic Pass Points that can be earned by completing Daily Quests and Weekly Quests.
Rewards are reset every 30 days and new rewards can be earned each time. You can also receive more expensive rewards by purchasing Epic Pass tickets.
■ Automatic reward system
A system that can automatically acquire items over time.
The items that can be obtained depend on the progress of the adventure. Rewards accumulate up to 12 hours.
■ Master system
[Image 4d26967-171-706211-5.png
This is a system where two heroes are set as a teacher and a disciple, and various benefits can be given to the hero who became a disciple. The hero who becomes a disciple inherits the level, rank, and skill level of the hero set as the master.
■ Party Synergy System
[Image 5d26967-171-598923-10.png
A system in which a party is formed by a specific combination of heroes, and the effect is effective in battle.
■ Hero initialization system
This is a system to initialize the heroes that have been nurtured. When you initialize, you can get experience points and items used for that hero. Hero initialization can be performed by using diamonds.
■ VIP system
[Image 6d26967-171-483566-6.png
This system can receive various effects depending on the total billing amount. You earn VIP points every time you purchase a paid product, and the VIP level increases when the points exceed a certain level.
Modify an existing system
■ Hero level up specification change
[Image 7d26967-171-743610-7.png
The specification to obtain experience points individually for each hero will be changed to the specification to allocate experience points acquired collectively to the favorite hero.
■ Change of adventure specifications
The difficulty of the stage has been adjusted so that you can no longer play the stage repeatedly.
Rewards that can be earned on stages will be changed so that they can be earned as automatic rewards.
Therefore, Stamina and Time Leap will be removed.
■ Specification change of exploration
Stage difficulty has been adjusted to 50 stages.
■ Specification change of subjugation
Suppression has been renamed to “Distorted Dimension Tower”. Instead of the existing repetitive play method, the specification will be changed to play the stage step by step.
■ Hero status change
[Image 8d26967-171-452804-8.png
The existing classification is changed to a new classification. A class compatibility system is implemented.
Physical and magic type classifications have been removed and merged into one.
■ Jewel specification change
The classification of each part of the jewel has been deleted. This allows the jewel to be freely attached to any part.
Jewel specialization can now be done by consuming diamonds.
■ Deletion of some contents
The following content will be deleted.
These contents will be renewed and implemented again in the future. ・ Exoplanet exploration
・ Adventure episode
・ Star gate
・ Adventurer Battle
・ Area Tyrant
Handling existing users
■ Give VIP points according to the total billing amount
VIP points will be granted according to the amount charged up to now.
■ Grant items according to deleted items and stamina
Various items will be supplemented according to the stamina and items to be deleted in this update.
Please check the in-game announcement for details.
■ Reset stage progress
The adventure, exploration, and subjugation progress will be reset. If you are using a booster, you will receive one diamond for every 10 minutes remaining.
■ Users who still have video ad removal
The effect of video ad deletion disappears and 100 diamonds are given. In addition to these, various improvements have been made.
Please check the details in the in-game notice below.
▼ Download the game here!
App Store (iOS)
Google Play Store (Android)
What is “Hello Hero: Epic Battle”?
New vertical royal road fantasy RPG “Hello Hero: Epic Battle” finally hits Japan!
In addition to the vertical screen that can be easily operated with one hand, the battle system is so deep that you can do it in a custom battle.
[Image 9d26967-171-302733-0.png
▼ Let’s use attack and defense properly in “Custom Battle”!
Equipped with “automatic operation mode” that supports all heroes’ skill activation and “manual operation mode” that can instruct each hero’s skill activation, retreat, and concentrated attack!
Use two modes depending on the battle situation!
[Image 10d26967-171-543815-2.png
▼ Knowledge “You Only Strongest Party”!
The party is organized with up to five heroes.
Each hero has his or her own “skill (special technique)”, and depending on the party organization, there are heroes that show their true value!
[Image 11d26967-171-879460-1.png
◆ App overview
App Name: Hello Hero: Epic Battle
Genre: Vertical Royal Fantasy RPG
Price: Basic play free (some items charged)
Official site:
Official Twitter:
* FUNPLE STREAM Co., Ltd. provides operation and business support for this game.

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