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Advanced example of entrance examination reform Assertive program, Assertive entrance examination Sympo “Entrance reform and high-level connection leading to educational reform” held

School corporation Ochimon Gakuin Advanced example of entrance examination reform Assertive program, Assertive entrance examination sympo “entrance reform and high / high connection leading to education reform” holding ………………………………………………………………………………………… A symposium on the theme of assertive programs and assertive entrance exams that attracts national attention as an advanced example of university entrance exam reform addressed by Otemon Gakuin University (Ibaraki City, Osaka, President: Toshiaki Kawahara) On July 27, Ojimon Gakuin University Tochigi Sojiji Campus will hold “Reformation and High-altitude Connection”. It will be held in three parts on the day, and will first be a pedagogic and school corporation director Gakuen’s director Shinichi Mizogami titled “High school-collaborative cooperation suggested by the assertive program and management of academics-it will be slow to become a university student” I will give a talk. Next, Vice President of Fukushima Kazumasa Otemon Gakuin University will review the five years of “Asserts’ Efforts” and report on the results and issues. Finally, outside the university experts and the university staff will have a panel discussion under the theme of “entrance reform and high-level connections that will lead to educational reform”. The “Asativ” at Otemon Gakuin University has been promoting activities since fiscal 2014 with the concept of converting from selective to developmental based on academic ability tests. The Assertive Program mainly consists of individual interviews involving half of all employees, and the Assertive Entrance Examination consists of group discussions and primary exams and secondary interviews for academic ability examinations. In the field of entrance examination reform of the “2014 University Education Regeneration Acceleration Program” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, private universities were the only ones to be adopted, and the middle evaluation based on the system received the highest S evaluation. The university has promoted the “Assertive Effort”, which fosters the momentum for collaboration between staff and teachers, and has also led to the capacity development of staff in charge of educational reform in the future. We will consider educational reform, entrance examination reform, high-level connections in many ways, centering on “assertive”.
○ Symposium on educational reform, entrance examination reform, and high-altitude connection centered on “assertive” ○ “Assertive” is adopted for the university education reproduction acceleration program of MEXT ○ Five years from the introduction of Assertive. Attention as a case of teaching job collaboration required for educational reform
Date and time: Saturday, July 27, 2019 14:00 to 17:30 Venue: Otemon Gakuin University Tochigi Sojiji Campus (Ota Toshiba Town 1-1, Tochigi, Osaka Prefecture) Expected: Part 1 Keynote Speech (Shinichi Mizogami, President of Kashiwa Gakuen University) Part 2 Results and Issues of Assertive Program and Assertive Entrance Examinations (Deputy President of Fukushima Kazumasa Otemon Gakuin University) Part 3 Panel Discussion (Yusaku Otsuka Visiting Professor, University Entrance Examination Center, Fushi Kurabe, NIVERE NEWVERY External Director, Shigeyoshi Yamamoto Taisho University Regional Design Research Institute and Enrollment Management Researcher, Masahiro Matsuka, Vice President of Otemon Gakuin University, Shimura Chimi Otemon Gakuin University Assertive Section Manager, Coordinator Ikeda Terumasa Ojimon Gakuin University Professor

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