Adidas Japan Co., Ltd. Adidas Golf, the second “FRESH TO PLAY” 2020 Spring / Summer apparel!

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Adidas Golf announces “FRESH TO PLAY”, the 2nd 2020 Spring / Summer apparel! The design coordination from the latest footwear “CODECHAOS” gives you total coordination from your feet.
Adidas Golf announces a new series as the second in its 2020 Spring / Summer apparel collection. The concept of this season is “PLAY!” Following “FREEDOM TO PLAY”, which was announced in January and pursued comfortable and free movement, this time, “FRESH TO PLAY” which makes playing in a sweaty climate more refreshing. There are products with trendy simple and athletic designs and the functionality of a sports brand.
[Image 1d3301-680-302467-0.png
In addition, the design is inspired by the design of the latest popular footwear “CODECHAOS” (code chaos), and you can enjoy total coordination including footwear. It will be released sequentially at the adidas official online store ( and some of our product handling stores.
“FRESH TO PLAY”, which appears before the peak of golf in the spring and summer of 2020, pursued the exhilaration of being able to play refreshingly without giving any discomfort even when spring comes and the season of warm sweating comes. Using a common material and structure for men and women, we finished the trend with a simple athlete look. It is an apparel collection that is rich not only in design but also in functionality that seems to be a sports brand Adidas.
Tops, bottoms and dresses. Every item pursues exhilaration!
[Image 2d3301-680-251061-1.jpg
[Image 3d3301-680-108620-4.jpg
A short-sleeved shirt with an original mesh pattern that pursues comfort based on ergonomics. A structure that effectively discharges air that has accumulated in clothes.
Bottoms made of a knitted material with a mesh structure and having excellent breathability. Men’s soft-feeling bottoms stretch in four directions, while women’s skirts are available.
[Image 4d3301-680-611316-3.jpg
[Image 5d3301-680-393110-2.jpg
Considering the range of motion of the sleeves, the front and back bodies have no stitches on the shoulder and mouth, and a new design style tops and dress constructed with one piece. The men’s shirt reproduces bold three stripes throughout the back. Women’s is a novel high neck style dress.
* The wearer’s wear in the image is a special specification, and there are some differences from the actual product.

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